1. What would a world where China won WW3 look like?

    Suppose in the near future there is a war between the West and China-Russia and it is the latter that wins,what would the treaty look like and what would the world look like?
  2. Omnicide: World War III In 1953
    Threadmarks: Opening

    "1941 was not the worst, oh no. And 1945 was not the end. All we went through together was meaningless. Those desperate, brutal battles against the fascists in the long first summer of the war, the bitter cold outside Moscow and Stalingrad, and our heroic march to Berlin- none of it mattered...
  3. 4449Boi

    45 Year Reich and Wolves of the South

    Hello, my name is 4449Boi, welcome to my thread of this Alternate history saga, 45 Year Reich and Wolves of the South. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. This series takes place from 1945 to 2025.
  4. United States of the American Empire

    What if the United States was a global Imperialist Power pretending to be a Republic? Ok, that is what happened. But what if it was an even BIGGER Imperialist Power that pretends to be a Republic? The American Empire outlines the history of the United States and Earth where American expansion...
  5. A WW3 without nukes

  6. General Kenobi

    How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    Let's say this nuclear exchange occurs between 1966 and 1970, assuming the contingency operations of every major power goes as planned and civilization manages to rebuild, what would a post-nuclear world look like say 30 to 40 years after? How would this affect culture including music, cars, and...
  7. The aftermath of a limited nuclear exchange

    Consider a scenario where a general war broke out between NATO + allies and the Warsaw Pact + allies in what could be described as the 'peak' of the Cold War - the period between the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the Chernobyl disaster (1979-1986). In this period, both alliances were at...
  8. I am kinda stuck with my alternate history Cold War gone hot scenario, I don’t know whether to place it in the 60s or the 80s.

    I want to start a timeline but I don’t know when to place it, I want it To either take place in the 60s or the 80s. Both have their pros and cons and both have their own vibe to them. Hopefully by listing the pros and cons of each that you can decide for me which decade for me to place my...
  9. WI: Solar Flare starts WWIII

    What would've happened if the 1967 solar flare caused the Soviets to panic and lob their nukes at the US forcing NATO to retaliate? Was the world arsenal at the time large enough to cause total human extinction or is it more like the Cuban crisis arsenal where we'd still be able to rebuild...
  10. How accurate is the description of the Naval War in the Atlantic in Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising"?

    I'm currently reading "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy, and I've wondered how accurate/realistic the book's description of the Naval War in the Atlantic between NATO and the Warsaw Pact is. The Total NATO Atlantic Fleet during the late 1980s consisted of 21 Aircraft Carriers, 2 Iowa Class...
  11. WW3 in the early 1960s

    During the Berlin Crisis of 1961, a small group of officials in the Pentagon and the White House had worked out a plan for a first strike that would virtually wipe out the Soviets' nuclear arsenal, minimizing the chance of retaliation. The plan was concrete and highly detailed, and was seriously...
  12. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Dismantle Both Cold War Superpowers by 1995

    after the cold war ended, the United States enjoyed a period of sole dominion, and according to some, actually had very little to fear from the soviets. But I'm curious, is there anyway to fully dismantle the United States and the Soviet Union as world powers by the late twentieth century...
  13. WW III during the early 80s

    Let's say the soviet leadership's worst fears come true, and the US, under the Reagan administration, assembles a coalition of the willing (and the pressured) and launches a "preventive" attack against the socialist camp. How would this conflict develope, and which implications would it have...
  14. the Imperium of Canada

    In a America-Nazi Cold War scenario, how likely is World War 3?

    So let's say that Operation Barbarossa is (miraculously) completely successful and the Soviets are pushed beyond the Urals. Let's also say that the Western Front drags into a stalemate and peace is made in 1945 or 1946. Let's again also say Hitler is in much better health then OTL and can be...
  15. UNSUNKEN SUN: WWIII and Beyond
    Threadmarks: UNSUNKEN SUN

    PROLOGUE Picking up where we left off... May, 1, 1948 - Berlin Paul Kimickz watches the krauts celebrate across the square waving red flags and singing the international. He almost laughs at the irony, only a few years since the war ended and the damn germans found yet a new -ism to...
  16. AltoRegnant

    Cuban Missile War- How Is The USA Seen By Rebuilding Society?

    Say that WW3 goes off around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Doesn't matter who shot first, just that the US, Soviet Union, and their European allies are all hit hard. How long would it take to rebuild, what sort of tech level would these states be at (weaponry, administrative and communication), and...
  17. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The East Marches On: An Alternate Timeline
    Threadmarks: Soviet Union wins WW3

    The date is October 31, 1983. NATO prepares for Able Archer 83, a huge military exercise simulating an invasion of Europe by the Warsaw Pact. The sheer amount of military components mobilized by NATO for this exercise frightens the Soviet leadership. The American Ambassador assures Yuri Andropov...
  18. Frame

    Best world war 3 timelines?

    I'm in the mood to dive into another fascinating timeline on this lovely website and I'm specifically in the mood for reading about a potential 3rd world war. I'm wondering what the best timelines depicting said war are so I could give them a read
  19. Frame

    Berlin Blockade Leads to ww3: What happens to Germany?

    Assuming the West is able to win, what do the German borders look like? Could Germany regain Its eastern territories? How long would the occupation last? Apologies if this is a dumb question btw I rarely say anything here but I thought I’d give it a try by asking a question I’ve had for a while
  20. The Fall A Post Nuclear War Timeline.

    Most of the earth lay dead now empty quiet that only shows the scars of the hell that was brought upon it. If you looked upon the earth now with new eyes that didn’t remember the war you would have sworn that hell had upon up and all of its legions had laid waste upon the earth. In a way you...