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Gundams and Halos

Gundams and Halos is an ASB timeline by Pkmatrix in the chronological list style which crosses over various Gundam universes with the Halo franchise. The timeline has gone to some length presenting a universe that mixes elements of both while also trying to maintain a sense of continuity with the present day world, leading up to the inevitable first contact between the Human race and the Covenant. It was first posted in March 2013 and as of June 2013 covers the period from 2011 through 2496.

It can be read here.


The timeline covers a wide range of locations across several star systems:

Sol System

  • Earth - The Human homeworld and the main setting of the timeline until the discovery of Faster-than-Light travel. It eventually comes to sport a trio of Space Elevators and a ring of space-based Solar Energy collectors collectively known as the “Solar Power System”. The dominant Human powers all hail from Earth: the Union for Solar Power and Free Nations, the European Union, and the Human Reform League.
  • Earth's Moon - An early focus of Humanity's colonization efforts.
  • Mars - An early focus of Humanity's colonization efforts.
  • Jupiter - Human exploration of the Jovian system plays a prominent role in the timeline's first half.

Epsilon Eridani

  • Reach - Formerly Epsilon Eridani e. An “Earth Twin”, it is the destination of the European Union's first manned exosolar expedition and the first exosolar planet colonized by the Human race.
  • Circumstance - The third planet of the Epsilon Eridani system and the birthplace of Zodiac Alliance co-founder Patrick Zala.
  • Tribute - The fourth planet of the Epsilon Eridani system and a hotbed of insurrectionist activity.

Epsilon Indi

  • Shoucheng - Formerly Epsilon Indi d. Heavily colonized by the Human Reform League, and the adopted home of radical politician and philosopher Dr. Zeon Deikun.

Point of Divergence and Influences

The timeline begins and splits off from OTL in September 2011 when scientists at CERN in Switzerland and LNGS in Italy observe Neutrinos passing through Slipspace, proof that faster-than-light travel is possible, but erroneously determine that their instruments are faulty.

From that point forward, the timeline becomes a mix of elements from Gundam's Universal Century, Gundam's Cosmic Era, and Gundam's After Colony era while using the background of Gundam 00 as the skeleton. There is a second Point of Diversion in April 2301 which butterflies away the events of Gundam 00 itself, after which elements of Halo become more and more prominent.

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