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  1. TheDoofusUser

    Which Post 1900 Timeline should I write?

    I'm currently considering on what to do for my Before 1900 TL either being a redux of The Eternal Empire with added help from anyone who's interested or a Napoleonic TL where 1) Nappy and Josephine have a son, 2) Haiti is crushed, and 3) the French navy doesn't suffer the attrition that it faced...
  2. Vidal

    Last One for the Gipper: Ronald Reagan and His Quest for a Third Term

    Last One for the Gipper Ronald Reagan and His Quest for a Third Term An Alternate History Timeline by Vidal This timeline is loosely inspired by the first American political timeline I read on this site: 1988: Defending the Reagan Revolution and a New Democratic Hope. The POD is much the same...
  3. Alex Timber

    Like Kinnock... | A Biden '88 Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    "I started thinking as I was coming over here, why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university like Kinnock? Why is it that my wife who is sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were...
  4. shiny-teddiursa

    The Death of Hope - The Assassination of Obama and the administration of Biden 2010-onwards

    Prologue/Background/Authors Note - Part 0 | The Death of Hope This scenario surrounds, Joe Biden, becoming President after Barack Obama is assassinated. I'm happy to incorporate suggestions if I dig them so feel free! (Disclaimer: The real-life people, places, and organizations featured in...
  5. KeithTheProgressive

    Bernie Sanders's Road to the White House 2016

    BERNIE SANDERS'S ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 2016 The General Election Republican President Donald Trump was elected in the 2012 presidential election, shocking the world and the nation when he won the presidency on Election Night. Trump defeated President Barack Obama in the electoral college and...
  6. akagreenette

    DBWI: Joe Biden doesn't die in '88?

    Just the other day, I was watching this Netflix documentary (which I wholeheartedly recommend) on the life of the late Sen. Beau Biden and his run in 2016. While watching it however, I couldn't help but think about the similarities between he and his father's run in 1988, how both of them were...
  7. Biden '88: Goodnight Tehran
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Fall of Iraq (1987)

    Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone, Goodbye my Sweetheart, Hello Tehran. INTRODUCTION Hello! This is my first post here - and it's also going to be my first try at an alternate history scenario. I thought this up while reading about Joe Biden himself and got curious that he ran in...
  8. Vidal

    Country First

    Folks, this is a redux of a timeline project I first posted a while ago. Part I is mostly written, and it may cease there depending on what people think. Expect the first update tomorrow. It centers on what may have happened if John McCain had stuck with his gut and named Joe Lieberman as his...
  9. Like Kinnock: A Biden '88 Open Collaborative TL

    (Well this is my first collaborative TL in the After 1900 forum. I'm starting on the premise of a successful Biden campaign in 1988, how will this effect the 90s and 2000s, let's see. ;) ) September 12th, 1987: Joe Biden makes a speech that uses many of the same ideas as Neil Kinnock, leader of...
  10. Jaguars4life

    The Revenge of the Republicans: A Collaborative Timeline

    This is a redo of my Believe in a America TL. Where Mitt Romney wins the 2012 election. It's a Collab so you can also tell us what is going on in the world of entertainment and sports. Your post doesn't have to be political. April 11th 2011:Mitt Romney says at the University of New Hampshire...
  11. The Biden Years 2.0

    To avoid what happened last time, I need to make this clear: THIS IS NOT A COLLABORATIVE TIMELINE.
  12. ZMF

    AHC WI: Joe Biden Wins 2008 Democratic Primary

    Joe Biden came in fourth in the Democratic primary, with a whopping zero delegates. Can Diamond Joe beat Obama and Clinton, and become the first to beat out two potential first-evers? Who would he pick for a Vice President? How would Biden do against McCain?
  13. Jaguars4life


    September 4 2008: Senator McCain around early morning suffers a heart attack while sleeping. Soon after is rushed to the hosptial. Wolf Biltzer:CNN has now confirmed that Republican candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain was pronounced dead around 10 mins ago on the final day of the 2008...
  14. Jaguars4life

    Not another One! Jeb Bush 2012 OPEN timeline

    February 19 2011:Jeb Bush writes on Twitter big announcement coming soon. February 21 2011:Jeb Bush releases a video on Twitter announcing his bid for presidency in 2012. Promising to put Obama in the past and bring the GOP alive again. (Updates coming soon. Feel free to add some of you...
  15. Sarah Palin as the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2008

    Let's say that the fears of most voters come true and the Republican Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona suffers some severe health issue (possibly a heart attack) that incapacitates him. Assuming that this occurs sometime after the Republican National Convention, would the...
  16. Barack Obama Selects Tim Kaine as his Vice President

    Let's say that the Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois' first two selections for vice president, Senators Joe Biden of Delaware and Evan Bayh of Indiana, turned down Obama's offer, viewing it as a demotion from their more powerful positions as senators. What if Obama selected the...
  17. Katarn

    A Rainbow Fades: How Jesse Jackson Brought Down the Democratic Party - A Wikibox TL

    So... you're trying another TL? Yep. Didn't you end the first one after one post? Yes, but I have a thicker skin now. I replaced it with Adamantium. That is so tacky... Says you. So this one will actually happen then? Definitely. You say that now... It will happen, so sayeth Clint...