man in the high castle

  1. weaverj

    DBRP: How could the Japanese have held onto the JPS?

    in 1965, the Japanese pulled out of their Pacific Holdings in North America. But what if they held onto this territory, and more importantly, how?
  2. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Final Season of Man in the High Castle finished!

    (Ooc: this is more of a DBRP than a DBWI. I messed up on the title) So I'm sure by this point the folks here have watched Man in the High Castle, and the ones who have yet to watch it here are at least aware of it. Those who somehow aren't aware of the series here have most likely heard of the...
  3. RedHistorian1917

    Kalterkrieg: The Jackboot and the Rising Sun
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Foreword: This timeline and scenario will be based on both the Amazon TV Show and other elements from Fatherland, The New Order and other alternate histories. However, there will be no science fiction type material such as dimension flipping and alternate universes. This is just a unique crafted...
  4. Gillan1220

    The Man in the High Castle: Himmler's Inter-dimensional Army acidentally time travels to 9/11

    This scenario was originally posted on Alternate History Online group on Facebook by me. Man in the High Castle Season 3 x War on Terror: Himmler in the ATL 1963 orders the inter-dimensional Wermatch to enter the portal but they end up on the morning of September 11, 2001 of OTL in the Poconos...
  5. Gillan1220

    The Man In The High Castle Season 3: Possible Inter-parallel War?

    The trailer mentioned about the Nazis traveling to different universes to steal technology and develop their own advances. Now this opens up the possibility, if the Nazis and the Japanese Empire did invade our world in October 1962 in the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. and the...
  6. AHC: A synchronistic Islam/Jewish religion in 20th century

    What if during a Nazi victory the Nazis begin to attack amd exterminate the Middle East since they are Semitic. Using the map from Phillip K. Dicks "Man in the High Castle" lets assume the Slavic people, Jews, amd other who were able to escape extermination were able to resettle in parts of...