1. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    Man, Moment, Machine: The Lobster War of ‘63

    May 2nd, 1963, in the South Atlantic, a transatlantic fishing dispute had escalated into a confrontation and in time the standoff between two respectable navies would lead to global repercussions in a shot heard around the world, one in which would change international maritime law forever. The...
  2. TheeHistoryBuff

    What if Franz Joseph I married his first love, Anna of Prussia? Empress Anna of Austria ATL?

    What would have happen if Franz Joseph (aka Empress Sisi's husband) was able to marry the first woman he loved before sisi, Princess Anna of Prussia (Otl Landgravine of Hesse)? Story goes he wanted to marry her but she was already engaged to Prince Fredrick of Hesse-Kassel (the widower of Grand...
  3. TheeHistoryBuff

    What if Nicholas II married Maud of Wales?

    Maud (OTL Queen of Norway) and Nicky were first cousin via their mothers, (Alexandra and Dagamar/Minnie of Denmark). Apparently, she was Alexander III's favorite niece, so that the match isn't completely implausible. Keep in mind, this is a scenario if Nicky and Alix didn't meet at Ella and...
  4. Oth Thakom

    Beyond Vinland

    Beyond Vinland is an Alternate History Project created on the Whatifalthist discord server where the focus is on the butterfly effect from Iceland's independence after a lightning strikes and burns down a Church in the year 1000, influencing Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi's decision regarding the...
  5. A Storm Blows and Europe Changes: An Experiment With Enhanced Butterflies in 1170 Ireland
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke was sailing to Ireland to claim the Overlordship of the Kingdom of Leinster granted to him by his Majesty, Henry II. That Henry II did not own Leinster to portion out was irrelevant to Richard's mind. He intended to seize the Norse-Gaelic port towns of Dublin...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    If Cape Colony remains Dutch, would WW1 still happen?

    If The Netherlands manage to keep the Cape Colony in a 1815-POD, will World War I still happen?
  7. Friedrich der Große

    If the Belgian Revolution never happened, would WW1 still happen?

    So basically this: If the Belgian Revolution never happened and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive, would WW1 still happen, or wouldn’t it because of the butterflies?
  8. Sarthak

    1950s British Economic Sanity Options and its Butterflies

    Now many threads regarding sanity options have been done, mainly (read: all) revolving around WW2 and WW1. However how about a Sanity option thread regarding British economics from exactly 1st Jan, 1950. Also discuss potential economic policies that would have been good and beneficial for...
  9. King in the North!
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: The King in the North! July 8, 1709, Poltava, Russian Empire It was the early morning. The army of the Swedish General Carl Roos was smashing through the Russian forces and overwhelming the first 2 redoubts, forcing the Russians back to the 3rd. This was the battle that was expected...
  10. GameBawesome

    WI: No conquest of Alexander the Great

    What if Alexander the Great, never conquered anything. Hypothetically, let’s say that Philip II still gets assassinated, but Alexander and his mother gets killed by loyal followers of Philip II, who place Alexander’s half brother, Philip III on the throne. What butterfly effects could happen...
  11. Valdore Javorsky

    (Intensity of) alternate colonial borders with 1850s PoD?

    Hey alternate historians, I've been working on this certain timeline for a while (some people already know it) which has an 1852 PoD. The PoD, a magical awakening (oh did i mention it was a bit asb? probably not, because that doesn't really matter regarding this question) plunges parts of the...
  12. If Ireland gained independence much earlier, how unlikely is it that WW1 still happens?

    So, I'm working on an alternate history novel. If Ireland gained independence way early (I'm not precise on when, but before the Irish Potato Famine), how unlikely is it that WW1 similar to as we know it (with the German Empire, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, etc) would occur? I mean...
  13. Gasmask134

    Impact of Alternate History on Military Equipment?

    So one thing that I see in a lot of AH media is that whenever in a POD for a war or major political change happens weaponry used stays the same as OTL. I'll give a hypothetical example, say the Whites win the Russian Civil War in the early 1920's instead of the Bolsheviks, when you reach 1941...
  14. WI: Effects of a South Korean victory

    Something I've been curious for a long time is if the South Korean-UN coalition was able to win the Korean War. I understand that something like this would be very unlikely, but if the whole "let's nuke Manchuria" situation never came to pass and they were able to defeat the North Koreans and...