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The Race, but not their Empire, ISOT to OTL 2007

The Race, but not their Empire, ISOT to OTL 2007 is an ASB Timeline and Fan Novella by Pkmatrix describing the social, political, and psychological aftermath of the Race from Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series being ISOTed from their fictional world into a realistic interpretation of OTL in October 2007. In a twist, only individuals and certain other objects, such as buildings where there is none in OTL or items in personal possession, have been transported, robbing the Race of most of their advanced technology and hardware. Suddenly no longer the dominant power on Earth and now at the mercy of Real World nations, the Race must also come to terms with the revelation that they were only characters in a series of science fiction novels, implying that they may be the only survivors of their species.

The story is told in three major parts, covering events in late 2007, early 2009, and fall/winter 2029, from the points of view of several (mostly alien) characters. Scenes are divided by excerpts from news articles ten years in the future, filling in the gaps in the timeline. The timeline was most active from 2007 until 2010, and is technically not yet complete. The last update was in September 2014, and as of December 2019 it remains on indefinite hiatus although Pkmatrix considers it de facto completed.

It can be read here.


The story is set throughout the world, but most of the action takes place in the United States and Australia.

Point of Divergence

The Race - specifically, the 120 Million individuals on Earth - are taken from 6 October 1962 in the Worldwar timeline and dropped into OTL on 6 October 2007. The story's version of the Real World splits from OTL slightly earlier, on 27 September 2007, when scientists around the world observe a spike in cosmic radiation striking Earth's atmosphere.



  • Harry Turtledove - The author of the Worldwar novels, who finds himself thrust into the middle of an international crisis.
  • Irving Jeffery Rhimes - Pastor of the Crosstime Confederated Church.
  • John Howard - Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Alexander Downer - Foreign Minister of Australia.
  • Tripp Johnston - A friendly and open-minded student at Columbia University.


  • Straha - A former Shiplord of the Race living Los Angeles, CA before the Event.
  • Atvar - Viceroy of the Race and Fleetlord of the Conquest Fleet, a kinsmale of the Emperor.
  • Kirel - Shiplord of the Conquest Fleet's bannership, the 127th Emperor Hetto, and the Race's second-in-command.
  • Risson - A young male Architect born on Earth and raised in the Australian Outback.
  • Ekkit - A young male studying Political Science at Columbia University who holds extremist anti-Tosevite views.

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