As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

Maybe they make a deal with Sanrio to create a Hello Kitty theme park like Harmonyland or Puroland.
I per the idea of a hellp kitty sanrio area in part of a larger that also includes area dedicated to sone jump , nintendo, sutdio ghiblis, the past of japn, the future(I like the idea of them linceing gudam and godzillia actations ) of japan and the present of japan)
I'm afraid not. Junior is already a senior in high school.
Come to think of it, you have a point. I mean, if a guy as old as Nephew Walt were to voice a character who's much younger than him, then the real Christopher Robin Milne might not be the only person who was bullied for his involvement. So, maybe some new talent would be best.
Maybe they make a deal with Sanrio to create a Hello Kitty theme park like Harmonyland or Puroland.
Oh! How about "Hello Kitty Korner"?
Maybe they make a deal with Sanrio to create a Hello Kitty theme park like Harmonyland or Puroland.
Oh! How about "Hello Kitty Korner"?
I'm imagining that Nintendo starts out as a minor sponsor of Oriental's theme park but they either get a much more prominent presence or even pull out entirely* once video games really get going.

I'm thinking that "Dreamland" still sound like a good idea for a name for this competing theme park.

*To build their own theme park. Sans blackjack and hookers, of course.
I still think that a company revitalizing old theme parks could still work in this version of the timeline. It's the same principle as the Coney Island revival, after all. We just need to be more careful to avoid crowding out the market with too many major theme parks in the area.

One of my favorite parts of the last iteration of the timeline was the long write-ups about TTL theme parks. They always felt like real places that people could really visit.
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I was wondering about the following topics in As Dreamers Do.

For one thing, there’s the scheduling conflict stemming from the Walt Disney’s Disneyland episode dedicated to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The episode went on to replace a screening of two entries from the True-Life Adventures series. How else did the schedule differentiate?

The Oswald episode was the only difference with the Disneyland series. When the anthology series switch networks and was renamed The Wonderful World of Color, there was an episode showcasing Nara Disneyland, which was co-produced with help from NHK.

Then, there’s the curious case of the shorts that aired as part of the episode in question, and how audiences, critics, and historians reacted to the experience overall. This is especially true if at least one of the shorts featured in the episode was produced by someone other than Disney.

There had been an entire generation that never got to see Walt's Oswald cartoons, so a lot of those were new to them.

After that is the conundrum regarding the plot to Disney’s Peter Rabbit, following its theatrical premiere in 1957. How did critics and audiences respond to Walt and company’s take on Beatrix Potter’s series of children’s books, and what liberties were taken to make it a Disney movie?

The biggest change Disney made to Peter Rabbit was Peter's design. ITTL, Disney's version of Peter Rabbit is closer to Brer Rabbit from the OTL film Song of the South.

Also, there is the situation with the release of Gojira in 1954 in Japan. As I recall, the original American Magic had Disney distribute Steve Miner’s Godzilla in 1985 in North America, before the rights ultimately went to RKO. Given their condition, will RKO receive the rights to Gojira?

Once I get the right mergers and acquisitions to spur RKO's rebirth as a studio, then they'll have the Godzilla rights.

Finally, on a lesser note, there’s the opening of what I will hereby refer to as the Dodger Dome in Brooklyn, New York, in 1961. Considering what happened during the same year the new stadium debuted, did the Dodgers have any part in the events of a certain home run derby?

Roger Maris still wore the Yankee pinstripes when he set that home run record. There was no interleague play back then, so the Dodgers never got to face Maris or the Yanks in '61. The Yanks faced the Reds in the World Series that year with New York winning the crown.​
State of Animation in 1965 New
Walt Disney Productions will debut a new logo in 1965 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Disneyland. The studio has two animated films lined up to close out the decade. Chanticleer will see theatres in 1967, followed by Alice in Wonderland in 1969. Outside of animation, Disney narrowly survived a hostile takeover attempt that would've merged the company with DC Comics and Motown Records. The identity of the individual or corporation behind the takeover attempt will be revealed soon.

