chinese civil war

  1. WI: Operation Downfall Succeeded

    Would have South Japan and North Japan Divided instead West Germany and East Germany? Would have Anime, Manga and Light Novel Never Exist? Would Have South and North Japan Reunification instead West Germany and East Germany Reunification 1990? Would Have Soviet Invaded Korea? Would Kuomintang...
  2. jhuro

    WI: A socialist Republic of China in the 1920s?

    Is it possible for the left wing of the Kuomintang to become the dominant player in China during the early warlord period? Perhaps it could end up being a reversal of the OTL Chinese Civil War, with a right-KMT government waging a guerilla war in the countryside. I know Stalin initially...
  3. China WI: Xiong Xianghui gets caught?

    Xiong Xianghui was a CCP spy who worked as a secretary to Hu Zongnan, one of the Nationalists' top generals, sending all sorts of important information regarding KMT moves to the Communist leadership. His biggest contribution to the Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War happened in early...
  4. Ana Luciana II

    AHC: Maximise Chinese Army for Second Sino-Japanese War

    A great deal of ink has been expended regarding the unpreparedness and inefficiency of the Nationalist Chinese Revolutionary Army in the years leading up to 1937. So with as late a POD as possible let’s maximise the Chinese Revolutionary Army in the run-up to WW2. Of course a lot of why the...
  5. TheDoofusUser

    WI : CKS dies in 1936 Xi'an Incident, Bai Chongxi becomes head of KMT

    in 1936, Chiang Kai Shek was temporarily deposed as leader of the KMT in the Xi'an Incident before re-obtaining power and making an alliance with the CCP that would later prove fatal to him (at least, that's what I get from it from a basic once over). What if, in an alternate timeline, Shek died...
  6. JaguarCD

    Altering the Qing dynasty so the Chinese Civil War would be less of a bloody slog?

    What events would need to be changed during the late Qing era so the future warring factions would fight for a shorter time and without killing nearly as many civilians?
  7. Sarthak

    Swap the fates of Taiwan and Hainan

    With a PoD of 1946 make sure that the PRC still wins the Chinese Civil War, but they successfully manage to take Taiwan but the ROC remains doggedly in Hainan. What would the effects of such a swap be in the geopolitics of the region?
  8. Sarthak

    The Chinese United Front Endures - China becomes a 2-Party State

    Following the Invasion of Manchuria, the pro-reconciliation members of the CCP were finally outmaneuvered by the hardliners OTL, and following the breakdown of negotiations in Nanjing in 1946 due to diplomatic dishonesty from both sides, the KMT and CCP re-established the Chinese Civil War which...
  9. mspence

    WI Chiang Kai-Shek Removed From Power During Civil War?

    Based on this: "The Xi'an Incident, previously romanized as the Sian Incident, was a political crisis that took place in Xi'an, Shaanxi in 1936. Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Nationalist government of China, was detained by his subordinate generals Chang Hsüeh-liang (Zhang Xueliang) and Yang...
  10. TheDoofusUser

    CCW Questions

    So I've been on a recent Chinese Civil War binge and I've recently come to the conclusion that 1) the KMT needed to win the war between 1927-1934 and 2) for a right-wing KMT victory, CKS was not the best pick as leader, especially given how he sacrificed his best trained divisions in the Sanghai...
  11. 中国支配戦争 (War of Chinese Domination)

    "Do you know how a Komodo Dragon hunts, gentlemen? They say the animal strikes the poor prey from its spot, and if it escapes the first attack the creature then trail it for days or weeks until the bacteria injected by the bite kills the animal. When I review our recent military history, I say...
  12. Second Sino-French War over Indochina

    POD 1934 long march fails completely CCP is eliminated Second Sino Japanese war still happens, KMT hold out until Japan is defeated and surrenders to USA , Chiang occupies japanese occupied china and He is allowed to occupy Indo China until French return as in OTL but refuses to withdraw since...
  13. The_Persian_Cat

    AHC/WI: Successful Yuan Shikai?

    Hello all, Yuan Shikai was a Chinese Revolutionary general who became president of the Republic of China in 1912. His tenure is widely regarded as little more than a corrupt dictatorship, and in 1915, he went so far as to abolish the Republic and proclaim a new "Chinese Empire," styling himself...
  14. AltoRegnant

    KMT Victory; Could The Soviets Prop Up Manchuria Similar To US and Taiwan?

    OTL, with the defeat of the KMT and the flight to taiwan, the US Navy and USAF was a big part in keeping the country alive, even after we stopped actively recognizing it. So, i was wondering if in a KMT victory, the Soviets could use the Red Army and the air force to keep the communist forces in...
  15. European US Japan Intervention in Chinese warlord era

    what if US, Japan and Europeans Intervened in Chinese warlord era to keep China divided like they did to Boxer rebellion ? will it succeed? can they carve out satellite states out China
  16. The_Persian_Cat

    PRC "Taiwan" in Mongolia?

    Hey all, So as we all know, the Kuomintang was forced to evacuate mainland China for Taiwan in 1949. The Chinese Civil War may be de facto over, but the Kuomintang government in Taiwan is still known as the "Republic of China," still claims to be the rightful government over all of China, and...
  17. WI: Chinese Communists win the Chinese Civil War before 1937?

    If they Chinese Communists had somehow managed to achieve total victor and crush the KMT and the warlords before before 1937, is there anything they could have done to strengthen China so it could do better against Japan? Not necessarily defeat them, but at least lose less territory? I highly...
  18. Gillan1220

    Why did the United States have a love-hate relationship with the KMT and how could it have been repaired to prevent the rise of the PRC?

    What is says on the tin. What caused this rift between Truman and Chiang? How could the U.S. and the KMT reset relations so that the ROC would not lose control of the mainland?
  19. What would be the impact of independent Republic of Canton during Cold War after communists government took over rest of Mainland China?

    Second picture shows the impact of the end of good alternate ending of Vietnam War in July 1975.
  20. At what point was a Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War inevitable?

    I've heard people say that by 1945, Communist victory was inevitable. They usually contend that the Communists were very popular and that KMT corruption would have doomed their chances of victory regardless of any hypothetical changes in Nationalist strategy. Personally, I've been under the...