Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL

Part 98- Runningback
(Authors note): This will probably be my last "Describing massive operations in annoying verbose detail" chapter, and I just wanna say these are my favorite to make.

In the late evening hours of August 27th, 1945, the final go-ahead signal was given for Operation Runningback to begin. nearly 3,600 transport and tug aircraft, covered by 1,100 fighters, of which a third were jets, took off from Germany and the Low Countries. To cover what would be by the largest airborne operation in history, 900 bombers of various type and nationality would bomb cities in the Balkans and Baltic. The few BT night fighters were rapidly overwhelmed, and many daytime fighters took off to escape the fight and were picked off. So clear was the airspace through which the armada of transports flew through, that only three were lost in transport, all to mechanical problems.

The better part of four American, one British, and nearly a division worth of Polish and French airborne units were dropping in Northeast Germany, 36,000 men, and nearly 100 locust airborne tanks were arriving, the winds were calm and steady as predicted, the cloud cover space. With so little enemy opposition, the pilots were mostly able to find their drop zones, and the paratroopers were free to jump. Infantry forces reached the ground with twice the accuracy as Normandy, and 98% intact, as did all but two tanks.

A number of small or disused airports were siezed in the first 12 hours, and 200 more heavy transports dropped more supplies, as well as the last regiment of paratroopers. This so called "First Air-Grenadier Regiment" was a new British innovation. Heavily armed with anti-tank weapons and even light artilery, the united was expected to fight as well as a regular infantry regiment. The Number of BT soldiers in the total drop area was 26,000, but 90% of these troops were just military police, and many of the rest were technical personel or walking wounded.

By morning, 21 airfields had been overrun, with 1,500 enemy aircraft being destroyed, with some being flown back to friendly lines. Most Russian positions were either driven away, captured, or wiped out in coordinated attacks. 200 German partisans, acting on secret orders from TAAT, mounted sneak attacks on several local HQ and communication centers, scattering the enemy further. By noon, 400 more aircraft had landed and left, which also evacuated the 800 wounded. The first objective was to consolidate and capture Prenzlau, which was achieved by evening of the 28th.

The second objective was to both hold agaist the expected surge of Soviets from Berlin, and to attempt to take the Baltic coast at Sczcecin. This would cut off the rail supplies of millions of BT soldiers, and hopefully force Zhukov to send forces away from Leipzig, which was still holding. Many soldiers still considered this a suicide mission, as even if they did succeed they'd have to hold out against the horde of Russians retreating East. While TAAT did have every intention of evacuating the units they'd landed, they acknowledged that caualties would be "Severe".

Zhukov didn't pull anyone from Leipzig, but did pull their reinforcements, as well as any troops he could find, to try and take out the paratroopers. Meanwhile the night of the 28th, 4,000 regular troops were landed by airstrip, who also brought a large surplus of ammo. The early attacks were repulsed, but losses mounted. More partisans began attacks, tying down more Soviet units. However as the rail supply situation took effect, the Red Army retreated from exposed positions, even beginning to pull out of Lübeck. In Leipzig, heavy air attacks finally forced the tattered units there to rout, and the ruins of the city were secure by the 30th.

Over the next few days, the situation of the soviet position was whittled down, casualties mouted. The paratroopers were on the verge of collapse, and they were poised to be crushed by Soviet armor. Still with the threat of the whole Northern Front collapsing, Stalin requested a meeting with Zhukov on the 2nd of September, the same day Finland joined TAAT, and Yugoslavia turned coat...

Your writing style certainly was detail oriented.

I expect the meeting between Zhukov and Stalin may end up being a confrontation.
(Authors note): This will probably be my last "Describing massive operations in annoying verbose detail" chapter, and I just wanna say these are my favorite to make.
Ominous... but if Zhukov's plan to end the war really succeeds, than this huge airborne attack is a fitting sendoff!

...What about the Pacific theater though? It still looms ominously.
Part 99-Honor

Imperial General Headquarters, September 1st, 1945​

Prime Minister Yonai and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tōgō sat before The Emperor of Japan. He looked a decade older than he did a week ago, his uniform ragged, his face unshaven and already streaked with grey. Of course even if he weren't the emperor neither would dare call him out on it, he had every right to fall to pieces after what had transpired in Tokyo. Neither man knew why he'd sunmoned them to his quarters in the hollowed out mountain that was the new HQ, but they waited patiently for him to speak.

"So" He spat, his breath reeking of tabacco and liquor "You 'gentlemen' satisfied?" Yonai considered himself for a moment "Heavenly Sovereign I don-" The emperor shoved everything off his desk, before stomping over to him "I said, are you fucking happy? Our country disgraced, our capitol in ashes! My boy..." He softened for a moment, the fight leaving him for a moment. "Can you really call this honor? What does honor matter if we'll merely be remembered in the nightmares of the marines? Is that really a legacy we should strive towards?"

The foreign minister now spoke out "Sire, what would you like us to do?" "Ah, that's quite simple" He walked back to his desk and opened a drawer, producing a nambu pistol. He put it to his temple, and before the men could rush to take from him, put his finger on the trigger. "Sir" Yonai pleaded "Please, don't" "I'm going to give you stupid fucks two options. Either you contact Molotov and tell him we want out of this war, or I pull the trigger. Then my guards rush in, and probably skin you both alive when they see my brains on the wall."

