cold war gone hot

  1. Brky2020

    NCIS: Countdown to Looking Glass (the final version)
    Threadmarks: Part One: Chapter 1

    Countdown to Looking Glass: An NCIS story An alternate history fictional story set in a world combining the NCIS universe with aspects of the DC Comics multiverse To my parents, who always told me I could be anything I wanted to be The Cold War continues into the 21st century and is on...
  2. KuboCaskett

    PC/AHC: Conventional WWIII in the 1960's

    When it comes to having a conventional World War Three, it's usually in the 80's, of which I find a bit overrated, though granted at the time NATO's military is at least on par with the Warsaw Pact's and that the USSR was on the decline by the end of the decade. In the 60's however (to my...
  3. Northern Fury

    Northern Fury: H-Hour, an alternate history novel of the late Cold War, is available for purchase on Amazon. The novel posits a scenario where the August Coup of 1991 succeeds, leading eventually to World War III. From the back cover: August 1991. Soviet hardliner Pavel Medvedev knows...
  4. WI. Nato invades the Soviet Union

    What if NATO invaded the Soviet Union and the other socialist nations at some point during the cold war? Im talking about an all out attack on the Warsaw Pact by NATO. Every Warsaw Pact war plan depicted a NATO attack, and the following defense and counter offensive. Though the soviets had a...
  5. Ace009

    Cold War Gone Hot: How far can the USSR push into Germany before the nukes fly?

    So, I am taking a look at possibly making an Able Archer 83 timeline, and I just realised. NATO in that time period was EXTREMELY different from the NATO of my previous attempt at such a timeline that had the war break out in the Yom Kippur War. And since there is no way the Soviets could reach...
  6. Veranius

    TLIAW- One Minute to Midnight: The Allied-Soviet War of '93
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    One Minute to Midnight- The Tragedy of the Allied-Soviet War of ’93 in Five Acts “This is a time when things must be done before their time. One minute to midnight.” Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, February 9th, 1993 {Disclaimer: the following passages have been generously provided by John...
  7. KuboCaskett

    WI: Berlin Blockade of '48 Leads to WWIII? So, how would this blockade plausibly start WWIII and how would the conflict play out in the late 40's? I know for a fact that Stalin wasn't willing to start a conflict at the time but I figure it would take a lot of straws to break his mental back.
  8. KuboCaskett

    Possible Weapon Innovations and Inventions from a 1980's Conventional WWIII?

    For my TL which will feature events set after a WWIII in the first half of the 1980's (that stayed mostly conventional mind you so the total nuclear exchange is off the table), one thing that needs to be addressed are the possible innovations and inventions that spawned from the conflict so they...
  9. KuboCaskett

    Berlin Crisis '61 WWIII Planning Thread

    Inspired by Ace009's thread about making a WWIII that starts in 1973, I've taken upon myself to do the same with one that happens in the early 60's, though it is for my TL. Edit: Once had a "conventional first" requirement but I removed it recently due to research related issues of how a better...
  10. Zachariah

    AHC: Soviets win WW3

    Looks like there are a whole host of brilliant WW3 ATLs here on; however, I've noticed that pretty much all of them end with the USA and NATO emerging victorious, and all traces of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact dying in an unparalleled nuclear holocaust. As such, your challenge is...
  11. Ace009

    1973: Al-Qaiyama

    Hello, gentlemen and welcome to the year 1973. The 1970s were a time of change, of upheaval, of conflicts, and detenté. Among said conflicts, was a military conflict in the Middle East called the Yom Kippur War. For those that have not paid attention in history class, I will mention...
  12. Ace009

    Yom Kippur War Goes Hot Timeline Planning Thread

    So, this being an alternate history where the Yom Kippur War started WWIII, we need to start planning things out: first, a course of events that transcribe throughout the conventional WWIII that lasts for at least 3 weeks, and then culminating in 2017/2018, depending on the progress of the...
  13. Ace009

    The Third World War: Who Would Win?

    Alright, so, question: I have been thinking of doing a scenario so far where the Cold War goes hot due to the Yom Kippur War, especially with that one time that Brezhnev threatened to intervene if Israel kept violating the ceasefire, which in the scenario I am about to postulate, it did violate...
  14. KuboCaskett

    PC: Largest Conventional 1980's WWIII Possible?

    With a POD of 1960, how large can a conventional kind of WWIII be on a global scale in terms of geopolitics? One way I can think of is having some South American countries (Chile and Argentina) go communist or at least pro-Soviet to the dismay of the USA and its remaining Latin American allies.
  15. KuboCaskett

    WWIII in a Nazi-US Cold War?

    I just thought of something that might interest those that want to do something with a Nazi US cold war: a third world war occurring in that time. Now obviously it would be closer to Calbear's excellent Anglo-American Nazi War than any other WWIII TL, be they conventional, nuclear, or in...
  16. KuboCaskett

    Aftermath of an early 50's WWIII?

    So after a little discussion on another thread, I have decided to create a new one that can be more specific. So anyway, when it comes to a mostly conventional WWIII, we usually think it would take place in the 1980's when well there's a lot of fancy new hardware that can play a role. However...
  17. CaekDaemon

    Collier's "Russia's Defeat and Occupation 1952-1960"

    So, many, many years ago, in 1951, Collier's magazine, now defunct, did a special issue about the invasion of the USSR following a failed assassination attempt on Tito, including information about how the war was fought, how the people of the USSR would react and how the country was rebuilt, all...
  18. KuboCaskett

    WI: WWIII starts in the Korean War? If MacArthur was allowed to nuke the areas in Manchuria (present-day Northeast China), inevitably...
  19. KuboCaskett

    Armored Warfare during and after a 1980's WWIII?

    If a (mainly conventional, no nukes please) WWIII were to break out in the 80's, how would armored warfare evolve? We know that NATO's strategy in regards to armor was defensive and the WP's strategy is offensive, but when they clash, their strategies are bound to change and evolve with time and...
  20. KuboCaskett

    Sparks to start WWIII in the early 1980's?

    Okay I'm getting hyperstumped as to how WWIII will start and develop in my TL without having much similarities with Giobastia's Able Archer 83 TL, I mean it's the best TL IMO that can show how that war can start off on a conventional scale as far as I'm concerned; so I'll ask if you can make...