1. How early would have ended WW1 if America had joined the Entente after the sinking of the Lusitania and the Ottoman Empire stayed neutral

    Let's say that The Ottoman Empire stayed Neutral and there was a republican US President during WW1, either Roosevelt was reelected in 1908 and 1912 or Teddy picked Elihu Root to Run in 1912 and any of them pressured the Congress to declare War on Germany after the sinking of the Lusitania...
  2. MemphisC

    A Game of Rats and Italians: an Atari Nintendo Merger TL
    Threadmarks: Intro

    in 1983; Warner Bros was at a tipping point with Atari due to the video game crash that started due to oversaturation of consoles and some terrible games like ET, the failure of the 5200, and the general culture of Atari at the time was a complete mess on how it is ran during the time was not...
  3. What if Elihu Root was elected president in 1912?

    Teddy is reelected in 1908, and Taft became a Supreme Court Judge. So Teddy Picked his Secretary of State Elihu Root to run In 1912. With No split vote, Elihu Root became president in 1912 with Hiriam Johnson as his VP. How this would change WW1? Your Opinions?
  4. What if Elihu Root was elected president in 1908?

    Taft initially declined to be president, so Teddie picked the US Secretary of State Elihu Root as his successor, Would he have been a better president than Taft? With his age would he step down and not seek reelection in 1912 ?, Like Hayes did, For the record He was 67 in 1912. 1880 when Hayes...
  5. House of Wessex: A Tale of an Alternate Battle of Hastings
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Battle of Hastings, 16 October, 1066, Harold Godwinson, Rightful King of England, gazes on the scene before him: the ships of William of Normandy burning, his army scattered and William Dead, slain by an arrow. The battle of two days ago had lasted for over seven hours until the English...
  6. IsaacXII

    The Dawn of a Century: an Iberian timeline
    Threadmarks: Castile 1475

    Asturias, Spain, December 1475 "Checkmate!" the Princess of Asturias exclaimed as she moved her knight across the checked board. She looked up at her mother and gleamed, basking in her achivement. "Excellent. You are learning very fast, Isabel" Queen Isabel of Castile congratulated her...
  7. BigBoy88

    -Project National Glory- Taiwan's reinvasion of the mainland and constructing a feasable timeline

    Hello everyone, I'm new to posting here. And I've been developing a timeline that involves a major event, a North-South China divide/continuation of the Chinese Civil war. From what I've got the TL has some significant key-events changed a few years before in the 40s and 50s, that lead to a...
  8. El Decentralizado: Philippine HRE

    Starting today, every two weeks this TL shall be focused from now on, the same shall occur with the Empire TL. Two weeks for each TL.
  9. Jaiken

    Going Rabbid: Nintendo And Ubisoft Timeline

    The year is 1996 and Ubisoft is looking for investors to donate to its growth. Knowing they could use a developer to further their grip in Europe alongside Rare the Big N decides to invest into the company. A start up company like this would be going places; especially, after hearing of...
  10. What if World War 2 never ended? (In Europe)

    I’m working on a story where WWII is still going on in Europe and I am not sure what would have to happen for this to actually happen. Could you guys help me with this?
  11. Eugene McCarthy v. George McGovern

    I am curious about my own personal AH ideas and one dilema that came to me is which "anti-war" candidate would be more preferable. So, I wanted to ask on here which sounds like a more interesting anti-war candidate Eugene McCarty: The U.S. Senator with a massive following among the college...
  12. Alternate History Scenario: Albania isn't conquered by the Ottoman Empire but instead it's under Venetian Control.

    I just want to possibly start a forum for a timeline in which the Ottomans never conquer Albania, but Albania is under control of the Republic of Venice. In this scenario I would think that the boundaries of Venetian Albania would be around its modern day borders. I would be interested to see...
  13. RiverDelta

    Examples of AH Non-Chronological Timelines?

    I'm in the early stages of working on a timeline, and I'm told that non-chronological timelines are a thing. RvBOmally's Space Cadet and Ad Astra Per Aspera are examples of that. Does anyone have any examples of more traditional AH-style timelines done in a non-linear or non-chronological kind...
  14. Ninja2006

    OPEN DISCUSSION: Earlier Adult Swim

    Name says it all. What if Adult Swim started earlier? I'd say about 1999. Launch Lineup Fridays September 1999 11PM: Family Guy(TV-PG-DLSV) 11:30PM: Ed, Edd and Eddy(TV-PG-V)-For Slapstick Violence 12AM: Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast(TV-PG) 12:30AM: Cartoon Planet(TV-G) 1AM: Dirty...
  15. Mister devilfinger

    What if island of Great Britain goes the path of anglo-celtic instead of anglo-normans?

  16. A Napoleon Victory Scenario

    By the way, before I start, I gotta tell you that my maps aren't that good so... Anyways, for this alternate timeline, Napoleon is able to get his niece Charlotte to marry Ferdinand of Asturias aka Spanish King Carlos IV's son and heir some time in the future. This allows Napoleon to use...
  17. TheMatthew25

    The Americans Stay Strong in St. Louis: The History of the St. Louis Americans of the NHL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An Unlikely New Start.

    "I wasn't planning to upload this till the new year but I after getting it proofed reader by a friend and being able to create the logo and jersey. Well, I might as well try and see what everyone thinks. The story is created due to the "Sports What-if" Thread about the Brooklyn Americans and how...
  18. Nova Aetas
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    I'm new on this forum so I'm not fully sure how it works, I have been working on this timeline over the last few years on and off, revamping it entirely several times over, because of this there's probably a hundred different documents and maps that all now have various degrees of canonicity...
  19. Confederate Illinois?

    Hello I would like to know what could get southern Illinois often called little Egypt to successful have secession against union Illinois? I amopenly curious because in the beginning there was serous talk of this happening.
  20. Cuba WI: Eduardo Chibás survived?

    Eduardo Chibás was a Cuban politician who denounced corruption in the government during the presidencies of Ramón Grau and Carlos Prío, and established a political party called the Orthodox Party. It was a left-wing party that he formed in response to government corruption, and he ran as a...