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Yeah I agree, Kelly Chase sounds like a crapface and the Blues, yikes, wonder how this will effect their season.
November 12, 1992: The NHL announces it will suspend Kelly Chase until the end of the season but Chase can rejoin the team should the Blues make the playoffs. Also, Brett Hull is rumored to request a trade out of St. Louis.

November 14, 1992: In a blockbuster deal, Brett Hull is traded from the Blues to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Oiler captain Mark Messier. As of the trade, the Blues sit fourth in the Norris Division and the Oilers sit in fifth in the Smythe.
November 14, 1992: (1) Baylor continues to dominate, squashing Texas A&M 62-20, (3) Illinois is once again shocked, this time by Michigan St. 26-13 in East Lansing. (15) Arizona forces 7 turnovers in a complete demolition of Cal 54-9 and (7) Alabama wins again, beating Vanderbilt 49-14.

November 15, 1992: In the AFC, the Patriots lead the East and the AFC at 8-3 with the 7-4 Bills and 7-4 Dolphins both behind. The Oilers lead the Central at 7-4 with no other team above .500, and the Broncos currently sit atop the AFC West at 7-4 with the surprising Chiefs close at 6-5 as an awful Seahawks team is still on pace to go 0-16. In the NFC, the Eagles and Cowboys are tied for first in the NFC East with the disappointing Redskins sitting at 4-7. The Lions sit at 9-2 and have the best record in the NFL so far. In the West, the 7-3-1 Saints lead while both the 49ers (7-4) and another surprise in the Falcons (6-4-1) are close behind.
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November 17, 1992: Martin Brouder stops 53 shots as the Winnipeg Jets beat the Red Wings at the Winnipeg Arena 2-0 on a pair of goals by Dale Hawerchuk. The city of Winnipeg has also finalized plans for a new, state-of-the-art sports complex for both the Jets, Blue Bombers and any other franchises that want to call the city home.

November 19, 1992: Quebec Nordiques principal owner Marcel Aubut, facing financial debt due to a slumping economy and an upcoming independence vote for the province of Quebec, is rumored to put the team up for sale.
November 20, 1992: The MLB unveils it's new divisional alignment that will take place next season.

AL East: Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays
AL Central: Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers
AL West: California Angels, Denver Zephyrs, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners

NL East: Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Tampa Bay Stingrays
NL Central: Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals
NL West: Arizona Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Sacramento Solons, San Diego Padres

November 21, 1992: Barry Bonds re-signs with the Angels on 6 year, 85-million-dollar deal.
November 28th, 1992: The NBA announces that they will be sponsoring a new professional women's basketball league, called the Women's National Basketball Association, also known as the WNBA. The league is expected to start in 1994 with 8 teams in cities that already have NBA teams.
December 2, 1992: In the NHL, the Adams is led by the Whalers, the Penguins lead the Patrick, the Canucks lead the Smythe and the Jets and Blackhawks are tied for the lead the Norris division. The expansion Senators and Admirals are both in last place in their respective divisions. The Flyers, Islanders, Nordiques, Blues, Sharks and Emeralds presently sit out of the playoffs with the Flyers and Nordiques dead last in the league and the Penguins, Jets and Blackhawks on track for the Presidents’ Trophy.

December 3, 1992: The NBA is currently led by the SuperSonics in the West and the 76ers in the East. Other teams vying for top spots include the Rockets. Knicks, Cavaliers, Bulls and Jazz. The Celtics, Kings and Spurs currently sit in the basement with the Spurs future in San Antonio looking in doubt, despite the new AlamoDome opening in the summer of 1993 with any city that misses out on an expansion team could buy the team.
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November 28, 1992: (4) Alabama is upset by (23) Auburn 24-21 on a last second 49-yard field goal. (7) Florida State beats rival Florida 35-14, and (16) Nebraska blows out Oklahoma 45-20.
December 11th, 1992: Quebec Nordiques principal owner Marcel Aubut announces he will be selling the team. Instantly, multiple millionaires submit offers to buy the team, including CNN founder Ted Turner, who says he intends to move the team to Atlanta, Georgia.
December 13th 1992
Art Modell, owner of the Cleveland Browns is reportedly one of those interested in buying the Nordiques and moving them to Cleveland.
December 14, 1992: Three other buyers make offers for the Nordiques, Texas-based buisnessman Red McCombs, who would move the team to Houston, Coors Brewing CEO Pete Coors, who would move the team to Denver and Quebecor, who would keep the team in Quebec City.
December 21th, 1992: ESPN conducted another poll related to the NBA expansion, this time polling viewers on what they believe the name of each city's team would be if they got one. The results were again shown near the end of the show. The results were:

Toronto: Huskies (The name of the city's first NBA team back in the 1940's)
Nashville: Musicians (A reference to the state's music)
Vancouver: Lumber (Fans thought the name sounded cool, so no confirmed reference)
St Louis: Spirits (A clear reference to the city's old ABA team)
Pittsburgh: Bridges (A reference to the fact that Pittsburgh has the most bridges in the world)
Mexico City: Revolution (A reference to the Mexican Revolution)
Jacksonville: Tropics (One of the options during the name the team for Miami's NBA team, which lost to the Heat)
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December 26th, 1992: Leaked audios of the NBA commissioner saying that there are three cities left has circulated throughout social media. The audio cuts off right as the Commissioner begins to say the names of three cities. ESPN revealed that if you slowed down the footage, you can just barley make out the sound of a J being said. Fans and Reporters speculate that this means that Jacksonville is one of the three finalists remaining in the NBA expansion race.

December 30th, 1992: The NBA has confirmed that there are three finalists remaining, those being Toronto, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. Jacksonville is being called the strangest of the three cities as it was considered by many to be the underdog of the expansion race.
January 1, 1992: The Chicago Blackhawks score 4 first period goals, and get out to a 6-0 lead before giving up 5 unanswered to the Kings at Wrigley Field for the Winter Classic. Jeremy Roenick ices the game with a beautiful deke on Wayne Gretzky and flipping the puck into the net for the empty netter, winning 7-5.

January 1, 1992: Ohio State beats Stanford in the Rose Bowl 31-21. The Cotton Bowl is won by Texas Tech over Notre Dame in massive fashion, 56-21, and the Sugar Bowl is raised by Alabama over Washington 66-14. Despite being down 13 with 51 seconds left, Baylor wins the Fiesta Bowl over Florida State on a 23 yard touchdown pass in the back of the end zone, 35-34. Finally, the Orange Bowl goes the way of Illinois, as they beat Nebraska 14-11.

January 4, 1992: The AP Announces the top 25. The Top 5 is:





January 4, 1993: A group led by Limited Brands founder Les Wexner puts in a big for the Nordiques, intending to move the team to Columbus, Ohio. The big includes a shared downtown arena with Ohio State basketball - men’s and women’s - and hockey.