Hello, gentlemen and welcome to the year 1973. The 1970s were a time of change, of upheaval, of conflicts, and detenté. Among said conflicts, was a military conflict in the Middle East called the Yom Kippur War. For those that have not paid attention in history class, I will mention a brief overview of the conflict in our timeline.

So, you all know the events of the Six Day War (assuming you were paying attention in history class), as the conflict where Israel spread beyond the borders it was supposed to have and took the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. However, in 1973, in a Jewish holiday called "Yom Kippur", the Egyptians and Syrians decided it would be a great idea to kill off Israel in a surprise attack. On the 6th of October, that attack finally came and thus the Yom Kippur War began. Israel was, indeed, caught by surprise, but managed to reorganise and halt the Egyptian and Syrian advance. After basically spending weeks in a bloodbath of a war, the UN eventually brokered a ceasefire on the 22nd of October of 1973, which was violated on multiple occasions and between the 24th and 25th of October of 1973, one such violation almost triggered WWIII.

What happened in that particular moment was that Brezhnev threatened to intervene in the Middle East should the ceasefire break down, and the Americans threatened to do the same. The latter entered DEFCON 3 and the US Sixth Fleet almost faced the 5th Operational Squadron of the Soviet Navy. Now, the basis of this scenario is this:

"What if the ceasefire did collapse and how would the ensuing Third World War look like?" Well, this is one scenario (and as many have pointed out, a first for the site).



Begin Audio Recording

*clears throat*

Audio Log 1
October 26, 1973

Well, I guess this is my first audio log. How do I start? *sighs* Well, my name is Richard Milhous Nixon, and at the time this is recorded, I am the 37th and, likely, the final President of the United States. Well, by the time you are probably hearing me, what used to be the United States. If you are listening to these logs, there is a chance that I am dead and there is chance that civilisation as we know it is likely obliterated. I have to be honest with myself, I am not having the best of sleep. In fact, I haven't slept all night so far. Watergate was already a nightmare enough as is, and honestly, I feel I shouldn't have had given Henry full negotiation authority on my behalf. This is the first time I actually wanted to reveal more about myself, as I am not normally like this. But since he started World War III earlier today, I thought it would be something I could try to probably leave some knowledge behind for anyone that survives the coming nuclear firestorm.

I will start with some clarity as to how this got out of hand. So, a UN-brokered ceasefire was enacted about four days ago to bring an end to fighting in Israel. Turns out that pretty damn useless. Yesterday, the ceasefire was violated and the Soviets threatened to intervene, while Henry threatened to do the same on my behalf. We entered DEFCON 3, and the Sixth Fleet was mobilised. Turns out the commies didn't take it too kindly either, and Egypt was not in a mood to negotiate.

So, what was the specific incident? Well, how I can say this in the simplest of terms? Well, the fact of the matter is that after some ships from the 5th Operational Squadron ignored a warning shot, the Sixth Fleet opened fire. The commies then turned tail and run after spending all afternoon firing at each other. When I heard of the incident, I almost wanted to believe it wasn't true. Damn, Brezhnev is going to be furious by the time I wake up, assuming I even fall asleep in the first place. Damn you, Henry! Next time, I am doing the talking while I leave you and Gerald to do the PR.

End Audio Recording


27th of October of 1973

Заметка от 27-го октября 1973 года (Russian transliteration: Zametka ot 27-go oktyabrya 1973 goda; Translation: Note of the 27th of October of 1973)

If you are reading this, then there is a chance that I am dead, and that the Soviet Union has officially been obliterated in atomic hellfire. I have to say, that this is the first time in a while that I have decided to write a memo, usually I am not like this. But it seems the time has finally come. The Americans finally pushed us over, and I am shocked. It seems they want to start the Third World War, which I am afraid they already did. Проклятые американские свиньи! (Russian transliteration: Proklyatyye amerikanskiye svin'i!; Translation: Cursed American pigs!) Now, I really want the heads of the NATO dogs that had opened fire and killed citizens of the Soviet Union in cold blood! I will discuss with the Politburo and Defence Minister Grechko on the matter later today. All I can say is that what the Americans have done is an act of war.

