Monday, February 16th, 1920. New York Governor's Mansion.
Governor Roosevelt was sitting in his office in the mansion in the middle of his second two-year term as Governor of New York. He thought about his options.
"I could run for a third term." The Governor said to himself. "I could hand it off to Al and retire. " Governor Roosevelt picked up his morning paper and his favorite coffee, dark roast prepared every morning in the mansion's kitchen. "Great Humanitarian feeds Millions." the headline read and below that the paper read about the recession and President Hughes's failures to do anything about it properly. It was a month old and it wasn't getting any better. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. "Get that Herbert Hoover fellow in my office," Roosevelt said to an assistant. "I am going to make that man President."

Monday, February 23rd, 1920. New York Governor's Mansion
Herbert Hoover walked into the office that he was invited to a week prior. Governor Roosevelt stood and asked, "Mr. Hoover how are you doing" "Well Governor, I'm doing fine. The train ride was long." Hoover replied. Roosevelt spoke. "Please, call me Frank." "Well, Frank," Hoover said. "Call me Herb." Frank then started going on about the battle of Paris and America's humiliating defeat. While Herb nodded along before commenting on the failing economy and the president's unpopularity. They spoke for about 3 hours before Frank piped up. "How'd you like to be President, I'll be Vice President. Hoover-Roosevelt 1920 will be an unstoppable team." Herb was taken aback. "Frank I'd love to." The two men shook hands and a great partnership was formed.
Monday June 28th 1920, San Fransciso

The Democratic National Convention was just started and it was decided before the doors even opened. Herbert Clarck Hoover, a national hero and a man from the Hughes administration known for his work feeding those who are hungry, swept the nomination.
"My fellow Americans, today we stand in a rut. Poverty is abundent and misery aplently. With the help of god, as your president I shall work to eliminate poverty with the help of the American people." ~Mr. Hoover's closing line.
"My friend Herbert Hoover and I offer you all a New Deal, something better than what the Republicans and President Hughes are offering you." ~Governor Roosevelt during his acceptence speech.
Tuesday, June 8th, 1920 in Chicago Illinois.

The Republican National Convention convened in Chicago to renominate President Hughes, who by this point had to be begged to run again. However, he was begged to not because he was beloved, but because no other Republican wanted to face the expected landslide defeat that was expected in November. The President selected Illinois Governor Frank Lowden as his running mate due to Vice President Fairbanks passing away in 1918.
President Hughes spoke about his accomplishments but his failures were much more glaring. Hughes pressed his advancements of women's and minority rights at the ballot box and his slight reforms.
1920 United States Election.
As Millions of Americans went to the polls, the Great Humanitarian looked sure to win. His platform of rebuilding America and an isolationist foreign policy (the latter of which was ripped straight out of Senator Harding's playbook) and while President Hughes ran a decent campaign he could not overcome Hoover's popularity and his own unpopularity. The result was that Mr. Hoover became the 30th President of the United States and the first man without Military or Government experience to hold the office. President-Elect Hoover looked like the perfect man to lead America with Vice President-Elect Roosevelt by his side.


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