1. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI... A truly Russian Slavic Christianity

    What if Kievan Rus decides against importing the Orthodox faith but instead opts to create its own ‘brand’ of heavily Russified/Slavified Christianity incorporating many indigenous pagan ideas? In other words a centralized but indigenous ‘Christianity’ with its roots deep in ‘Slavdom’ as...
  2. The_Russian

    AHC: Make Kiev the capital of Russia

    With a POD of the baptism of the Rus, have Kiev be the capital of modern Russia. Bonus points if St.Petersburg is still established by Peter the great. How can this be done?
  3. PC/AHC: Byzantine Kiev... and a successor state?

    How realistic is a Byzantine Empire expanding up the Dniepr and controlling the Pontic Steppe based around Kiev? Could the population be assimilated properly so that it later could become the basis of a proper Greek successor state? I know the Mongol invasion makes this really really hard, but...
  4. Whiteshore

    Impact of a Catholic Rus(sia)

    In a scenario where Vladimir the Great of Kiev adopted Catholicism (or as this is pre-1054, Latin Rite Chalcedonianism would be more accurate) instead of Orthodox Christianity/Greek Rite Chalcedonianism, what would the impact of such a conversion? What would the culture of a Catholic Russia look...
  5. GauchoBadger

    PC: an independent, white russian Ukraine

    Ukraine, during the russian civil war, was mostly divided between bolsheviks, whites, and anarchists (under Nestor Makhno). The bolsheviks in the russian heartlands looked to the Ukraine's granaries, farmlands and rivers with interest. So, the question is, how can the ukrainians survive...
  6. thezerech

    WI: Galicia-Volhynia does not fall or decline? Leading to a surviving Kingdom of Ruthenia?

    What if the Kingdom of Ruthenia (Galicia-Volhynia) does not fall but rather, manages to expand or at least survive until the collapse of the Golden Horde a few hundred years later? When they can safely expand into the former Kyivan Rus'. Perhaps Shvarno manages to hold the Lithuanian throne...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: Svyatoslav lives

    According to Wikipedia, "Fearing that the peace with Svyatoslav would not endure, the Byzantine emperor induced the Pecheneg khan Kurya to kill Svyatoslav before he reached Kiev. This was in line with the policy outlined by Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus in De Administrando Imperio of...
  8. Was Negotiated Peace Possible after Kiev Encirclment?

    The Red Army lost 700,544 men after the encirclment at Kiev; a disaster that saw the complete collapse of the entire Southwestern Front. So given those facts, along with the political realities on the ground, was it possible, that a neogtiated peace could have occured after the battle ended...