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is this basically Catholic Protestantism with American Characteristics?
Not really. It's more like... Greek mythology and the Catholic Church had a baby that really likes America. A lot of the practices and traditions are similar to Protestant/Catholic ones because of the church's history as a Christian denomination at one point and because of the Marquis de Lafayette's Catholic background, which carried over somewhat when designing a new religion.

I'm thinking of turning this into the basis for a Maps & Graphics TL. Anyone interested?
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The 1956 Democratic Party presidential primaries were part of the selection process by which voters of the Democratic Party chose its nominee for President of the United States in the 1956 U.S. presidential election. 26 states and 3 territories held actual primary elections, while the rest of the country saw delegate selection confined to state-level conventions and caucuses, many of which were controlled by local political machines.
Early primaries and conventions saw freshman Massachusetts Senator Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. emerge as the immediate frontrunner. Popularly presented as a handsome, highly decorated veteran of the Pacific War, Joe P. Kennedy had a well-financed, well-organized campaign team (courtesy of his father, Bay State mogul Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.) and was expected to secure the nomination with ease, beating out comparatively weaker candidates like House Democratic Leader Clarence Cannon and Governor of Georgia Herman Talmadge; however, the party establishment was concerned about his chances at victory, given Kennedy's relative youth and his extreme hostility to organized labor and certain racial and ethnic minorities.
The 1954 Republican landslide discouraged mainstream Democratic candidates and local sons from undertaking a nationwide presidential campaign and challenging the young Massachusetts Senator; as such, when the 65 year old ex-Governor of Rhode Island Howard P. Lovecraft entered the primary race, major newspapers and pundits laughed him off as a "New England obscurity". Lovecraft ran a spirited campaign, and his popularity with certain Wilsonian-Connallyites and labor groups allowed him to rout Kennedy in a number of Midwestern states; he was also endorsed by the Progressive Democratic organization in California and its informal leaders such as former Congressman Edouard Izac, leading him to win the Pacific Coast states as well. However, Lovecraft's financial state paled in comparison with the well-funded Kennedy campaign, and accusations of being a mentally unfit, soft-on-eugenics, card-carrying member of the Socialist Party, attacks by nativist mobs (such as the one in Madison, organized by local politician Joseph McCarthy), and his own introverted attitude and age-exacerbated neuroses eventually caused Howard P. Lovecraft to end his presidential campaign.
As the 1956 Democratic National Convention approached and torch-wielding mobs chanted "Give 'em hell, Joe!", Lovecraft was courted by Progressive Party members to run as their presidential nominee; however, Lovecraft curtly refused, stating that he did not desire to run against President John Coolidge.
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A really terrifying world indeed, a TL based on it could work well as some dystopian one.
I don't think this would really be a dystopia. Sure, monarchies with great power still reign even in the modern day, and the United Empire and its contemporaries are certainly not democracies. But I'd say that human rights are better than OTL for the most part, and have been for longer, and people in the Western world and much of East Asia enjoy a living standard similar to the United States post-WWII. Of course, that has adverse effects on other places around the world, which consequently have worse living standards than OTL. And then there's the whole War on Terror going on in India that I didn't get to mention...
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