Could the Spanish civil war bring back the monarchy immediately?

The nationalists in Spain were a mix of right wing elements from fascists to conservatives, republicans and monarchists. Eventually who took power was Franco who ruled as a dictator until his death in 1975, and he was some kind of compromise since he was not as fascist as the falangists and could appease for the other factions.

Many of the original leaders of the coup that spirraled into the civil war died on the early months of the civil war, tough, and so by saving some from being killed and killing some of the ones that survived, you can have some very diverse ends for a nationalist victory. Thus I want to ask if there was anyone who could bring back the monarchy as soon the civil war ends.
definetely possible if you get rid of Franco, he was the one who managed to consolidate all the different right-wing factions into one. I'd love to see a timeline where the rebels fracture into a bunch of different factions each with its own foreign backer. in such a case you could even end up with multiple Spanish kings
There's a paradox aar come high quality alternate history timeline where the author attempts to have a British and German backed nationalists. The British are backing a constitutional monarch, the Germans backing forces around Franco and they only loosely cooperate.

The French back Democrat factions and the Soviets back Communists who make up the republicans.

Jose Sanjurjo was a Carlist.
Have him not take the overloaded plane survive, while Franco dies in a plane accident.
Carlism returns.