End of note

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev


5th of November of 1983
10 Years after WWIII
60 km northeast of the Paris ruins, Republic of the Marne
09:00 hours local time

.....I heard you were actually in the initial fighting in Cairo after the First Battle of Crete, and the resumption of hostilities. From what old records survived, and what other close friends have told me, you were in the First and Second Battles of Cairo. How was it like there the first time around?

Heh. I'll be blunt. Cairo was practically a hellhole when we showed up. I don't even know how I survived. The Egyptian Third Army was practically trapped in the Sinai Peninsula, then completely destroyed and when the artillery barrage ended three days after we reached the city, I was among those sent in first to secure the outskirts. *sighs* I remember when we were patrolling the streets when our unit was ambushed by an RPG.

What happened when that RPG was fired?

We lost two of our jeeps, and began to open fire. I remember being the machine gunner in my own jeep, so, logically speaking, I started firing in the direction of the RPGs. Shortly afterwards, we saw a platoon's worth of infantry advancing towards us. I started firing at the enemy, while I shouted to Mike "Drive! Drive!". And that he did. However, two street turns later, we were trapped. I shouted to the others "Everyone out!" as I fired the M2 to slow those infantry down. I got off just barely as the damn jeep went up in flames. After that, I just remember going unconscious.

What happened after that?

I woke up at least two minutes later, or was that five minutes later? I don't remember, but I do remember that I had a gun pointed to my head. The guy was saying something I didn't understand, but it sounded threatening. I took his gun, and then knocked him out with the butt of his AK-47. In fact, the weapon behind me is that very AK-47. *sighs* I don't even want to look at it. It brings back too many bad memories.

After you knocked out the previously mentioned individual, then what happened?

I remember seeing smoke emerge from the skyline, and I saw bodies. Lots of bodies everywhere, and I felt like I could hear the voices of the dead. Their last whispers, their hopes and aspirations being burned to the was horrifying. Some bodies were burned to a crisp and some were torn to bloody shreds. I turned to the house my squad was in. Instead I saw rubble, ruins, ashes. Next thing I know, I saw another jeep passing by. One of the soldiers told me: "Hey! You need a ride back to base?" I told her that I did, and I expected to see my teammates back outside the city. I never saw them again......

2nd of November of 1973

My dearest Natasha,

I write to you on the top of a tank as we are preparing to take West Berlin. I officially cannot believe that the time finally came for us to fight. Colonel Ivanov has already given orders to prepare for the push to reunify the divided city of Berlin under the hand of socialism. Every day, I think of you and Vladimir, and every day I long to return home. I love you, my dearest Natasha.



Well, that should be all for now. Enjoy the end of the world, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to war!

- Ace009
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I'm sorry ,but it doesn't sound too plausible. The 3rd army was encircled and starving, Israel won the war by this stage and Egypt knew it. Also, their is no way that Israel invaded Cairo , it has a bigger population then all of Israel itself !
I'm sorry ,but it doesn't sound too plausible. The 3rd army was encircled and starving, Israel won the war by this stage and Egypt knew it. Also, their is no way that Israel invaded Cairo , it has a bigger population then all of Israel itself !

Well, any suggestions on how to fix it?

EDIT: And no, the person being interviewed is not Israeli. The person is American. By the time he is describing, WWIII is practically raging in the Middle East. Soviet forces are already there as well.
Well, any suggestions on how to fix it?
Not really , I never bought the assumption that the yom kipur war was actually that close to sparking WWIII. The hysteria and doom mode was in the very first days of the war. Israel could have launched the bomb back then, but even so , I doubt that the soviet union would have risked armagedon for the sake of Egypt.
Never the less, Im sure you can write a wonderful WWWIII story.
Not really , I never bought the assumption that the yom kipur war was actually that close to sparking WWIII. The hysteria and doom mode was in the very first days of the war. Israel could have launched the bomb back then, but even so , I doubt that the soviet union would have risked armagedon for the sake of Egypt.
Never the less, Im sure you can write a wonderful WWWIII story.

