1. WI Pinochet is extradited to Spain?

    Former dictator of Chile Augusto Pinochet was held under house arrest in the UK by a warrant issued by Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón. After several months, he was released on grounds of ill health and allowed to return to his home country. Is it possible for him to be extradited to Spain...
  2. LouisTheGreyFox

    War between Pinochet's Chile and a British Argentina in the 80s.

    Bear in mind this Argentina (and Uruguay also included) was basically taken over by Britain during Napoleonic War and it ended up becoming part of the British Empire afterwards. I am not looking for answers on how it be realistic for it to happen. Basically instead of a Falklands War in 1982...
  3. lerk

    Pinochet assassinated in 1984

    Let's say in 1984 Pinochet is killed by a communist. What happens next?
  4. Tales Weaver

    WI: No Chilean Coup of 1973

    When I read about Allende's suicide after pinochet's coup in 1973, i had a question. If there wasn't coup by Pinochet which overthrew Allende in 1973, how would Chile look like today? Would chile look like skandinavian countries, or it would looked like venezuela?
  5. iVC

    Any ways for Soviets to intervene during Pinochet coup?

    I'm curious, if we take as granted that chilean military junta were able to prepare and launch their 1973 coup, could any imaginable kind of more active and avanturistic Soviet government salvage anything in the first hours? I can remember many interviews with expelled or rogue pro-Allende...
  6. HaroldGodwinson

    Take the Cromwell/Franco/Pinochet Challenge

    The challenge is simple. Take a brutal bloody dictatorship in last few centuries, and replace it with a less bloody one that eventually leads to more freedom. Rules 1. Figure out when the coup/counter-revolution will start. 2. Figure out who will lead it. 3. How much less bad can it be than the...
  7. thezerech

    What if Pinochet won the Chilean National Plebiscite in 1988?

    As Pinochet only lost by 4% of the vote, and this could be attributed to poor campaigning by the Yes campaign, assuming Yes had a better run campaign and perhaps a poorer run campaign by No, what if Yes had won the election and Pinochet had been President until 1996? Only one other former Latin...
  8. Deblano

    WI: Chile continues to be a military dictatorship past 1990.

    As we all know, Augusto Pinochet launched a coup in Chile in 1973 and led a US-backed military junta from 1973 to 1990 when it retransitioned into a Democracy. I'm obviously not super informed on South American history, but is there any way that Chile could have continued to be a military...