1. Onedotman

    AHC: Late XIX century Japan and China switch fates

    Your challenge is to make the China able to pull out major socio-political reforms on par with the Meiji Restoration IOTL and soon gained the status of a major regional power, while the Japanese monarchy goes into decline and eventually became divided between spheres of influence between China...
  2. Kienle

    Descendants of the Dragons and Fairies - Volume I: One Inch Missed, One Mile Fixed
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    DESCENDANTS OF THE DRAGONS AND FAIRIES Prologue Vietnam as a country has quite a significant position in the history of the world, something that could be attributed to its geographic location, culture and proximity to many great powers. The South China Sea, where Vietnam is located west of...
  3. WI: Ryukyu Islands not annexed by Japan

    What if Japan never formally annexed the Ryukyu Islands?
  4. Can Korea modernize before/concurrently with Japan?

    Is there any way for Korea to modernize quickly enough in the 19th Century to avoid becoming a Japanese colony? If I'm not mistaken Empress Myeongseong pursued some relations with the Russians, maybe they could help the Koreans modernize?
  5. PolishMagnet

    What if Japan saw an early Satchou Alliance?

    What if Satsuma and Choushuu formed the Satchou Alliance earlier and the Kinmon incident was thus supported by a larger alliance? Would the Boshin-setsu go differently? How does modernization go, with Koumei still alive? What if Koumei dies in the chaos of a successful Kinmon incident, how...
  6. Good POD for a Meiji Korea?

    I wanna have a aggressive Christian Meiji Korea for my Timeline. How do I do that?
  7. AHQ: What other countries/peoples could "pull a Meiji"?

    Pretty much what the title asks. We all know what Japan accomplished during the Meiji era. Are there other countries/peoples that could pull off some similar feat(s)?
  8. GameBawesome

    Japan opens up in 1700s

    What if in an alternate scenerio, a European power, sends a large fleet and opens up Japan, under the Tokogawa Shogunate, around 1700s -1760s? Japan maintains independence, but makes unequal treaties with the Europeans (for now). What could be some possiblities? Would Japan try to Westernize...
  9. GameBawesome

    AHC: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Pulls a Meiji

    Challenge: Have the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, ruled by the Heavenly King Hong Xiuquan, gain independence, and Industrialize over the decades along side Japan (Not modernize the Government, it would remain feudal, hey would never do that under Hong Xiuquan)
  10. GameBawesome

    AHC: Daimyo in the Japanese Empire

    AHC: Starting at the Meiji Restoration, have the Japanese Empire be a Federal Empire, where Daimyo and Samurai still exist as land lords and soldiers, but all serve and fight for the Emperor instead of the Shogun
  11. SealTheRealDeal

    Who can pull a Moshoeshoe?

    So, under King Moshoeshoe I the Basotho kingdom developed a literate bureaucracy, army capable of stalemating the British and Boers, strong national identity, and was able to attain the status of a fairly autonomous protectorate within the British Empire. As a result it exists today with what...
  12. Dargonaut

    Challenge: Industrialize Madagascar

    Basically what the tin says, industrialize Madagascar during the 19th Century, transform it into a world power by the turn of the century.
  13. GameBawesome

    Japanese Spirit, Western Technology

    The challenge for this thread is for Japan to open up the country, and industrialized, but never Westernize. Like Example, having trains and modern rifles, but keeping Japanese style, such as the Kimono or Japanese hair styles, in society, or having samurai in most of the army, but having them...
  14. Whiteshore

    DBWI: Egypt doesn't modernize in the 19th Century

    Historically, the Khedivate of Egypt, under the descendants of Muhammad Ali, were able to turn Egypt from a province of the Ottoman Empire at the start of the 19th century to a "second-tier" great power on the same level as say Italy or Austria-Hungary at the start of the 20th century with Egypt...
  15. Incanian

    AHC Young Turk Like Revolution in Japanese Empire

    Try to get a Young Turk Like Revolution in the Japanese Empire. It can be from Meiji period, to before Pearl Harbour.
  16. Incanian

    Cheng Sao I reforms the Qing Navy

    Cheng Sao I was the most successful pirate in history. For a little context, watch these videos. So, What if the Qing learned from their mistakes, and took their navy more seriously? And they decide to do pull a Meiji on their military to get it modernized.
  17. Stalinist crash-industrialization in other countries ("Pulling a Stalin")

    A common phrase in this forum is "Pulling a Meiji" for when a country industrializes quickly and reforms its government in the 19th century. However not every country had the circumstances to do this under beneficial circumstances. What countries could have "Pulled a Stalin" instead...
  18. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Japan and China swap fates

    What if it was Japan instead of China that modernized in the 19th-century? And on the flip side, what if China remained a backward isolationist state that eventually fell to warlordism (and later maybe Marxism like the Japs IOTL)? IMO Japan would've never been as great a power as China IOTL...
  19. The Merovingian

    You are the Qing Emperor, how do you Meiji?

    Ok, so I know that Japan of all the Asiatic countries except perhaps Thailand is known for their ability to have been able to rapidly modernize their country due many factors such as A very dense population Kyoto was one of the (if not the) largest cities in the world There was a high literacy...