Oh.......still, :D
Chapter 1: Opening Moves

Begin Audio Recording


Audio Log 2
November 1, 1973

Damn, today's been pretty stressful. First I get a phone call while I was in Stockholm from the Pentagon while the Joint Chiefs are doing all they can to ensure the Israelis can survive the Soviet onslaught in Egypt and earlier today, I got several reports that the commies are preparing troops along the West German border and have practically blockaded West Berlin. It's making many of us, myself included, nervous, in my case, more so than usual. At least Watergate is less of a concern now, though then again, I am still hearing protesters outside every time I wake up, saying I shouldn't have walked out of the conference like that. *scoffs* Have they forgotten that this is exactly what we were preparing for only twenty years ago? Because it sure looks that way.

So, thus far, the Israelis, along with the 101st Airborne, the 82nd, and our marines deployed further north of Cairo have been dealing with some trouble in Egypt, while Damascus is practically in a siege right now. I also got a call yesterday from President Korutürk about some intelligence reports of Soviet buildup along the Turkish border with the Soviet Union and also some naval movements in the Black Sea. Something dangerous is looming on the horizon, and I can see it. Looks like the Cold War is no longer so cold after all.

End Audio Recording


Памятка от 5-го Ноября 1973 года (Russian Transliteration: Pamyatka ot 5-go Noyabrya 1973 goda; Translation: Note of the 5th of November of 1973)

The time has finally come. The Politburo on the 28th of October has approved the use of all lethal force against NATO forces in the Middle East and Операция "Красная гроза" (Russian Transliteration: Operatsiya "Krasnaya groza" ; Translation: Operation: Red Thunderstorm) is finally about to begin. Since the Americans have refused peace, all forces are ready along the Fulda Gap, along with the forces blockading West Berlin. All that Marshal Yakubovsky has to do is give the order to attack. Those NATO dogs will not be expecting the opening moves. Not at all, Товарищи (Russian transliteration: Tovarishchi; Translation: Comrades).

Конец заметка (Russian Transliteration: Konets zametka; Translation: End of Note)

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev


11th of July of 1986
13 Years after WWIII
Dublin, Ireland
16:00 hours local time

......So, you didn't expect it?

No, actually. I was stationed in the Bodø Main Air Station when Soviet amphibious vehicles began to move into Norway, but we were expecting to be deployed to West Germany, not in my own country. I actually flew an F-104 Starfighter into Narvik when they landed on the 5th. The weather there was not exactly the best for flying an F-104, but it sufficed.

What kind of weather?

Compared to the frozen wasteland it is now? Well, there was a moderate snowstorm in the town, but nothing too bad for us then. It was cold, around 2.76 degrees below zero, though, the Russians were used to it. They thrived in the cold, but so did we.

But happened once you were in Narvik?

*sighs* If not for the shells of naval artillery and fires below, Narvik would have had looked nice, but instead it was practically a giant wall of fire and craters, added with the snow and the ground sometimes smeared in blood, but you could barely notice from up in an F-104.

Five minutes after we broke formation, I heard someone on the radio shouting: "Damn it, I can't shake 'em". The voice sounded like an American, but from my cockpit, I saw the plane being intercepted by a MiG-21 Fishbed before being torn to pieces before my very eyes. I fired a missile in its direction, though two other MiGs also came in to join the party. I launched another missile at the first MiG, though the other one went behind me. It tried to tear me apart with machine gun fire. I got hit by hostile weapons fire and was forced to eject and I landed in hostile territory. Try and guess what happened next......


