Baltimore team name

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  • Baymen

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  • Wolves

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  • Warships

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  • Blue Crabs

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Fire

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Hi everybody! I finally decided to start this timeline. It is a sports collaborative starting in 1990. Feel free to post on college sports, nba, nhl, nfl, mlb, soccer, nascar, and the olympics. All I ask is you stay unpolitical. I'll kick this off, and then I and others will keep it up. Enjoy and thank you all!
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Expansion in football and bowl games
January 1st, 1990: NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue announces the NFL will add two new franchises, one in Baltimore and one in Charlotte, with the first season set to be 1993, and the expansion draft set for april 17, 1993. Also on this day Michigan beats USC 17-14 in the Rose Bowl, Miami beats Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, 34-21, Florida State beats Nebraska 21-0 in the Fiesta Bowl, Colorado beats Notre Dame 14-13 in the Orange Bowl, and Illinois beats Virginia 45-35 in the Citrus Bowl.

the bricks have been layed, now time to build the wall. Enjoy
Expansion more expansion news and bowl games
January 4th, 1990: The Associated Press releases its final poll, and Colorado is first, meaning the Buffs win the National Championship. Also, the Baltimore franchise announce that their name will be up to a fan vote. The options are Ravens, Blue Crabs, Warships, Wolves, Fire, and Baymen
Duke is downed, NFL playoffs update
January 6th, 1990: Duke is stunned at home by an unranked Virginia squad, 65-58. Christian Laettner goes 3-14 and misses three layups in the final three minutes.
In the NFL playoff games of the day, the Buffalo beats Cleveland 31-28, as Matt Bahr missed a field goal. The 49ers beat the Vikings 45-0, and Herschel Walker leaves the field with 1:13 left in the game, and declines interviews.

January 7th, 1990: The Steelers upset John Elway and the Broncos 17-10 thanks to 3 Elway Interceptions, including one as time expired. Meanwhile at the Meadowlands, the Rams beat the Giants 10-2. This game would go on to be called the "Most Boring Playoff Game Ever" By Sports Illustrated
Ladies and Gentlemen, I've opened a poll to determine the Baltimore team name. Feel free to vote for whoever you want
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So the browns now move to Jacksonville, STL or LA, reminder modell wanted out

OOC: He didn’t want out so much as he wanted out of that stadium in its condition. He would have been more than happy to stay; the 30 for 30 documentary “Believeland” painted him as someone who fucked the whole thing up rather than as an evil Cleveland-hating villain.

That said, J-ville will be on the table, and there’s a good chance he beats Bud Adams to Tennessee. (Which may avert the whole mess with Memphis, since playing for a couple of years in Vanderbilt’s stadium wouldn’t be as bad as Adams made it look.) He’ll still move, probably; the fuckup with Cleveland would still be very much present. However, where he moves - and where the Oilers move in response - is probably shuffled.

IC: January 9, 1990 - NBA commissioner David Stern is hospitalized with what appears to be a severe case of food poisoning; in his absence, NBA legal counsel and third-in-command Gary Bettman assumes temporary control. The following day, Bettman has a lengthy conversation with Mexico City mayor Manuel Camacho Solis about a team in Mexico’s capital.
NFL Conference Championships, Stern Survives
January 14th, 1990: In the early Kickoff, the Bills beat the Steelers 24-14 in the AFC Title game. Thurman Thomas runs for 210 yards and 3 touchdowns. Meanwhile, The Niners beat the Rams 30-3, as in OTL

January 16th, 1990: Gary Bettmann announces that David Stern will survive, but that Bettmann will have his interim tag removed, and will be permanent commissioner
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Quick note for you all. The NFL, NBA, NHL, and College Basketball records are the same as of January 1st, 1990.
Disaster strikes in Boston, The Kid in Beantown, Upset special in the Big West
January 19th, 1990: Larry Bird suffers a Torn ACL in a game against the Indiana Pacers, and Boston falls 119-108

January 22nd, 1990: #7 UNLV is upset by Long Beach State 71-68 on a buzzer beater three

January 22nd, 1990: Gary Carter signs a 2 year deal with the Red Sox
Reminder: The next olympics in this TL are in '92, I just want to clear up confusion just in case. Also, I know it included NASCAR, but I don't really watch it, so those updates may be a little rough around the edges if i'm posting them.
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Super Sunday, Disaster in baseball
January 28th, 1990: In Super Bowl XXIV at the Superdome, Joe Montana and Jim Kelly dueled in an all time classic. With 0:49 left, the Montana hit Roger Craig for a game-leading score. However, Jim Kelly and Andre Reed connected for three catches for 62 yards, bringing Buffalo to the Niners 8. Scott Norwood hit a 44 yard field goal as time expired, and the Bills were Super Bowl Champions. Andre Reed wins super bowl MVP.
January 29th, 1990: Jerry Reinsdorf, Owner of the Bulls and White Sox, tragically dies in a car crash in Dwight, IL. With the Sox linked to a potential move to Tampa, those rumors only increase following Reinsdorf's passing.
Quick question for everyone. Are any of you guys good with photoshop? I am very much not, and it could be needed when Baltimore gets their name. Obviously if the Ravens are the name we won't need it, but if another name wins we will. Just let me know if you want to do it. Anyway continue to post and have some fun!
Saying Goodbye to the Sox? Super Bowl parade, a Bulls Brawl
February 3rd, 1990: Late in a blowout, Sean Elliott commits a hard foul on Michael Jordan near the sidelines. Jordan retaliates by Shoving Elliott into the Scorers Table and kicking him. This results in a violent brawl, in which Jordan gets into it with David Robinson. Jordan and Reggie Williams are ejected, and Elliott is taken to the hospital with head and shoulder injuries.

February 4th, 1990: Despite 4 inches of snow, the Bills have a 250,000 person turnout for their super bowl parade. The fans in Buffalo are remarked by the media as the "Bills Mafia"

February 5th, 1990: Following the tragic passing of Jerry Reinsdorf, the White Sox announce they will move ahead with their relocation plans.
We're heading to court
February 6, 1990:
A Cook County judge issues a temporary restraining order against the White Sox and Major League Baseball. The order blocks the club from moving ahead with its current relocation plans and instead honor the final years of its lease of Comiskey Park.