The men stared, wide eyed, they may have respected Hirohito, but they never expected to be outplayed by him "Sir" Tōgō begged "Put the gun down" "Choose" He put pressure on the trigger "NOW." "Alright, alright. We'll contact Molotov immediately, now put it down." Hirohito sighed, and did as he was asked. "Fine, get out, both of you." the men bowed, then filed out of the room "So..." Tōgō said to Yonai "Should we tell cabinet about all that?" "Probably not. But let's contact Molotov, the man is speaking the truth."
Part 100- The Death of Stalin

Chelyabinsk, September 2nd, 1945​

"Suffice to say the situation in Finland is well...Not proceding as would be hoped." Marshal Timoshenko said nervously "Meaning?" Stalin said with a hint of irritation. "Our forces on the Norwegian front have been outflanked by a Finnish Corps. Meretskov reports that Murmansk will fall within 72 hours unless he gets reinforcements. Moreover, The Norwegians have launched an attack of their own, making it difficult fo him to spare much." The Marshal looked up to see Stalins mustached face glaring at him "...But the situation is still under control, defenses near Vyborg are holding up well. "Hmm." Was all Stalin replied.

"Yuguslavia." He said plainly, and after several moments Marshal Kovev stood. "The Italian front has been described by Marshal Yeryomenko as 'confused', about a quarter of the troops there were Yugoslav. The front has become porous, with soldiers intruding behind the lines of all sides. The situation on the borders with Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria well... there isn't any good way to say it Condrade Stalin, the situation is very bad. There were almost no frontline units stationed anywhere near the new front, so what was there was rapidly overrun. We estimate that before the month is half over, we'll have lost the capitals of all three countries.

Stalin let his glare hold for one more uncomfortable moment, before finally standing "You were responsible for the entire Balkan front, you should've prepared for that." Konev surprisingly held his nerve "The fact that all my reserves were depleted a month ago made that quite difficult Comrade Stalin. I had less than 30,000 men left stationed on the entire Yugoslav border, and that was not my choice. You" he dared to point at him "Comrade Stalin, made me send them North. I did not fail, I was given an impossible task. If anyone is to be blamed for this state on the front, it is you alone." As many of the ministers and Marshals sat, hearts racing as Konev openly criticize the Premier, Stalin's expression did not change.

"Konev, only a traitor would choose to deflect his own faults onto the state. Guards, have him taken away, he'll martialed for his gross incompetence and clear disregard for The Soviet Union. The guards complied, Konev was led away without a fuss. "Anyway, what's the word on those allegations of spies from Tito, I heard they could be in the city to try and bomb the kremlin today?" Kruglov shook his head with confidence "My officers and men have swept the city, no agents have been found. In fact, I have full confidence that any such spies aren't currently here." Trucks could be heard outside, and the muffled sounds of boots on concrete. "Still, we must be alert as always. The enemies of the union are many, and could strike at any moment. However I believe as of today, Chelyabinsk has never been safer."

Not a moment later the door flew open, and before anyone could even turn to see who it was, Kruglov's head sprayed open, as he hit the floor lifeless. Field Marshal Zhukov strode into the meeting room, freshly discharged Tokarev in one hand, a PPSk in the other "Right then." He emptied the magazine into what was left of Kruglov, before throwing it aside. "Ioseb, afraid the jig is fucking finally up!" Zhukov exclaimed, mad smile on his face . Stalin rapidly turned pale, then red " fucking stupid c-" Was all get managed before Zhukov fired a burst into his stomach. As he stumbled and spewed blood, Zhukov unloaded the rest of the magazine into the dicatators chest. Stalin hit the floor, motionless and riddled with holes.

"Say cheers to Beria for me!!" Zhukov said, euphoric "Molotov! Time for you bit." Molotov stood, pale, and made his way to join the Marshal. "Everybody, here's what's happening. Myself, Marshal Zhukov, and the Deputy Primier." All eyes turned to Malenkov, as Zhukov casually reloaded his sub-machine gun. "That is" He fired a spray of lead just above the heads of the people there "You want my aim to get better. What'll it be Georgy, Troikar or I blow you fucks away?" All Malenkov could do was nod "Excellent! Now the rest of you cunts get out, we got real work to get done."
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Is it wrong that I want to know how Zhukov managed to even get into the Kremlin without anyone thinking to stop and ask why he has a Submachine Gun?
Is it wrong that I want to know how Zhukov managed to even get into the Kremlin without anyone thinking to stop and ask why he has a Submachine Gun?
Those nonexistant Yugoslav assassins casued the NKVD forces in Chelyabinsk (Made a minor error that I'll correct) to be spread out everywhere. As such, there were not enough guards outside their meeting to even try to stop Zhukov and his men from sweeping in.



If people in OTL thought that Stalin was was a monster, then here ITTL, he will be thought with even less sympathy.
I so dont know about, Zhukov will at a guess start releasing selected prisoners from Gulags and have tours set up of everywhere that Joe and his cronies killed and maimed people