1. New participants to ww2

    A spiritual successor from my New participants to ww1. We all know that the Axis Powers were composed by Germany, Italy, Japan, their puppet states, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the co belligerent Finland, Iraq and Siam. But what if they had more allies? What if the Axis was also reinforced by...
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Spanish Mexique

    Otl, a french ship seeking to trade with early spanish colonies in the caribbean (and maybe claim an island for the captain, Henry Caron, sources vary) blew off course, and landed in the rich lands of mesoamerica. Seeing all the gold laden cities as the Aztecs gave them refuge for a short time...
  3. Plausibility: Captaincies General in New Spain as separate countries

    Is it plausible for the various captaincies general of New Spain to end up each forming the basis of separate countries the way others in Latin America did?
  4. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Sideline The US Senate Before 1900

    Reminder: no current politics; we don't need a bear sighting Otl, the senate and house are coequal houses of legislation. Your challenge is to strip the senate of all extra-legislative powers. No treaties, cabinet and SC nominations going to the house, etc. BUT, the US needs to have otl borders...
  5. WI: More Irish immigration to Mexico

    What if more Irish immigrants had gone to Mexico? How might it have changed Mexico and the Irish diaspora?
  6. This is all a country, welcome to the United States of America!
    Threadmarks: Welcome to the United States of America

    It's worth dreaming what wasn't, to forget what was. Tons of ideas, and little time to make them. Stories you'd like to explore but don't achieve your goals. There are several alternative stories I have in planning. Although only one I am currently developing but I already have the basis of AH...
  7. What would the consequences be of an unsuccessful Gasdsen Purchase be?

    The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement by the United States and Mexico that secured them a significant piece of land in what is now southern Arizona and New Mexico. Southerners desired a transcontinental railway line from the South to the West Coast, believing it would bring economic prosperity...
  8. DBAHC: Screw Mexico

    Your challenge is to have Mexico do significantly worse than it did IOTL.
  9. KingOnTheEdge

    How Do We Have France Win Out In The New World

    So i kinda wanna do a tl about a pax francia/a francophonic new world at least, but I'm unsure how to do it pod wise. How do we get it so that the French colonial empire is the strongest in the americas, and what sort of effects could this have? I know I want to give France either mexico or...
  10. Opinions from a map I made years ago about a United States of North America

    Years ago I made this map, of the 44 states of the United States that covered all of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The map is not exact, contains some errors and is not the desired result. But I would like to hear your views on some of the proposed entities. Especially the...
  11. Sierra

    WI: 20th Century Mesoamerican Fascist Great Power

    Mexico has frequently been a rarity as a mover and shaker in alternate history timelines, in spite of its very strategic position in the New World. It has a lot of potential with some butterflies.Unfortunately, U d not have much in the way of knowledge when it come to Central American history or...
  12. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    German denial of the Zimmerman Telegram

    So as we all know, after the Zimmerman telegram was discovered, the Germans(for whatever reason) acknowledged the authenticity of the letter. Now what might have happened if the Germans denied its authenticity, and(to add insult to injury) attempted to pass it off as a propaganda ploy on the...
  13. Odinson

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency A man of the people, David “Davy” Crockett began his career in politics in 1821 as a member of the Tennessee General Assembly before becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives in 1827. Crockett became known for fighting for the fair...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Ferdinand VII accepted the Crown of Mexico

    In 1821, after the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire, the Mexican congress offered Ferdinand VII to become Mexican Emperor, and establish a sort of Commonwealth with Spain and Mexico. But he refused. What if, Ferdinand VII did accept the Crown of Mexico, and became Emperor of...
  15. WI: Aztecs never arrive in the Valley of Mexico

    What if the Aztecs never relocated to the Valley of Mexico? How would that affect things?
  16. WI: Robert E. Lee killed at the Battle of Chapultepec

    In September 1847, the Battle for Mexico City was raging. During the attack on Chapultepec Castle, a young American officer was wounded. That officer was Captain Robert E. Lee. What if Lee had been killed instead of just wounded? What impact would it have had?
  17. WI: Santa Anna becomes a merchant

    While he's hardly the most successful or admirable historical figure, Antonio López de Santa Anna was a very colorful and historically significant individual. But he might not have been so. Santa Anna got his start when he joined the military at age 16, but this was against the wishes of his...
  18. Silicon

    AHC: Developed Mexico

    Mexico’s current GDP per Capita (PPP) is around $20,000, what would it take to get Mexico to $35,000 (what is considered developed) in 2019 without extremely high inequality?
  19. All this is one country, Television and media

    *What would TV shows be like if this were all a country? *How would they watch the news? *How many time zones would there be?
  20. AHC/WI: British Mediation Prevents Mexican-American War

    Say that Britain in the 1840s has strategic or economic interests in California and sees it as best for them to prevent a wider, violent conflict between the U.S. and Mexico over the region. Could they possibly act as a mediator over the situation and prevent the Mexican-American War? Could...