14th of February of 1982
9 Years after WWIII
50 km outside the Bonn ruins, Rhine-Westphalian Federal Republic
21:00 hours local time

How did things go during the initial push into West Germany?

The minute we crossed the Fulda Gap on the 7th was the minute the real war had begun. I was commanding a T-64 main battle tank that fateful day, as part of the 79th Guards Tank Division. We were already entering the town of Fulda itself, when two platoons of M60 tanks approached the battle zone. I ordered the gunner to aim at the tank to the left, over by a nearby street crossing, with the entirety of the town being ablaze in the surroundings. The 125 mm round immediately departed the tank's main gun and within minutes, an M60 had been obliterated. The Americans returned fire, and two other tanks went up in flames. We also destroyed three other tanks in that very street crossing. The remaining tanks eventually tried to escape into a street corner before an Su-17 obliterated them with an air strike. In four days, Fulda belonged to our then-glorious motherland, and the German Democratic Republic.

Hours later, we engaged in a tank battle while crossing the Fulda River itself just outside of Fulda. The objective was to secure the Fulda River itself to ensure that our forces could reach Frankfurt. We were not the only unit crossing into West Germany at the time, however. While we were busy taking Fulda from the West Germans and the Americans, our comrades further North were making the main push and had already captured Hannover and Kiel, the latter in an amphibious assault similar to the one in Norway.

What about that tank battle in the Fulda River you mentioned earlier?

We were trying to secure a bridgehead towards Frankfurt before the Americans decided to make a stand, which was unexpected. After all: we thought the Americans and West Germans would turn tail and run. But no. Instead they managed to put such fierce resistance; resistance we did not exactly count on regarding the West Germans and some American units. It was a pitched fight on that one, as M60 tanks began to flank our position and we were surrounded. At least nearly a company's worth of American tanks vs two platoons of our fellow comrades, and we were surrounded. However, we had to hold until until the remaining American forces in Fulda itself were cleared out. I ordered my gunner to aim at the tank to the left of our platoon leader, and blew it to shreds. We lost five of our tanks that day, including our company leader, Captain Dmitry Sushkin in the ensuing battle.

What happened after you lost your company commander?

*sighs* The more I try to remember, the less I want to. We were forced to continue our advance, though without the Captain, it came to me to fill his role as acting company commander, but I was not officially company commander until we reached Frankfurt.........


10th of November of 1973
To: Natasha Ivanovna Kuneztnova, Stalingrad, Russian SFSR, USSR
From: Military Commissar Lt. Col. Boris Ivanovich Putin, Army Command, Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR

Notice from Army Command

Dearest Natalia Ivanovna Kuneztnova,

We may be forced to bring some bad news. Natalia. Your husband, Corporal Yuri Ivanovich Kunetzov, born in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, has been killed in action during the liberation of West Berlin from the capitalists in service of the Soviet Motherland on the 7th of November of 1973. I know this news must be very hard on you, but we will let you know that you have our condolences for your loss.

Military Commissar Lt. Col. Boris Ivanovich Putin


Sorry I took so long. *breathes a sigh of relief* I am starting work on the next update as I speak. Remember to stay tuned for them boys and girls!
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Nice but I wonder who decided to send F104s up north the starfighter wasn't exactly suited to arctic conditions they should send something like F4s or F5
Nice but I wonder who decided to send F104s up north the starfighter wasn't exactly suited to arctic conditions they should send something like F4s or F5

Actually, I just realised something. The F-5s were in the Royal Norwegian Air Force's air arsenal, but how many were in Bodø Main Air Station?
May God save the West, and Israel.

I had a History Teacher who was a Tank Driver for the 1st Battalion, 64th Armor, with Peter G. Tsouras. He said that they job was to 'All died fighting the Soviets if World War 3 broke out to buy the rest of NATO time to regroup, and mount a counterattack.'

This looks like the case.
Something tells me that there's plenty of civilization (in the north hemisphere) left to record what happened during this war; I hate to see how it would turn out ITTL.