This thread is for Images from the world of the MCU either just after Thanos' Snap, during the five years, or post Return Snap.

Please label where your pics are set.

Obviously Spoilers are likely!

So, its May 3st 2018 and this has just happened...

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My idea isn’t Snap related but I figured I’d share:

Civilian onlookers watch as smoke rises up from the wreckage of a fallen Chituari Leviathan on 41st Street after the Battle of New York on May 4th 2012.

Chaos in the streets of Los Angeles following the Decimation. In the moments after the ‘dusting’ numerous car crashes clogged up major roads and highways.
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A Chrysler-Stark Tv8 tank, publicly believed to be a prototype nuclear powered vehicle. It was later revealed from declassified SHIELD documents recovered after the Triskelion disaster that it was actually a test bed for technology reverse engendered from the Tesseract.
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Lieutenants Larissa Thomson and Reginald Turner, the two RAF pilots who were accidentally transported to Vanahiem during the Battle of Greenwich.
Now former Secretary of State Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross speaks to the press after being sworn in as President. Ross's ascendancy (in accordance in the official U.S. Presidential line of succession) came after the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President pro tempore of the Senate were all confirmed to be among the billions who vanished. President Ross made it his first priority to declare an indefinite national emergency, a process which was being undertaken by heads of state and government all across the world around the same time.

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A modern blot sacrifice being carried out in Denmark. The revelation that Norse myth is partially based on real events has lead to a surge of new believers in the once lost faith around the world. Not even the news of Asgard’s destruction has shaken the faith of many believers. Thor, Asgard’s de facto emissary to Earth has been fairly non committal when reached for comment about the matter.
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A poster advertising a support group meant to help those who've lost family, friends, and other loved ones because of the Snap.


Two United States Air Force A-10 Warthogs en route to the Avengers facility, located in Upstate New York, circa 2023. When Thanos and his army arrived at the Avengers facility, the US moved to DEFCON 2, knowing how much destruction he had caused. As the US ground assets were busy restoring order to the rest of the country after the sudden re-appearance of half its population (caused by Professor Hulk’s snap), the only military units that could make it there in time were air assets. By the time they had arrived, Thanos and his army had already been defeated by the Avengers, Wakanda, Asgard, and the Ravagers.
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The City of Pyongyang during the North Korean Civil War which occured as a result of the Decimation as a result of Kim Jong-un being amongst the victims of the Decimation.


Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking in the aftermath of the Decimation. President Putin was amongst the world leaders which weren't affected by the Decimation (his Prime Minister died in a Decimation-related accident, however), leading to Russia becoming amongst the countries with the most stability after the Decimation


The Indian decapitation strike on Islamabad during the Indo-Pakistani nuclear war which was triggered in the post-Decimation chaos as much of Pakistan's civil leadership were dusted or died from Decimation-related accidents, leaving the leadership of Pakistan to the military's high command.

Sole surviving resident of Grenora, North Dakota as he guides a TV crew, after a newly formed "ghost town status" was declared by the state government as other towns were completely wiped out.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking in the aftermath of the Decimation. President Putin was amongst the world leaders which weren't affected by the Decimation (his Prime Minister died in a Decimation-related accident, however), leading to Russia becoming amongst the countries with the most stability after the Decimation
I have a feeling that he was going to vanish, but he gave this intense stare at the universe and he stopped vanishing.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor, one of Project PEGASUS’s most prized assets in transit to LAX several months after the Battle of New York. There the Endeavor would go on a test flight demonstrating it’s experimental propulsion systems as a show of strength to a general public worried about further alien incursions. The reception was mixed due to support for the Avengers and the belief they could solve any crisis being at all time high. As well as critics noting the stunt displayed how far the government was from actually deploying practical space combat craft.

Image from demonstrations in the "Second Arab Spring" which followed the Decimation as many Middle Eastern governments lost their leaders with chaos following as mass demonstrations and unrest spread across the Middle East.


Demonstrators clashing with police in Baghdad, Iraq, in the aftermath of the Decimation.


The ruins of Damascus, Syria, after the Battle of Damascus which was part of the Decimation-induced chaos as much of the Syrian regime's soldiers were "dusted" but opposition forces were less affected.

The Defenders of Faith, a Philippine religiously-affiliated paramilitary organization was one of the most dangerous paramilitaries in the world as the paramilitary organization was much affiliated with the christian fundamentalism and eschatology.

Members of AFP are fighting back against the rivaled soldiers who has been aligned with other warlords following the aftermath of Decimation.

DoF soldiers are attempting to take every towns in the southern part of Luzon in an effort to launch marching campaign to the Philippine capital.

Vehicles left by the Missing (seen here moments after the Snap) still clogged the roads weeks after the event. It would take years to sort out ownership, and get them towed away.

Where the sun meets the sea, a art project on the world of O’erlanii. The installation is built on the former location of a centuries old temple that was accidentally destroyed by a mercenary outfit called the Guardians of the Galaxy. Who had been contracted by the local A’skvarii people to clear out a feral Outrider infestation. The Guardians have since received a lifetime ban from the planet.
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A US soldier in Afghanistan takes cover during a firefight with a Ten Rings cell in 2011. Note his use of a Hammer Industries HULC mk.2 exoskeleton.

A seemingly ordinary mask in a Kathmandu bar. In reality it is a creature from another dimension that tried to conquer Earth centuries ago and was stopped by the Masters of the Mystic Arts. As punishment the Masters trapped the being, dubbed Yudgha, in a mask where it could no longer harm anyone. Over the centuries Yudgha has occasionally dispensed knowledge of magic and other dimensions to the sorcerers. Though it claims this is due to boredom driving it to make conversation with lesser beings then any change of heart.

Wreckage from an airliner which crashed in the aftermath of the Decimation as a result of both pilots on the plane being dusted due to the Decimation.


A map of the Republic of Kurdistan proclaimed in the post-Decimation chaos as the leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan, which mostly survived the Decimation, took advantage of the chaos of the Decimation to proclaim Kurdish independence.


Demonstrations in Paris post-Decimation against President Emmanuel Macron's proclaimation of Martial Law and a "State of Emergency" in France.