Ein Platz An Der Sonne- yes, another AH HOI4 mod

Dev Diary One: Germany and its sphere part #1
  • (Dev diaries will focus more on the general lore while PRs will be much more expansive. Inspired by the upcoming Spartakus mod)
    Hello everyone, and welcome to our first Dev Diary!

    First of all, let’s explain the starting situation of the German Empire. The Empire is ruled by the DkP, which is Authoritarian Democratic. However (for now) the conservative Zentrum, the Liberal NLP, and the Democratic Socialist SPD can also come into power. However, the Orthodox Socialist SAPD, the Anarchist FAUD, the Social Nationalist NSDAP, the Paternal Autocratic xyz, and the Legionary Antisemiten can come into power through coups.

    Germany is currently a world power, and, under the rule of Wilhelm II and Paul Von Hindenburg, has seen rapid amounts of growth. However, that all will change in time.

    The German Empire has two factions- the Größerer Deutsher Einflussbereicj, which will work similarly to a regular faction, and Mitteleuropa, which will function similarly to the League of Nations in the mod of the same name.

    Events that the Empire will have to deal with will be general strikes, the deaths of important leaders, and colonial problems.

    Next on our European tour is the Duchy of Livonia-Estonia. Ruled by Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg, Livonia-Estonia is ruled by the small Baltic German minority. Livonia at the start of the game is a member of both German factions.

    Livonia’s internal politics will be based on whether the player chooses to empower the Baltic Germans or the locals. If the status quo minority rule is kept, Livonia will begin to become dominated by the Military, specifically the Freikorps, who serve to ‘keep the peace’ in the region. If the Freikorps choose to depose the Duke, the duchy will succumb to the flames of war.

    Meanwhile, if a more native-centric Duchy is created, the duke will change his name to a more local one, and more importantly the Freikorps will again try to rebel. If all goes well (which is a bit of an overstatement considering we’re talking about one of Mitteleuropa’s most unstable regimes), the duchy can either try to reform or court nativist, legionary elements who will again overthrow the duke if things go badly.

    There are also several pro-Russian organisations, who will try to make the duchy more and more Russian-oriented. These include the White general Pyotr Wrangel, who has left Russia, fearing Kolchak. Wrangel, despite being more than happy to rule over the Duchy, has bigger ambitions to not only bring the Duchy back into the Russian sphere but gain control over Russia.

    Next up,we visit Courland and Semigallia. While technically part of the German Empire, it is a separate tag due to its own internal problems. These are for the most part similar to Livonia-Estonia’s. Its existence is seen as a joke by Baltic nationalists, and is only different from Livonia-Estonia in that it will have to deal a lot more with Germany and German internal politics than the former.

    Now, we go south to Lithuania. The Lithuanian kingdom was formed around the end of the Great War, and a German Prince was installed as king. Mindaugas II, as he was known to the Lithuanians, had his throne threatened several times by Communist and nationalist agitators. After his death, his son Wilhelm or Mindaugas III was planned to take over, until it was revealed he had married a woman of lower social standing. This was a huge shock and meant that his younger son, Karl Gero, or Algirdas II, (he styled himself after an older conqueror and king of Lithuania) had to be forced on the throne. Algirdas II is not Algirdas I, and his power is controlled by the Germans and challenged by both the left and right. But as calls for a union with Belorussia begin to grow, perhaps this Algirdas may succeed like his namesake.
    Thank you for reading this Dev Diary! Join us next time as we focus on the rest of the German sphere of influence!
    PM me if you want to apply as a Dev!
    Mini-report #1: German political parties
  • DAP- The Deutsches Arbeiterpartei (German Worker’s Party), led by Otto and Gregor Strasser, is a social nationalist, national syndicalist party. It believes that capitalism is a fundamentally evil, Jewish invention and believes antisemitism is required to abolish the Capitalist system. It is close buddies with the French Sorelians and Neosocialists.

    SAPD- The Socialist Worker’s Party of Germany is the largest syndicalist party in Germany. Led by the more left-wing leaders of the SPD, it believes that only a revolution can overthrow the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoise. The party advocates for the end of the monarchy, a world revolution, and an establishment of a German socialist republic. They see the SPD as too bourgeoisie and pro-establishment, while the SPD sees them as too radical and violent.

    FAUD- The FAUD, or Free German Workers’ Union, is an anarcho-syndicalist trade unionism based in the Ruhr region. It advocates for power to be given directly to unions rather than to any state or state-like structure, and a violent revolution. It is closely linked to the SAPD but has a number of ideological differences with them, disagreeing with the SAPD’s slightly pro-Leninist stance.

    SPD- The primary party of the centre-left, the SPD, led by Friedrich Husemann and Otto Wels, believes in the peaceful establishment of a socialist nation. They support trade unions, welfare capitalism, and are mostly sceptical of both Soviet Communism and the French model, despite its Marxist origins,

    FVP- The FVP, or Progressive People’s Party, are, along with the more right-wing NLP, the Reich’s main liberal party. Supporting a free market, social progressivism, laicism, and a constitutional monarchy, they sometimes cooperate with the SPD and other times with the Zentrum.

    Zentrum- The Zentrum, despite its name (which means ‘Centre’ in German), is primarily a Conservative party. Although it is led by and mainly represents the interests of the large Catholic community in a nation ruled by a Protestant Emperor, it has gained power before in the Kaiserreich. It is mostly prominent in the Catholic states of the Empire. The party supports social conservatism, economic liberalism, Catholic interests, German Imperialism, and the monarchy.

    DkP- The ruling party of the German Empire, the DkP is a pro-monarchy party mainly representing the interests of the Prussian nobility. Supporting a limited yet powerful monarchy, German Imperialism, unification, and militarism, it is divided into the Völkisch faction that supports absolutism and the more moderate Hindenburg-led faction, which believes in a limited, constitutional monarchy and currently dominates.

    DSP- The DSP, or German Social Party, is an anti-semitic, far-right, pro-monarchy party. The party believes in Völkisch nationalism, anti-semitism on the grounds that Jews are not ethnic Germans, absolutism, and anti-socialism. While a minor party, they are beginning to gain traction with the nobility. They were also supported by the former Chancellor Erich Ludendorff and are currently part of the coalition government.
    UK paths
  • Okay, I am not sure if I have the power to do any of this, but this is what I would do for Britain:
    As the game starts there are two paths:
    • The proactivists:
      • tend towards more Empired centric policies, options to attack France and make some sort of a deal with Germany to allow them to attack Ireland. In general a bit of a foriegn policy wild card?
      • Economical bit of anti unionism here, bit of workers rights there? - (maybe they could have one of those mulital exculive paths with a left and right option at each stage? - they look like a ladder)
      • Military - focus on Navy - some sort of Navy power ticker - the more power you give them you get buffs but chance that they will coup you if they are to powerfull and are losing the war?
    • The national syndicatists
      • Might join the international, other wise just a anti-german beligerant
      • collectivatise industry - syndicates
      • Empire soley for the benfit of the UK - slave devisions possibly?
      • Left and right mix