seven years war

  1. The Braganzas flee to Brazil in 1762?

    Spain invaded Portugal three times in 1762 as a part of the Seven Years' War, but their attempts to conquer their smaller neighbor failed miserably thanks to the scorched earth and guerrilla tactics adopted by the Portuguese. What if the invaders were able to protect their supply lines more...
  2. AHC/WI: The Albany Plan of Union is approved

    In our timeline, the Albany Plan of Union was a plan to create a unified government for eleven of the Thirteen colonies that would later form the United States of America (Delaware was considered part of Pennsylvania at the time and Georgia was considered too young and too pro-monarchy). While...
  3. Henderson

    Born To Rule — A Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Romanov Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Coup

    Born To Rule — A Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Romanov Timeline Chapter I: The Coup December 7th, 1741, Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg Elizaveta gazed out on the palace square from her window. The morning sun had risen, and the snow that had filled the square was beginning to melt in the...
  4. The World Turned Upside Down

    From “The Seven Years’ War” by James Weston When discussing the Seven Years’ War, we tend to focus on the European theatre. In comparison, the North American theatre is frequently overlooked, aside from the initial hostilities that started the war. Following the British defeat at the Battle of...
  5. George_Apley

    God is a Frenchman - a Timeline (Seven Yrs War POD)
    Threadmarks: The Six Years War (POD-1762)

    What if France and Austria were victorious in the Seven Years War? Many years back there was a TL in development here centered around the French winning the Seven Years War. That timeline has been defunct for a long time and the author long-since banned. It really grabbed me, though and I've...
  6. Prussia defeated in Seven Years War: Results outside Germany?

    "While we had France for an enemy, Germany was the scene to employ and baffle her arms." - William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham The European theater of the Seven Years' War was almost entirely centered around Prussia, the mighty Iron Kingdom against whom three European Great Powers - France...
  7. TheLionOfJudah

    Here Lies Fred: A Hanoverian TL
    Threadmarks: Britain (I)

    Here Lies Fred: A Hanoverian Timeline Frederick I, King of Great Britain, Ireland, and Hanover In the history of the Early Hanoverian Period, the ascension of Frederick I was the greatest political and cultural event of greatest significance since the Glorious Revolution almost 70 years...
  8. Drex

    Ventis Ferrum: Dupleix's Success and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Of Frenchmen and Indians

    - Author's Note - This Timeline is a rework of my previous Timeline, written almost a year ago. As you can see by the title, it even takes some elements from it. Being a rework of the Timeline, you will see changes, for starts, this version has a clearly defined PoD and does not mess heavily...
  9. WI: No Diplomatic Revolution

    Let's say that, in 1755, Frederick the Great, fearing Austria's revanchism, renews his alliance with France in hopes of deterring Maria. In turn, Louis XV agrees, hoping to tie down some British troops in Hannover. To make this more likely, Wezel Anton dies of stroke around the same time. What...
  10. AltoRegnant

    WI: France Decisively Wins European Theater of The 7YW

    The Seven Years War was a watershed moment in European history, cementing the rise of powers like Prussia and Britain while starting France down the death spiral that would go on until the Revolution. OTL, however, the territorial exchanges were all colonial, in part due to Russia and Sweden...
  11. Osman Aga

    The Great Turk Returns 2.0: Ottoman resurgent TL
    Threadmarks: Mahmud I (1747: The Safavid Visit)

    After a while being out, I set a few things straight in my life. I'll keep the details for myself. I decided to return and continue my participation on Alternate History. In the mean time I started put an halt to all of the TL I was busy with and open a new account rather than the old one. I...
  12. Victory at Kolin/Surrender of Prague WI?

    Frederick's opening moves in the Seven Years War put the Austrians in a tough spot, removing a major ally and shutting their main army in Prague. However, their victory at Kolin forced him to relinquish his siege and the whole position in Bohemia. However, if Frederick had won at Kolin, could...
  13. Prussian worst case scenario in 7YW, what happens to Poland?

    Prussia loses the Seven Years' War and is practically dismembered. Silesia goes to the Habsburgs, Cottbus to Saxony, much of Pommerania with Stettin to Sweden and East Prussia to Russia, who trades it for Kurland&Semigalia with the PLC. In such circumstances, what could await the PLC in the...
  14. Albeques

    Children of the Plains of Abraham
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction “It made of them great nations,” Children of the Plains of Abraham A View of the Attack on Quebec[1] The 13th of September 1759, New France, the night before a British army crossed the Saint Lawrence River and landed at L’Anse-au-Foulon. Thrice the British landing party tempted...
  15. ItsMyKetchup

    WI: No Miracle of the House of Brandenburg

    I know a French victory in the Seven Years' War is likely a tired trope, like WW1 or WW2, but the geopolitical implications of such a thing would be far reaching and result in a lot of differing paths and it's hard to see which path would be the most plausible. So, say the Miracle of the House...
  16. Portuguese Canada,Fenno-Estonia and Alternate Seven Years War

    What if Seven Year War was like this map? And After the War Britain Give this Land to Portugal? how the History of the World would Change and would be Possible anUnited Finnish-Estonian Kingdom to be Created as Bufferzone and would this change the Estonian Cultural Awakening?
  17. AltoRegnant

    AHC: French Cascadia

    Your challenge is to make this region a french territory instead of Russo/British/American, with a POD after the seven year's war. Bonus if they keep it until ttl's decolonization
  18. AltoRegnant

    DBAHC: Wank Prussia

    Prussia was briefly a power in central Europe before the Russian Empire razed berlin in the 7 Years War. This destruction of the baltic state meant Sweden was allowed Swedish Pomerania back (+a bit more) so long as Russia was allowed to use some of its ports. Sweden then went onto conquer...
  19. HeX

    AHC: The United States of Formerly British America

    During the American Revolution, a huge chunk of Great Britain's most populous and wealthiest colonies in North America broke away to form the US. Left behind were the scraps in the Caribbean and the frozen landscape of Canada, most of which were under British influence for centuries after into...
  20. AltoRegnant

    WI: France Won The Seven Years War?

    Otl, I and many others, would argue the seeds of the pax britainica were sown by their victory of the seven years war, where France was thrown into massive instability after the loss of... all te money. All of it. Also it's colonies, that too. And then as it slowly recovered, it decided to blow...