1. thezerech

    A single seat fighter for the Fleet Air Arm?

    It's say, 1935 or 1936, and someone at the top of the British defense establishment realized that if Britain were to fight Japan in the Pacific, Italy in the Mediterranean, or the United States anywhere, the FAA would probably need a modern single seat, single engine fighter. If you're a...
  2. Simon

    Beverly, Hercules, and Argosy Cargo Aircraft

    The Blackburn Beverley, Lockheed Hercules, and Armstrong Whitworth Argosy were cargo/transport aircraft of roughly similar dimensions introduced in the mid-1950s, or in the Argosy's case slightly smaller and later in the decade, with the Hercules being the much more successful. Other than the...
  3. Petike

    Are STOL (short take off and landing) aeroplanes possible with 1900s and 1910s tech ?

    To explain what I mean by the question in the title, I'm curious whether good quality and dependable aeroplanes from the 1900s and 1910s (regardless of size or type) were capable of STOL takeoffs and STOL landings. I'm particularly curious about small aeroplanes, such as very early bushplanes...
  4. Undeadmuffin's Armory

    This thread is mostly a repository for all my Alt weapons and vehicles I made and are dispersed on both the Alternate Weapons of War and the Alternate History Combat Aircraft threads, as well as miscellaneous art and ideas that don't really fit current threads. Have fun and enjoy !
  5. tonycat77

    AHC: Worst possible large airforce for WW2?

    Something i thought about it last night, i've always lurked here and seem those "improve x by y year" or "best possible equipment for x", but how about the worst? Since i basically know nothing on logistics or doctrine, let's focus on equipment. Axis or Allies Bonus if either one gets to fight...
  6. Petike

    What would early 1900s aeroplanes sound like if they were powered by electric engines ?

    "Well, they'd probably be more quiet, Petike." some of you might say. :p More seriously, I've been wondering about this question for an aeronautic-themed story I've been writing. Its setting is a largelly realistic alternate world with pre-WWI and early WWI style aviation. For the sake of...
  7. Count of Crisco

    Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    This is inspired by the long running alternate warships of nations thread and works fairly similar to that long running discussion. You can post your scenarios and alternate aircraft here, as well as post any basic questions regarding plausibility of certain scenarios, viability of aircraft...
  8. Petike

    Alternate air force roundels and markings thread (Mk III)

    Welcome to the new thread ! If you have any civil aviation or air forces related roundels, markings and other emblems from timelines and alternate worlds you'd like to share with others in the Maps and Graphics Forum, this is the thread for you. The older two threads have run their course and...
  9. Simon

    Panavia Tornado Without the UK

    The Multi-Role Aircraft (MRA)–later Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA)–which led to the Panavia Tornado was initially an international project made up of West Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Canada to study replacements for their F-104s, with Canada and Belgium departing early on due...
  10. S. Marlowski

    Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    Similar to the Alternate Combat Vehicles thread, but for aircraft.......... So feel free to add your own original alternate combat aircraft designs and liveries.
  11. Simon

    AHC: Kill Embraer

    So the challenge for the thread is to find a way to kill Embraer, either before it—or similar company—is founded or some time afterwards. The obvious solution would seem to be around the time of its privatisation when it was in trouble financially, but not being very familiar with the company's...
  12. S. Marlowski

    Design the Worst Airplane

    What worst plane would you design if you were an engineer for designing Aircraft.
  13. Kaibokan

    What if schemes?

    Don’t know if the aircraft pictured here qualifies as "graphics", as this is my first post, but here it is. If your a moderator, you have my permission to move this thread to it’s appropriate place. Kawanisni J6K1 “Jinpu” (squall) interceptor aircraft Tachikawa Ki-74-IIa (a anti-shipping...
  14. No international agreements against taxing aviation fuel

    One question I have thought of that is seldom discussed is this: How would global transportation have developed if there were no international agreements prohibiting the taxation of aviation fuel?? I have guessed that the more densely populated and industrialised nations of Europe and East...
  15. Earliest possible heavier than air powered flight

    Earlier, GlebPro2004 introduced a thread dealing with latest possible introduction of manned aircraft. This led to speculation on how much earlier controllable , powered aircraft could emerge. I realize that this topic may straddle the 1900 boundary but, since four years of the 20th century...
  16. F-117s for the RAF?

    A recent posting on the UK Defence Journal states that Reagan explicitly offered the British government the chance to partner on the F-117 program in 1986. They declined. If the British had instead participated, what might have resulted from it? What gets cut in order to pay for it? Less...
  17. AHC: Keep Wellington Flying!

    The Vickers Wellington was a British medium bomber, designed in the 1930s, which served well during World War 2. It had a reputation for being very durable and versatile, and over 11,000 were produced. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to keep the Wellington (or some...
  18. German Carrier Aircraft

    When the Germans were building the Graf Zepplin, they decided the carrier might work better if they stuck some planes on it. So by 1940, the general plan was to have a Carrier version of the Bf 109, a Carrier version of the Ju 87, and a biplane called the Fieseler Fi 167, which later got...
  19. WI the Introduction of the P-51 Was Delayed Four Months?

    What would be the impact if, due to technical or administrative mishaps, the introduction of the P-51 Mustang was delayed for four months? So, instead of entering combat in the winter of 1943-44, they did not enter combat until the spring of 1944.
  20. Soviet Carrier Aircraft

    It is often talked about the possibility of Soviet obtaining carriers in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, but I have never seen what aircraft they would have used on their flattops. I see little possibility in converting land based designs so what will Stalin use on his carriers?