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Aug 6, 1997 (Age: 20)
Pile of Cat Droppings, England
Teaching Assistant/Vampire Lord


The Ice Dragon Cometh!, Male, 20, from Pile of Cat Droppings, England

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    1. Blasta60
    2. Blasta60
      20 Years Old and still as gorgeous as ever!
    3. Blasta60
      Mew/Arceus! Truly the greatest pairing ever created!
    4. Blasta60
      Everything that has a beginning, has an end.
    5. Blasta60
      So long Lorath! Say hi to most of the Vale for me!...Pokemon can be so naughty, can't they?
    6. Blasta60
      Hiding from Stannis Worshippers. Send Help!
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    7. Blasta60
      Thunder-cat! Thunder-cat! We hear a mighty roar! Thunder-cat! Thunder-cat! Jirachi is a *****!!!
    8. Blasta60
      Riding bareback on Rayquaza. You are now all disturbed.
    9. Blasta60
      There were no Survivors.
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    10. Weremont
      Hoenn Region is too tropical to be the Pokemon version of England. Sinnoh, however....
      BTW have you played Sun and/or Moon?
      1. Blasta60
        Nah, my 3DS is broken. And can't I have dual nationality?
        Feb 2, 2017
    11. Blasta60
      "New Plan. Let's not upset Myrcella's pet demon." - Tyrion Lannister, after seeing Jirachi blast Joffrey through a wall.
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    12. Blasta60
      A Wild Kyogre Appeared!
    13. Blasta60
      Trolling Jon Connington
    14. Blasta60
      Riding a Sea Dragon
    15. Blasta60
      Nowhere in particular
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    Aug 6, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Pile of Cat Droppings, England
    Teaching Assistant/Vampire Lord
    Hi, my names Blasta and I'm from England which automatically makes me a complete wierdo/arsehole.

    As by products of my English upbringing I am forced to hate in no particular order: the French, taxes, modern music, the French, the letter y, the German language, the French, the concept of morality, emotions, the French, the Bus/Train/Coach/Taxi/Horse/Hippogriff public services, the government and the French.

    I mainly stick to the ASOIAF section of this site though I have a soft spot for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and LOTR.

    My current stories are:
    • The Cat from Kanto (Legendary Pokemon ISOT'd to ASOIAF)
    • The Story of Hyrule (Legend of Zelda History)
    I'm also contributing to the collaborative timeline 'World of the Sundering' (see it here) and have written a lot of stuff for the Miscellaneous ASOIAF Threads.

    Much of my stuff is also cross-posted onto Archive of our Own, you can see my account here. My oneshots are collected together over there for easier reading. I'm also now on Spacebattles here.

    Note: I tend to swear a fair amount of the time in whatever stories I'm writing so apologies in advance.

    Second Note: For the time being at least, A High Fantasy Planetos has been put on hiatus due to real life.