Alternate History Combat Aircraft

Similar to the Alternate Combat Vehicles thread, but for aircraft..........

So feel free to add your own original alternate combat aircraft designs and liveries.
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The Dewoitine D. 520 meets the Hawker Sea Fury.
Similar to the Alternate Combat Vehicles thread, but for aircraft..........

So feel free to add your own alternate combat aircraft designs.
There's an alternate air & space thread but that's for all types of artwork and re-titled photos of air and space craft. So if this thread is just for original designs, I'll be happy to post designs I've done in the past for the Air & Space thread and requests I've done for various members here for their TL's.

Here are some alternate aircraft designs I did a while back just for fun.

Mistsubishi Ki-5 tank buster with 25mm guns, not really an alt design but an alternate version of the OTL plane.

$$_Mitsubishi Ki-5_babs2 w. Type-95_25mm cannon.jpg

The guns are actually 3,7cm guns from a Stuka Ju-87G. This was the first alternate airplane I ever drew and was inspired by the work of the late great Just Leo.

A Raptor of the Nation of Vossland. From a little project we did a while back called "Cupola Dreams".
A Fokker Dr.I with the the middle wing removed and the tail from a Fokker D.VIII added on.

Fokker Dr.I w DVIII tail-Bi-Plane=.gif

A more streamlined Breda B-88 with BMW radial engines.

Av Breda Ba-88.gif

I have a lot more pics but since were limited to three images per day, I will post another three tomorrow.
May I suggest that this thread be dedicated to the memory of Just Leo? He was a master of alternate aircraft designs and a good fellow. He is sorely missed.
I mentioned the Air & Space thread but this thread is different, a lot of the pics on the A&S thread are pics and photos that have been relabeled to represent alternate aircraft but really are OTL subjects. This thread is for original alternate drawings of aircraft.
Here are some Alternate Early Cold War Fighter Prototypes

The Yakovlev Yak-8, a Soviet Fighter prototype from late 1945 for a high altitude fighter, it was also the first Soviet built fighter to be fitted with a nosewheel.

The YB-29M, a low cost alternative to the YB-47 jet bomber, which was nothing more than a B-29 Fuselage combined with the wings and tail of the B-47.
Hawker Furious.png

An attempt by Hawker of installing a Jet Engine into the Hawker Tempest, named the Furious.

USN only rejected this F5 Skyrocket because twin engine means double maintenance. I'd like to see this with armament, different paint jobs and insignia.

A different take on the Lysander

A couple of planes I did for Cupola Dreams.
Messerschmitt Me-111.
Me-110 Single seat.jpg

A single seat Me-110 with an Me-410 tail.


Junkers Ju-87 with Junkers Jumo 213 engine.
Just wondering if anyone can take the F-4 and give it a larger wing? Basically instead of trying to make a fighter out it they when for ground base tactical bombers.
XFE-1 Seabolt.png

The XFE-1 Seabolt, an experimental Navalized Variant of the P-47

Bell YP-59G, an experimental mixed powered variant of the P-59 Aircomet
Junkers Ju 497.png

Junkers Ju 497, the standard assault helicopter of the Third Reich.