1. 11k BAM World Borderpool?

    Hello all. I am looking for a possible 11k bam borderpool map of the world. Such a map exists for Europe on Imgur (the link is below) but I was wondering if one could be found or made that includes other areas of the world, preferably North America. I tried to search online but all I found was...
  2. Looking for Monarchisn wanks fics/TLs

    So I don't know where I should have posted my request but I'll post it here anyway. I'll take it down if some Moderator wants me to. So what I essentially want are recommendations for monarchy wank. I understand that wanks are not that appreciated that much here but I like em honestly. I Don't...
  3. [Request] Filling in Antarctica's topography into an old basemap.

    For the sake of completeness, could someone here try and fill in Antarctica's topograhy into this elevation map? Specifically with the ice on it intact, like with greenland on this map. I mean, this is a very old map. What bugs me is that for all these years, the topographical worlda map that...
  4. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Here is the new Map and Flag Request Thread II. The old thread, posted in 2012(!), has now reached 500 pages. This is the old thread And these are the revised rules and some helpful links:
  5. ST15RM

    Graphic Request Thread

    For the longest time I wanted a place for me and other forum users to request graphics. So, I decided to create this thread. First, some ground rules: Be patient. Don’t repost a request, these things take time. Don’t request maps, flags and wikiboxes. There are separate threads for that. Only...
  6. GeekMan

    Recommendations Needed

    Are there any good tl's in which natives of the Americas are more technologically advanced than Europe, or any on reverse colonization?
  7. A map Request

    I like maps, and flags. But I am TERRIBLE at editing them. (It doesn't help that I have only MS Paint.) So, I am going to throw myself on the kindness of the internet. Would someone please draw in the US, Canada, and Australia state borders on this map? Thanks If anyone does.
  8. machinekng

    Machinekng's Logo Request Thread

    Well, I've had a couple people approach me requesting logos, and I found it to be a fun challenge. So, I'm going to start taking requests. For now, the plan is going to be 1 "Major" logo and 3 "Minor" logos per month. I may move faster, but I'm hedging my bets. Major Logos Requires a detailed...
  9. Map I have needs fixing

    Map Link: Hi! I'm new here and not sure if this is where I post this, but I have this map I was going to use for an alternate history, but the map seems to not be current. I found out that this is a map from the 1990's and the following have not been updated. I would...
  10. Need Help Adding Rivers on Map

    Need help from someone who are kind and have too much time in their hand : - adding rivers on map, Yenisei, Senegal, Ganges, Yangtze, etc - overall beautification, making it less copy-paste look File location : smaller jpg...