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  1. US Invasion of Java

    In 1944-45 Macarthur wanted to liberate Java with allied troops, but was ordered not to. What if, following the Borneo campaign, US Marines landed on the shores of Java? How would Sukarno, Hatta, et al react?
  2. Sargon

    Yamaguchi doesn't go down with Hiryū and survives

    I did consider putting this in the ASB section given Yamaguchi's determination to go down with Hiryū, the fact there are two elements to this scenario, the second requires two changes which is pushing it. Anyway, if necessary we can ask it to be moved but it's not completely out of the realms of...
  3. Japan without the Nazis

    Scenario: a world where Hitler died in the trenches, the Nazi party never took off, and Germany never started a major war. I'm also going to assume that Stalin stays put and that while there are regional wars and military buildups, no massive conflict occurs. Meanwhile, by the late 30s, China...
  4. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1-Getting the Ducks in a Row.

    The Pentagon: April 20th 1943 The office those assembled now sat in still reeked of fresh paint and varnish. The Pentagon had been offically completed months ago, and this office was one of the few that was suitable for those who were attending. General Marshall sat at the head of the table...
  5. Ryker of Terra

    Japanese expansion during American civil war

    So first of all, hello everyone. This is my first post after making my account over half a year ago and lurking for many years before that. Good to be here. Now, I've been wondering about the full potential for Japanese expansion if they have a free (or freer) hand in the Pacific. The scenario...
  6. Successful defence of Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2

    What would happen if the Japanese failed to capture Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2. Let’s say before Pearl Harbour naval assets are transferred to Asia and more troops start arriving in the area (mainly Indians and Australians). The defence is also beefed up with more artillery...
  7. Could the Philippines have liberated themselves during WW2?

    Reading about the Filipino resistance against the Japanese occupation it reminded me a lot about the different Yugoslavian resistance and how they liberated themselves. In the end of the war the Japanese only controlled 12 out of the 48 provinces in the Philippines. Is there a chance for the...
  8. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    What Are The Options Available For Both The Allies And Imperial Japan If ABDACOM Managed To Fend Off The Japanese?

    The purpose of this thread is not discussing how the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command managed to fend off against the invasion of the Southwest Pacific including but not limiting to the Dutch East Indies and the Philippines i.e. Bataan successfully holding out until, say, the fall of...
  9. Kantai Kessen

    WI: an alternate Midway and delayed Guadalcanal scenario

    Hello, alternate historians! In my mind recently, I have constructed a scenario that basically goes as follows. It's a long read, but I hope it's understandable: Preliminaries At the Battle of the Coral Sea, Takeo Takagi actually listens to Chuichi Hara and so does not send out his dusk...
  10. Aluma

    Plausibility Check: Microwave replaces the Atomic Bomb

    Hi, I'm a newbie and this is my first post here I'm not a nuclear physicist so I really hope I dont upset anyone, however I've been wanting to ask this a forever ago, so here it goes: As most are aware, nuclear bombs can produce large electromagnetic fields(EMP) that can temporarily render...
  11. Kantai Kessen

    IJN Soryu's and USS Wasp's Durability and Usefulness

    As we naval history nerds know, the Japanese aircraft carrier Soryu and the American aircraft carrier Wasp died horrible deaths during the Pacific War. However, what stands out is that both were caught with their pants down: Soryu getting jumped by Yorktown's dive bombers while refuelling and...
  12. alexandrosIII

    How long would Operation Downfall really take?

    The idea of it lasting to 1947 is unlikely, even in the event that the atom bomb was never used or invented. With the complete annihilation of the Kwantung Army by China and the USSR, the destruction of any remaining infrastructure by American saturation bombing, and the rapid depletion of...
  13. Simon

    No Battle of Okinawa?

    The Battle of Okinawa was an incredibly bloody affair which, similar to the Battle of Iwo Jima, has been subsequently questioned as to whether it was worth it. Just over six weeks after it concluded the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, three days later the second was dropped on...
  14. Gillan1220

    AHC: Prevent the Philippines from falling to the Japanese during WWII

    Whether its reinforcing the PI early in the war, deploying more B-17s, or at least more USN submarines in the region, How will these prevent the Japanese conquest of the Philippines?
  15. Churchill and Pearl Harbour - could he have warned FDR?

    Rereading a book on British codebreaking activities in the Far East, I was reminded that somewhere, sometime, I came across a conspiracy theory that Churchill was aware of the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbour - but deliberately let the US be surprised. I can't confirm this and think it...
  16. SealTheRealDeal

    DBWI: No Anglo-Japanese War

    In October of 1938 the IJA's 21st Army under General Rikichi Andō* was conducting the Canton Operation aimed at capturing Guangzhou and isolating the British Colony of Hong Kong. However, on his own initiative General Rikichi Andō ordered his men to occupy Hong Kong. The brutal invasion prompted...
  17. SealTheRealDeal

    WI: Pearl Harbour Raid Fails

    What if the torpedos all miss, fail to detonate, or hit well protected/non-critical/easily repaired parts of the ships? How screwed is Japan in TL where America has its full Pacific fleet from the get go?
  18. Simeon

    Some Stupid Questions about the 5” Guns

    What are the differences between the ammunitions and parts of Japan and America’s aforementioned guns? Also, are there any sources for the Japanese 40 Type 89 guns? The Wiki doesn’t cooperate with me right now.
  19. Peleliu bypassed: The 1st Marine Division in the Philippines

    Just as the title states, Halsey's doubts regarding the validity of the Peleliu invasion based on the weakening air power of Japan is acknowledged by Nimitz, who promptly scraps Operation Stalemate and bypasses the Peleliu garrison. He then sends the 1st Marine Division as part of the Sixth Army...