Architectural Plans/Stylistic Evolution in a limited Axis Victory Scenario ?

My Idea would be that either the OTL Axis have a limited victory WW2 (borderline ASB) or that under a different leadership there is a different war resulting in a limited victory (Example would be Webers Germany ). Or maybe even that simply Italy stays neutral during WW2 but with a POD no earlier then the Beer Hall Putsch and atleast a alternative Versions of the Nazis rise to power.

So we either have:

Axis OTL win WW2
Alt Axis win WW2
Italy stays Neutral in WW2

I was wondering how in these given scenarios architecture would evolve, what would this mean for city planning, what would be possible monuments that could have been built or demolished, what city renovations could have happened and so on. For example the most well known porject was Germania, yet its scale was unrealistic and the project huge, what would be a realistic variation or an alternative variation of the plan ? Or would it end up as half built and abandond ?.
Another example would be Mussolinis renovations in Rome, would there be large scale projects in Rome similar to Berlin ?
And how would architectural styles in general evolve ?

Now i know this is a very broad question and topic but i feel like it would be fun to discuss it that way. Feel free to give me your thoughts.