1. WI: Soviet-Japanese war... in 1940?

    The USSR and Japan fought a number of border skirmishes in the 30s, culminating in the battles of Khalkhin Gol in the summer of 1939. After getting a bloody nose, Japan decided to sign a ceasefire with the Soviets in September 39, and the two countries didn't clash again until the Soviet...
  2. MittleGittle

    Those are Rookie Numbers!

    You’re maybe not so hard challenge is to have the Second WW have as many Casualties as possible.
  3. WI: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before Barbarossa?

    Let's say Japan occupies the entirety of Indochina after the fall of France in 1940, and US-Japanese relations go south much more quickly. Consequently, the US enacts its oil embargo in 1940, a year earlier than OTL. Japan then starts preparations for the conquest of South-East Asia much...
  4. pls don't ban me

    Mussolini doesn't "invade" Greece consequences

    Hi! I know there have been a lot of threads about this event but generally everyone speaks about the effect on Barbarossa and survival of Italian Libya. My main question is what happens to Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, both dragged in the war because of the Italian Invasion. Both countries were...
  5. Simon

    No Battle of Okinawa?

    The Battle of Okinawa was an incredibly bloody affair which, similar to the Battle of Iwo Jima, has been subsequently questioned as to whether it was worth it. Just over six weeks after it concluded the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, three days later the second was dropped on...
  6. AHC: A Soviet-Japanese alliance in WW2

    This is a possibility I see rarily discussed. Is there a plausible way to bring such a scenario about (with a PoD after 1933)? Especially so that their alliance remains intact even after the German invasion of the USSR, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (if it still happens)? As an...
  7. WI: Molotov-Ribbentrop War

    I had this idea for WW2 scenario in 1939. So let's say the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact never happens or it fails and the Soviets align with the British and the French in a negotiation which did happen in OTL. So in this alternate scenario for heavens sake have Germany invade Poland in August 1939...
  8. Aloha

    Very Extreme AHC: Allied Germany

    I know this is probably really hard to do, but how can you get Germany and Russia to switch places in WW2, with Germany being the unlikely ally to the Western Allies and Russia (could be fascist or communist) being the big bad guy? Bonus points if you can get Russia to ally with Japan and Italy...
  9. jhuro

    WI Berlin is untouched by the Allies?

    Let’s say Hitler is coup’ed by the Wehrmacht in early Spring 1945, in order to prevent the complete humiliation of Germany. After maybe a brief struggle with the SS, Germany surrenders unconditionally to the allied powers, resulting in a division of Germany the same as OTL, but with a a much...
  10. MittleGittle

    Pacific Pearls

    What if the Japanese declaration of war (AKA a sneak attack) came three months later, and with an actual attack on Los Angeles?
  11. weaverj

    AHC: Make Japan an Allied Power in WW2

    Seeing that the Japanese were an allied power in WW1, combined with the German support for China before WW2, would it be possible for Japan to become an Allied Power in the Second World War? Specifically, How would this be possible? And how would this affect the war itself? But mainly How?
  12. Browning M1919 GPMG

    After watching the Forgotten Weapons video about the AN/M2 "Stinger" machine gun a few weeks back, I've come to wonder why the US Military didn't try to adapt the M1919 into a GPMG. Army Ordnance clearly had the idea during WWII with the M1919A6, equipping the M1919A4 with a pistol grip and...
  13. AHC: Communist Japan Pre-WW2

    If it isn't entirely ASB, is there any possibility for a communist Japan NOT involving a Soviet puppet state?
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Japan Didn't Go Communist?

    After ww1, Japan felt cheated out of expansion in Asia when Britain and France split German colonies in Asia, especially when Britain took the Kiautschou Bay concession for themselves. This started a wave of anti-western anger in Japan and rage that they'd fought and died for nothing, which with...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    Battle of Britain If France Fights On?

    Say that the french mainland is still occupied, but the 3rd Republic stays in the fight (maybe they're under a more hawkish leadership). Obviously this doesn't change the ground front, but could the French Airforce be retrieved to Britain or Algiers? What impact could this mean for the Blitz?
  16. ennobee

    What other countries could rewrite their history with a 'Lost Cause Mythos' akin to the (Southern) US

    As the tin says: one generation after the American Civil War (Yes. That's post-1900. That's why I'm posting in this forum) the Southern states began propagating the 'Lost Cause': the idea that the soldiers of the Confederacy were not traitors nor rebels but well-meaning patriots morally at least...
  17. Italy joins the allies in ww2

    What if britain and France never condoned the Italian invasion of Ethiopia wanting to keep Italy as an ally. This results in the stressa front never being dissolved resulting in italy joining the Allies and if Germany ever tried to anschluss Austria it would result in a war between germany and...
  18. DBWI: Hungary stays in WW2

    By 1941 Hungary had achieved all its territorial expansion objectives and went on to declare its neutrality. The country didn't participate in Operation Barbarossa and although with the defeat of the Axis it was forced to return Vojvodina to Yugoslavia, it received more benevolent terms than...
  19. DBWI : What if Germany wasn't partitioned / was less partitioned & Italy didn't keep the territory conquered from France ?

    Hello from Królewiec ! I am writing this before I go for my Workaway in Vratislav, Czechoslovakia to celebrate both the Anniversay of the Fall of Communism the Unification of Ireland with my lads. Despite going against the wishes of the WAllies, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president from...
  20. WI: Third Reich Falls/Wehrmacht Launches Coup in 1936?

    A little while back I read an alternate history novel whose prompt was basically "what if the Allies were aware that the Rhineland remilitarization was a bluff?" So, basically what happens is that shortly after the March 1936 "Rhineland fiasco," a series of complicated events (which I might...