1. Taco Shark/Fly's HOI4 (and other Paradox games if I play them) inspired Maps
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Inspired by @FasterThanRaito 's thread, I decided to play more HOI4 to make stories from them and post them here. However by playing I mean most of the time observing, since I am not too good at the game itself. I use my own mod for my own gameplay enhancements as well as Toolpack to strengthen...
  2. Gukpard

    Hearts of Iron IV Thread

    This is the sucessor of the original HoI4 thread in this forum, that sadly died in 2017. Here is the link. Well, for a start I had this epic last campaign as the worst possible route in the Brazil, a house divided mod, and got Felinto Müller in power of Brazil
  3. Extremis Ultimis Mod for HOI4 Thread

    So, there's a mod in development for Hearts of Iron 4 called Extremis Ultimis. Basically, it is set in an alternate near future where the global order falls apart and basically every country on Earth has a civil war. This results in all sorts of ideological factions fighting each other in...
  4. MittleGittle

    Your thoughts on this HoI4 SH tank?

    I stumbled across this honestly beautiful looking super heavy tank while playing as the Dutch in a HoI4 game, and had a few questions. What are your thoughts on this tank? Is it realistic? How well would it function? How effective in combat and movement would it be?
  5. Waltzing Brunhilda

    The Red Order: First Days of Eurasia- A New Order Spinoff

    The Red Order First Days of Eurasia is an upcoming Hearts of Iron 4 mod. Based off the popular, The New Order: Last Days of Europe we explore a world where the Allies won the Second World War from the view of the world of TNO. The world stands divided into a Cold War between the Union of Soviet...
  6. wasp_


    You may delete this because I didn't realized this was after 1900s
  7. wasp_

    AHC/WI: Second Cold War in 1950s/60s on TWR Zhukov aftermath

    What if the USSR loses WW2 and manage to recover under Zhukov in the 50s and defeat German Reich without USA intervention, this is literally based on HOI4 Mod called Thousand Week Reich. This challenge is to make a second a second cold war after defeating the germans. You may choose any PoD as...
  8. dianaswordofsappho

    Indy's grand strategy Maps

    I've been going at making maps based on my playthroughs of various grand strategy games and I've been meaning to make a thread to put these all in a designated thread to organize my adhd brain I will take requests for playthroughs as well
  9. Pop-Culture in TNO

    Note: If you have objections against this mod, please do not comment Inspired by the various pop-cultures of <universe X> threads, how do you think fiction and pop-culture will develop in TNO? For one I see that if Japan loses the GAW and a far-right government falls because of that, anime...
  10. Hoi4 Alternative History Mod - What if the South had won the civil war

    Hey Guys, I'm currently writing the history behind an alternative history mod for hoi4. This mod will have a similar starting date to the base game and will look at how history changes if the south had won the civil war. A series of posts will look at how the changes to history take place and...
  11. Ein Platz An Der Sonne- yes, another AH HOI4 mod

    Hello everybody! Today I ask an original and unasked question- wHaT iF gErMAny aND thE cEntraL pOWers wOn WwI? After a long time working on a timeline called Die Alte Welt Hat Uberlebt, i stopped as I felt there was no direction to go in. Now I am back, and am making it into a HOI4 mod! These...
  12. Gukpard

    A concept for a mod for HOI IV

    I gonna start with the disclaimer that I have no skill whatsoever to make this mod, and until now I was afraid of creating a thread for it since someone could steal my idea. Turns out however that if someone steals the idea the mod can be done, but if I keep it , the idea will die anyway. The...
  13. The Official HOI4 Mods and Discussion Thread
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    So a bunch of HOI4 mods have their own threads. These include Kaiserreich (Germany wins WWI), The New Order (Germany wins WWII), Imperial Dusk (Anglo-German alliance), and Spartakus (successful German revolution). All these mods are amazing, but there is no thread where we can highlight cool...
  14. Photos of the New Order

    So this thread is inspired by the Photos of the Kaiserreich thread and the TL-191 photos thread. Only this time it's about the dystopian hellscape that is setting of the upcoming HOI4 mod The New Order: Last Days of Europe I know that the mod isn't even out yet, but I think we know enough...
  15. AHC: A Strange Twist on (pre-)WW2

    Okay, so I was really bored today, and I just decided to randomly swap around the ideologies of the major world powers (America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia) using console commands. Here's what I came up with: - Britain (and the rest of the Commonwealth): Non-Aligned (I...
  16. Marklin

    TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

    So, very recently, I have become a de facto member of the Team working on a TL 191 mod for Hearts of Iron 4! My main job is to give ideas and use my Vast Knowledge and Passion for the World of TL 191 to help out in the creation of the World for the Mod, and even suggest Ideas to fill the Gaps...
  17. Flags For a Hoi4 Mod

    Yes, I play Hoi4 (started a few weeks ago), and I came up with a mod idea. It's a little tongue-in-cheek (but still somewhat serious) alternate history mod literally called "WTF Is Going On?!?" Here's the basic run-down of what the political map looks like: Ireland, Finland, and Ukraine are...
  18. Thousand-Week Reich - A 'realistic' Nazi victory scenario
    Threadmarks: Original Media

    Ok, so I've already posted some stuff about this. Thousand-Week Reich, abbreviated to TWR, was a series of maps and other media originally posted on the subreddit r/imaginarymaps with accompanying lore as my attempt to create a timeline in which Nazi Germany wins WW2, but keeping it as realistic...
  19. Books of the Kaiserreich

    Inspired by a thread on the KR subreddit by mcgrathc09, this is a game(?) in which you use the template below to create a book that you might find in the KRTL. Posts should be formatted as follows: Genre: Name of Book: Author: Content: Info about Author: Fun Facts: Extra Info: I’ll start...
  20. AHC: Make this image real (British Armies on Eastern Front)

    Make this image real. In other words, in a scenario where the Nazis invade the Soviet Union some time prior to May 1941, the challenge is to have a British expeditionary force of 51 divisions arrive in the Baltic to aid the Soviets and arrive by the beginning of that month.