1. The End Of The American Dream - Second American Civil War 1933
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    Chapter 1: The Beginning Of The End The year was 1933 for five years now The Great Depression had crippled the United States making 25% of the Population unemployed and homelessness increased as a result. The only hope was the upcoming election of the President who would decide America's fate...
  2. Plus ça change: A Kaiserreich USA Shuffling the Deck style TL

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The Father of American Socialism (Democratic-Socialist Party) Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a name well recited not only across the United Syndicates of America but across the Internationale. His name is recited not only by school children in America but in the Commune...
  3. TheNixonator

    AHC: Make Hoover win in 1932

    What the title says.
  4. Roosevelt finishes his 4th term, what does the 1948 election look like?

    Let's say FDR is healthier in this timeline, and lives to finish out his term. This means Truman doesn't becomes president, and the duty of handling peace time demobilization and the large amount of labor strikes that dominated Truman's first term fall to the Roosevelt administration. How does...
  5. FDR and Joseph Stalin switch dates of death

    Both men died of cerebral hemorrhage a few years apart. What would the world look like if Stalin unexpectedly died in his sleep on April 12, 1945, and FDR lives on until March 5, 1953? This also assumes FDR is healthy enough to complete his final term as President.
  6. ItsMyKetchup

    Needle In A Haystack - A Cold War TL
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    Hi! Welcome to the thread for my first timeline, 'Needle In A Haystack", in which the vote for the Vice Presidential nominee at the 1944 Democratic National Convention was not held up overnight. By a narrow margin, Henry A. Wallace would win the Vice Presidential nomination despite the...
  7. DBWI: How Would Hoover Have Responded to the Great Depression?

    Although he was the second longest serving President in American history, Calvin Coolidge is generally remembered as one of America's worst chief executives. In office from August 1923 to January 1933, Coolidge did nothing to confront the Great Depression after the 1929 Stock Market Crash. If...
  8. AHC: A Losing Presidential Candidate is Nominated Twice After 1968

    Before 1968, it wasn't uncommon for presidential candidates to be nominated a second time after losing the general election: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, Grover Cleveland, and Richard Nixon were all elected President after having previously failed to do so. (FDR had...
  9. Gajah_Nusantara

    A World of Buzz & Change: The Radical Times Which Was the 20th Century
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Before Six there was Five

    Prologue: . A Decade of War and Peace The 40s, the decade of World War II, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the rise of an unexpected contender. But before we learn about all of this we must first learn the beginnings of this all, the United States Presidential Election of 1940. The parties...
  10. WI: Roosevelt vs Taft in 1940

    In 1940, conservative darling Robert Taft was a strong contender for President - but he was ultimately passed over as the GOP nominee by dark horse Wendell Willkie. What if Taft had been nominated by the GOP in 1940?
  11. APTerminator

    Long May He Serve

    Synopsis Suppose, if only for a minute, what if the longest serving president in America had served a little longer? Welcome to Long May He Serve, my timeline on that what if. We'll follow events starting off from April 12, when FDR actually died, and go on for as long as I can. So sit back in...
  12. DBWI: Henry Wallace Dumped in 1944

    In 1944, Democratic Party bosses were insistent that Vice-President Henry Wallace be dumped from the presidential ticket. But FDR stuck to his guns, and pushed through Wallace's renomination and pelated party bosses via federal patronage. But what if FDR had left the bosses to their own devices...
  13. Could Any Democrat Have Won in 1928?

    In 1928, Democratic New York Governor went down to a crushing defeat at the hands of Republican Herbert Hoover in that year's presidential election. Hoover's landslide victory was attributed to the nation's economic prosperity, as well as bigotry towards Smith's Catholicism and his unpopular...
  14. AHC: Dewey vs Roosevelt in 1940

    The frontrunner for the 1940 GOP presidential nomination was Thomas Dewey, but he was upset at the convention by dark horse Wendell Willkie. What if Dewey had won the nomination and gone on to face Roosevelt in November? Does Dewey do any better than Willkie? At the time Dewey was an...
  15. If Al Smith Doesn't Run in 1928 Can He Win in 1932?

    In 1928 New York Governor Al Smith made a disastrous run for President. The booming economy and prejudice against his Catholic faith allowed Herbert Hoover to win a landslide victory. And by vacating the Governorship Smith created a powerful rival in Franklin Roosevelt who would beat him for the...
  16. What is the Best that Landon Could Have Done in 1936?

    The 1936 election is famous for FDR's massive landslide against Alf Landon, who only won two states - Vermont and Maine. Is it possible that Landon could have done better against the popular Roosevelt? What is the best possible showing that he could have realistically made in the election?
  17. DBWI: FDR Runs for a Third Term in 1940

    In 1940, FDR was under pressure to run for a third term as President. But in keeping with Washington's precedent, he declined to do so. What if Franklin Roosevelt had run for a third term?
  18. Realistic Outcome of a Henry Wallace Presidency?

    Henry Wallace has been a long time favorite of alternate history writers. Well, maybe "favorite" isn't exactly the best word since nearly everyone agrees that Wallace wouldn't have been a successful President and he would certainly have been defeated in 1948. But here is a man who came so close...
  19. El_Presidente

    AHC/WI: FDR Dictatorship

    So, faced with more opposition to New Deal from industry and the Supreme Court (thr details are up to you) FDR decides that soft authoritarianism is what America needs, and through dubiously legal and democrstic methods pass legislation like the NIRA. What would happen?
  20. Likelihood of FDR Third Party?

    Okay, here's something I've been mulling for an alt history project of mine. The likelihood of FDR winning through a third party, like a Progressive Party. Now, for some context on this alternate history scenario: -1: Central Powers won WW1, albeit barely and the US was not involved. Yeah, WW1...