1. Italy joins the allies in ww2

    What if britain and France never condoned the Italian invasion of Ethiopia wanting to keep Italy as an ally. This results in the stressa front never being dissolved resulting in italy joining the Allies and if Germany ever tried to anschluss Austria it would result in a war between germany and...
  2. DBWI : What if Germany wasn't partitioned / was less partitioned & Italy didn't keep the territory conquered from France ?

    Hello from Królewiec ! I am writing this before I go for my Workaway in Vratislav, Czechoslovakia to celebrate both the Anniversay of the Fall of Communism the Unification of Ireland with my lads. Despite going against the wishes of the WAllies, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president from...
  3. Italico Valore - A more successful 1848 revolution in Italy - a TL
    Threadmarks: 1. CARLO ALBERTO

    Long time lurker and AH fan, I've finally decided to write my own TL. Enjoy! 1. CARLO ALBERTO Novara 20 March 1848 Carlo Alberto di Savoia was seated in his chair, in the royal command tent at the center of Sardinian Army camp. It was early afternoon and while the men practiced, cleaned their...
  4. How would European/ World history look if the Risorgimento had never happened(What if Italy never Unified)

    How would European/ World history look if the Risorgimento had never happened(What if Italy never Unified) . How would everything from the cultures to politics on the Italian peninsula play out?
  5. MittleGittle

    A “Mad lad” in Sicily

    Another small and fun one today :) What if, after Giuseppe Garibaldi defeated the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies , for whatever reason he decides to form his own republic instead of handing over the land to Savoy?
  6. Persephone

    Pro Patria Mori - The Long Shadow
    Threadmarks: Introduction - The Great Expropriation of 1907

    Hey, y'all. I've lurked around the site for a few years, and never really thought about posting my own TL until now, what with being confined to my house and having plenty of free time. With that in mind, I've decided to start this TL, which has been an idea that I've had for a few years now...
  7. The Professor

    How long can the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy last?

    Or essentially, how much can be retained? Could the Lombards be coopted? Impact on Slavic migration into Illyria? Etc etc etc!
  8. Exvio74

    The New Kratocracy: A Timeline of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

    I’m usually a serial lurker on this forum, but quarantine boredom has led me to actually finally write a timeline. Most of this focuses on after 1900, the POD is just in 1889 (if this needs to be moved I happily can). If anyone does read this, please do give me tips on things I can improve, this...
  9. An Unmutilated Victory
    Threadmarks: An Unmutilated Victory

    Unmutilated Victory Italy’s unification ended four centuries of Habsburg Hegemony, but left ancient Italian communities outside the borders of the new kingdom. Istria and Dalmatia- the old Venetian possessions; the Trentino, and the strategically significant Brenner Pass; all were Italia...
  10. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: A more Latin based HRE rather than a Germanic HRE

    What would a French and Italian based Holy Roman Empire look like assuming that the Kings of France or West Francia managed to attain the Imperial Title rather than the Kingdom of East Francia or Germany it otl? What would this French based HRE look like? Would it be more of a contender to be...
  11. WI: No celtic settlement in northern Italy

    In a scenario where the celts are prevented from entering the po valley, (perhaps by a combined effort of Etruscan cities) how would this affect the development of the region, and where would these tribes migrate to instead?

    No COVID-19...

    Dear friends, let's imagine what would have happened if the virus outbreak had not occurred in China in December 2019. It's time to sort out your thoughts about what modernity would have been like before beginnings of May and June, how do you think?
  13. 1848 Democratic Germany-France relationship

    Let's say in 1848 Germany unites on a mostly democratic basis BUT without Austria. Yes I know it's completely out of character for the Prussian king to accept the German crown but boom let's just say he developed a different personality and was up for the task. Also let's assume Austria has...
  14. Vercigentorix

    What if France enters the Austro-Prussian war on Austrias side ?

    Napoleon III declares war on Prussia in july 1866. How would the war play out ? What are the immediate and long-term results ? Discuss.
  15. Sacro Egoismo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neutrality
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    TRAGEDY STRIKES THE ITALIAN POLITICAL SCENE ROME- Sidney Sonnino's government was hit by the tragedy today with the news of Antonio Salandra's sudden death. The finance minister was going to Pisa for institutional reasons, when the train he was traveling on derailed near Grosetto. While he...
  16. Ibrahim_Pasha

    WI: Civil war between the Garibaldini and the Sardinian monarchy

    Italy was founded as a monarchy in 1861, and didn't become a republic until after World War 2. However, what if Italy was founded as a republic under Garibaldi and Crispi? The main POD I thought of for this scenario would be that Garibaldi never surrenders his army to Victor Emmanuel after the...
  17. Sevarics

    WI: Ferdinand II of Naples survives and has issue with his half-aunt Joanna?

    IOTL, Ferdinand married his half-aunt Joanna, but then died shortly their after without issue. Joanna was the daughter of his grandfather Alfonso, king of Naples and illegitimate son of Alfonso V of Aragon, and his second wife Joanna, daughter of John, king of Aragon and younger brother to...
  18. FernandoPerla


    Volata was a sport invented in Fascist Italy at the end of the 1920s. It enjoyed a brief phase of popularity. The sport declined and disappeared during the 1930s, due to political and sports reasons. What do you think that would be necessary for this sport to be played nowadays, in Italy and the...
  19. Italian defeat in a CP-Victory

    Suppose the US remains neutral in WW1. In Italy, let's say Caporetto goes much worse for the Italians followed by a defeat at Monte Grappa. In the face of such disasters, the Italians sue for peace. In the armistice, the Austrians occupy up all of Lombardy and Venetia. What would the terms be...
  20. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC/WI: Holy Roman Empire Broke Apart After Otto I's Death

    OTL, Otto I rebuilt the Holy Roman Empire, expanding his realm as King of Germany, repelling Hungarian pagans and effectively ending pagan raids on the W.Europeans, and even conquering Italy, creating the hot mess we now call the Holy Roman Empire. In fairness to Otto, it was largely as...