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  1. France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread III - The lost files

    Hello there, In Line of Wing's work on FFO (may he be praised), which cannot of course pretend to translate everything, I have thought it would be interesting to add a few addentum, annexs and personnals files of all the authors. The thread will be alimented ... when I got time. Still, I hope...
  2. Wings

    France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread II - To the continent!

    Link to thread I
  3. Wings

    Fantasque Time Line (France Fights On) - English Translation
    Threadmarks: 001 - Death of a countess

    Preamble All of you may know the Fantasque Time Line, which we commonly know as France Fights On. You can find it here. However, there has to my knowledge been no english translation of this work. I've contacted @Loïc M. , one of the authors of the FTL, to be able to translate this work so that...
  4. AltoRegnant

    How Powerful Would A Surviving French Colonial Empire Be?

    Assume the blitzkrieg fails in France, and Germany is defeated in about 3 or 4 years, and japan doesn't seize Indochina since they lack the clean opportunity to do so. The 3rd Republic survives, and France isn't entirely destroyed as a result and still holds the empire. So, how powerful would...
  5. AltoRegnant

    Battle of Britain If France Fights On?

    Say that the french mainland is still occupied, but the 3rd Republic stays in the fight (maybe they're under a more hawkish leadership). Obviously this doesn't change the ground front, but could the French Airforce be retrieved to Britain or Algiers? What impact could this mean for the Blitz?
  6. France Fights On...Implications for Algeria Post-War

    Had France fought on in Algeria in 1940 (and eventually won), keeping a butterfly net until 1945, how would things have changed regarding Algerian independence? Would France have been much more likely to keep Algeria due to its new place in French cultural consciousness, demographic change, and...
  7. The Rooster's Glory -TL

    This is my first timeline I've already developed on my mind. Hopefully I won't develop writer's block. Anyway, this timeline is heavily based and will take elements and inspiration from the following timelines and stories: 1940 - La France continue la guerre:
  8. 1940: What if France had continued the war?

    Surfing the internet I found these French comics on a scenario where France decides to continue the war and an undeveloped website that apparently is the antecedent of the idea. Does anyone know more about these comics?
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Charles, The Wise, lives longer

    Charles V of France was king of his country between the years of 1364 and 1380. During his reign, France saw a reversal of its bad fortunes in the Hundred Years' War (called the Caroline Phase of the war), almost managing to beat the English out of France altogether. However, Charles died...
  10. Nightingale

    Romania in a France Does Not Fall Scenario

    If France does not fall, will Romania join the war on Nazi Germany's side? Will they stay neutral or join the allies? What would happen post-war?
  11. Nightingale

    Hungary in a France Does Not Fall Scenario

    If France does not fall, will Hungary join the war on Nazi Germany's side? Will they stay neutral or join the allies?
  12. Nightingale

    AHC: France does not fall, but Pearl Harbor still happens

    I started a thread a few months ago about some World War II stuff I forgot already, but one thing I remember was that if France does not fall, Japan won't declare war on the US because Indochina doesn't fall, etc. Now the challenge here is that France does not fall [*1] but Japan still...
  13. Nightingale

    WI: France does not fall but...

    What if France didn't fall, but the Germans inadvertently sank a US warship or vessel or whatever, and they join the European War? 1. How would the European War turnout to be? 2. How would the European War progress? Will OTL Cold War borders still be the case? 3. How would a Cold War proceed...