Ein Platz An Der Sonne- yes, another AH HOI4 mod

Here are the portraits for our major leaders!

First of all we've got the Kaiser, looking dapper as always

Secondly, there is the world's most indifferent boi Edward VIII, knowing fully well that he's a puppet of the Proactivists

Next up, we've got the Socialist Stalwart of France, Jean Longuet, Karl Marx's grandson and a revolutionary in his own right

Here we meet President Irrelevant, Al Smith

The famous Admiral Alexander Kolchak!

Gabriele D'Annunzio (pizza time)!
That’s all for now. I’m pooped.
Next we've got the portraits for Eastern Europe

First, we've got Algirdas II of Lithuania. I am using the same portrait as Kaiserreich as the photo is copyrighted

This is Karol I of Poland, whose portrait I made myself

And Yaroslav II of Belorussia, whose only claim to the throne is his distant relationship to the Rurikids

Finally, Pavlo Skoropadsky of Ukraine
UK paths
Okay, I am not sure if I have the power to do any of this, but this is what I would do for Britain:
As the game starts there are two paths:
  • The proactivists:
    • tend towards more Empired centric policies, options to attack France and make some sort of a deal with Germany to allow them to attack Ireland. In general a bit of a foriegn policy wild card?
    • Economical bit of anti unionism here, bit of workers rights there? - (maybe they could have one of those mulital exculive paths with a left and right option at each stage? - they look like a ladder)
    • Military - focus on Navy - some sort of Navy power ticker - the more power you give them you get buffs but chance that they will coup you if they are to powerfull and are losing the war?
  • The national syndicatists
    • Might join the international, other wise just a anti-german beligerant
    • collectivatise industry - syndicates
    • Empire soley for the benfit of the UK - slave devisions possibly?
    • Left and right mix
Something I’d been thinking of was a “Popular Front” governmental coalition led by Churchill overthrowing the Proactivists. However if things don’t go well the British civil war starts. This was mainly bcoz I wanted an independent Scotland to tie into the Scottish conflict idea created by @mikroraptor
The factions in the British Civil War will include-
  • Socialists (as Macdonald was never elected and because Butterfly Effect Labour never really drifts more to the centre and thus keeps with them)
  • Royalists, based in London
  • Proactivist remnants
  • The central government
Unfortunately (or fortunately), Konstantin Rodzaevsky, previously the leader of a far-right Russia, has been axed due to his young age and his exposure to far right ideologies being much later. There still will be a far right Russia, though. It’s leader is unknown, though we will be giving out a few clues.