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  • Jason14k

  • I was wondering do you think you may try a story where the SI is a republic officer during the clone wars?
    KnightofTempest 1
    I typically don't read force user stories, there's too many of them. So unless you're a regular guy. . .
    Oh I agree with you on that and I meant a non force user SI is a made an officer in the Republic Navy after the Battle of Geonosis, who along with just trying to survive the endless waves of droids, has to deal with jedi with no military leadership skills what so ever leading the charge, and in the future is the foreboding shadow of the Empire.
  • Rolen Keng

    Rolen Keng

  • umm.. I want to ask what does it mean by you are kicked?
    Aguss 1
    I think it is a temporary expulsion (one week) in the account for writing something wrong, insulting, trolling, etc.
  • Jason14k

  • I don't mean to be pushy but when do you think that you might be able to update The Oddysey but just have so much potential also I love agument stories.
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