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  1. WI: 1983 U.S. Invasion of Grenada Led To World War III?

    What if the U.S. invasion of Grenada led to the start of the Third World War? The POD is the U.S. leadership choosing to impose a military blockade of Cuba in retaliation for their intervention on behalf of Austin's government. At some point Cuban aircraft fire upon a U.S. destroyer and...
  2. Seven Days to the River Rhine: the Third World War - a TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Cold War, 1945-1983.

    I've been working on something new for a while and today I feel ready to post the first small piece of this TL. The topic is the outbreak of a Third World War in 1983, escalating into a full nuclear exchange between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Seven Days to the River Rhine: the Third World War...
  3. BurkeanLibCon

    Three Men, One Island - A Cuban Missile Crisis timeline
    Threadmarks: Title Page

    - Hey there BLC!! - Hello voice of doubt in my head. - What's this? - Urm... just a little side project. - Whatever happened to "War makes for Strange Bedfellows" - Oh it's still alive, don't worry. That's still my priority. I'm still working on the next chapters. - So why this? - Well, the...
  4. BNSF1995

    The Cup of Ruin and Desolation: WWIII in 1965

    This is my first attempt at a serious timeline, so don't be too harsh. The goal is to analyze what World War III (and more specifically, nuclear war) would look like if it were fought in 1965. There may be some mistakes, and this may or may not be plausible, but I've gone to great lengths to...
  5. TapReflex

    Let There Be Light! The Illumination of a World in Darkness
    Threadmarks: 13th Hour - There Will Come Soft Rains

    2026 Augusts 26th - There is sunshine over the city of Philadelphia for the first time since the war began. It would not end for another two months. Every so often, someone pokes their head from the rubble, suited up, listening for survivors. This was to be the last war, and all Philadelphians...
  6. Brky2020

    NCIS: Countdown to Looking Glass (the final version)
    Threadmarks: Part One: Chapter 1

    Countdown to Looking Glass: An NCIS story An alternate history fictional story set in a world combining the NCIS universe with aspects of the DC Comics multiverse To my parents, who always told me I could be anything I wanted to be The Cold War continues into the 21st century and is on...
  7. Ace009

    World War III in 1948: Aftermath (US Victory)?

    So, like it says on the tin. The assumption is that WWIII in this timeline lasts from 1948 to 1951, and ends in a (pyrrhic) US victory, and pretty much results in the USSR collapsing inward, after Zhukov deposed Stalin. This was as the Allies reached Minsk and the USSR had already taken nearly...
  8. United South east British Asia as India

    ITTL the British leave all it's South East asian colonies as a single united federal strong nation called " The Federal Republic of India" .It consists of OTL India , Pakistan ,Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Malaysia ,Sri Lanka ,Maldives,Singapore ,Nepal and Bhutan .It became independent as a...
  9. Terranical

    Could the Cuban Missile Crisis Balkanize North America?

    Could after an alternate timeline were the CMC became World War Three and the ensuing chaos after the Nuclear War caused the US, Canada and Mexico to lose some states? Is it possible or not? How would recovery last long? Which states would secede from their mother nation?
  10. lerk

    DBWI: No World War III?

    World War III took place from 1983 to 1991. It was seen as mostly a repeat of World War II, as the Nazis were the enemy again. The war was expected to be short, what with the Global Freedom Coalition exploiting the Italo-German split to have Italy (along with their Spanish allies) be on their...
  11. Gillan1220

    World In Conflict: What happens next and other fronts of the war?

    Many who ever played World In Conflict and World In Conflict: Soviet Assault will say it is the best RTS game that sadly was orphaned since Massive Entertainment became defunct. We were left with the story hanging after the U.S. liberated Seattle from Soviet occupation while fending off a...
  12. Terranical

    What's the population of the world if the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot?

    How realistic would the population be if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated to a Global War which then became a Nuclear War, killing millions of people. Realistically the USSR would fall but the USA would survive but losing majority of it's population, basically losing it's economy and etc...
  13. How Would You Have Handled the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    October 16, 1962: You are the President of the United States, and American intelligence reports that the Soviet Union is planting missile silos in Cuba, only ninety miles from US shores. Your response will determine the fate of the world. Any single miscalculation could increase global tensions...
  14. SeanF1989

    Soviet Nuclear Targets - South Africa

    If the Cold War ever escalated into a full scale nuclear World War III (like during the Cuban Missile Crisis) what would have been South Africa's fate?
  15. Brky2020

    Protect and Survive: The Last Game (reboot)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America The second largest city in the state of Kentucky, Lexington is modest in size compared to most American cities. It has its share of wealth, largely from the horse industry, but that is not what it is best known for. Lexington is in many respects a...
  16. Protect & Survive Miami: End of Watch

    A special thanks to P&S Universe writers @General_Paul, @Tsar of New Zealand and longtime contributor @Unknown for creating the foundation of this spinoff in the open thread for P&S, When the Wind Blew. I decided to throw my hat in the ring of my all-time favorite AH story/universe (minus my...
  17. Jaguars4life

    What 80s timeline should I do?

    What timeline should I do? Kemp you help me were Bent? A TL where Carter beats Bush in 1980 and Kemp gets the Republican nomination and wins the presidency in 1984 Return of the Kennedys A TL where Robert F Kennedy sits out 1968 and waits till 1980 to run and where he defeats sitting president...