Famous Studios is pretty much one of the Last of the Mohicans when it comes to theatrical shorts. Hector Heathcote, Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy are the last remaining theatrical short series still continuously being produced. Bob Kuwahara, who created Hashimoto-san for the studio, passed away last year at the age of just 63. With Al Brodax in charge of television animation, Famous will launch The Beatles and Cool McCool in 1966. For 1968, Famous will release its first animated feature in 24 years, The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Another ace in the hole for Famous is a guy named Ralph Bakshi.

Sib Tower 12 is now MGM Animation/Visual Arts. After Chuck Jones's deal with Fox expired, he moved onto MGM, where he has helped revive the Tom and Jerry series for theatrical shorts. Also on the big screen, Jones is hard at work on The Jungle Book, which will debut in 1967 [1]. Other upcoming projects: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966; TV special), The Bear that Wasn't (1967; short).

[1] The Chuck Jones/MGM Jungle Book will be an earlier adaptation of Jones' Kipling material; Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Mowgli's Brothers and The White Seal, which aired on TV in the mid 70's IOTL. It will also be one of the few MGM films to carry the abstract blue and gold lion logo that was used IOTL in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Grantray-Lawrence has been doing commercials for about eleven years now, but now, Marvel has licensed their superheroes for GL to produce two series for Saturday morning TV; The Marvel Super Heroes for Fall 1966 and Spider-Man for Fall 1967.

With the Flintstones and Jetsons both wrapping up their original runs, there's still a ton more projects being churned out by Hanna-Barbera. The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show and Sinbad Jr and the Magic Belt will debut on the small screen in Fall '65. In addition, HB is negotiating with Marge Buell on a possible Little Lulu series for 1968.

Superman makes his return to animation thanks to a new series being produced by Filmation for the Fall '66 season.

After the Rocky and Bullwinke Show wrapped up its original run, Jay Ward has moved on to his newest character, Hoppity Hooper.

Keep an eye out for Hal Seeger's Milton the Monster, coming to ABC-TV in Fall '65. Batfink debuts in Fall '66.

Total Television is going strong with Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo. Coming in Fall 1966: The Beagles.
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965 TV Special) New
A Charlie Brown Christmas

First aired on December 9, 1965 on CBS.

Based on the comic strip Peanuts by
Charles M. Schulz

Directed by
Bill Melendez

Produced by
Bill Melendez
Lee Mendelson

Vince Guaraldi

Peter Robbins as Charlie Brown
Chris Shea as Linus Van Pelt
Tracy Stratford as Lucy Van Pelt
Cathy Steinberg as Sally Brown
Chris Doran as Schroeder and Shermy
Katherine Mendelson as Patty [1]
Geoffrey Ornstein as Pig-Pen
Sally Dryer as Violet
Anne Altieri as Frieda
Bill Melendez as Snoopy

[1] Not to be confused with Peppermint Patty​
A thought occurred to me a couple days about the personality of Walt Disney Jr. Instead of him becoming ITTL's Donald Trump he instead becomes ITTL's Michael Eisner. I even created a possible picture of him:

What does the Walt Disney Productions logo look like? When did it first technically premiere? I know in the original it was in 1955 I think.
IOTL, Disney didn't really have a logo till '85. Before that, they had the Buena Vista cards.

Re-created by DeviantArt user Jarvisrama99

For 1965 ITTL, the new logo will be the Disneyland castle with the fireworks in the background, lifted from the title sequence of The Wonderful World of Color.

A thought occurred to me a couple days about the personality of Walt Disney Jr. Instead of him becoming ITTL's Donald Trump he instead becomes ITTL's Michael Eisner. I even created a possible picture of him:

Eisner is still alive ITTL, so he and Walt Jr pretty much co-exist. Still kinda like that image, though, I kinda pictured Walt Jr being played by Alec Baldwin in a movie.

Daniel Abbott, the fictional Disney animator from the original American Magic would probably be a mix of Tim Roth and Eddie Vedder.

Rachel Stone, who married Daniel in the original American Magic, would have some resemblance to Lisamarie Joyce (for those who watch Bar Rescue).