1. Architectural Plans/Stylistic Evolution in a limited Axis Victory Scenario ?

    My Idea would be that either the OTL Axis have a limited victory WW2 (borderline ASB) or that under a different leadership there is a different war resulting in a limited victory (Example would be Webers Germany ). Or maybe even that simply Italy stays neutral during WW2 but with a POD no...

    Retain as much pre war architecture as possible

    With a post Battle of Stalingrad POD, how could we preserve more of the pre-war buildings that were in OTL destroyed duo to the war, socialist dictatorships, modern architects, living space and cost issues and the general trend of "away with the old, bring forth the new!"? Conditions are that...
  3. A Westernized Peking

    Note: This takes place within my revised timeline. Starting around 1888 to 1889, in order to keep up with Japan, the Guangxu Emperor decides to redevelop Peking into a modern city. Particularly, the areas surrounding the Imperial City. Looking for inspiration, the Emperor sent volunteers to...
  4. WI: No brutalist architecutre

    What if the concept of brutalist architecture never existed after WW2? It was pretty much an eyesore design that was made for "simplicity" and stuff and became popular around the late 1950's. However by the late 60's or early 70's, brutalist architecture pretty much made people realize how...
  5. DBWI: Have brutalism become a main architectural style

    During the 1950s, the architectural idea of "brutalism", with a focus on utilitarian and minimalist buildings that showcased the bare materials of the construction and visible structural elements instead of decorative designs, became something of a fad in the West before fading into obscurity...
  6. Hawkeye

    Castles in Godwinson's England

    Stone castles have been something I've taken for granted regarding the Middle Ages. But it recently occurred to me that castles weren't really a thing in England until after the Norman invasion which were used as a way to control the Anglo-Saxons. Before then the closest example of sophisticated...
  7. Command and Control. The story of the British Capital Authority

    Chapter One: Building Blocks October 1945 10 Downing Street Attlee sat at the centre of the cabinet table pouring over documents with a sense of melancholy. He was exhausted and slightly irritated. He had come into power promising so much and was now facing the full horror of rebuilding...
  8. Architectural AH?

    Honestly, I feel like architecture is somewhat neglected when it comes to alternate history. So I'd like to ask if anyone has any alternate history ideas regarding architecture.
  9. If Volkshalle Were a Reality

    This is a model of Volkshalle, the People's Dome, part of a vision of "Germania" by Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, the tides of war had washed Germania away, but this and other architectural plans by Albert Speer were influences of many alternate history fictions, most notably The Man in the High...
  10. The Militant Doberman

    What would Moscow look like if Petrograd remained Russia’s capital?

    Today, Moscow is Russia’s largest city and one of the most expensive cities in the world. As a capital of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation it has played a pivotal role in global affairs and was host to many important events; the cityscape changed drastically since the start of the...
  11. Lost technologies that could have been useful

    Ok guyz what I would like to do here is to make a list of technologies that were somehow lost during history and to discuss about the impact that they could have had if the were implied further The first technologies that come to my mind are Greek fire and Roman concrete, but I'm sure that there...
  12. Evolution of art, philosophy and architecture without the world wars

    How would the pre ww1 artistic trends have developed without the disruption of the world wars? Would futurism become even more important? Does modernism still arise? What about art deco?
  13. Green Painting

    Mahakhitan: A Chinese Buddhist Civilization in India
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Mahakhitan: A Sinicized Buddhist Civilization in India Image drawn by Chuye Kara This is a timeline about a the OTL Khanate of Qara Khitai, or Western Liao expanding south to Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent, with the focus on the arts, architecture and culture in the fusion of cultures...
  14. Architecture without the WW's

    I'm not very well versed with the various competing styles prior to the onslaught of WW1 aside from how BauHaus was already gaining traction, but butterflying away any major military conflict with the size of OTL's WW's, what architectural styles were there to be put on a pedestal aside from...
  15. AHC/WI: more neoclassicalism/Greco-Roman architecture among communists

    The early Soviet Union admired neoclassicalism, as one can see in architectural projects such as the Palace of the Soviets, the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, the Red Army Theatre, and others. How can neoclassicism last in the Soviet Union as the style of large state-funded buildings? As a...
  16. Alternate Designs for Westminster

    So, unfortunate timing, but I had been reading the wiki article (I know, I know...) on the Palace of Westminster, and it mentioned that after the 1834 fire there were 97 designs submitted. I was wondering if anybody knew where I might be able to find them. Sadly, the wiki footnotes lead to a...
  17. Miner

    Architecture Thread

    A place to post architecture: what is now, what once was, and what could be. Please feel free to add your own examples! The National Archives of Finland (Kansallisarkisto) in Helsinki, built in 1890:
  18. WI: Antoni Gaudi's Hotel Attraction actually built

    What if the Hotel Attraction, designed by famed architect Antoni Gaudi, was actually built on the site it was almost commissioned for in 1908? What kind of engineering challenges would its builders have faced? Would a POD before 1900 be required?
  19. Alcsentre Calanice

    How did Han dynasty China look like?

    Everybody knows the stereotypic Chinese restaurant architecture, but this style represents at best Qing dynasty culture. How did Han dynasty buildings look like?
  20. Petike

    Challenge : More Icelandic and Finnish medieval architecture built from stone

    I was always a bit disappointed that relatively few medieval stone churches and stone castles have survived on Iceland and in Finland to the present day. I recently read about the Hvalsey church in eastern Greenland, one of the few well-preserved Scandinavian churches from the Nordic island...