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From the Streets of Detroit : America's Auto Powerhouse

A late 20th century US automotive industry timeline created by TheMann. You can read the timeline here or use the chapter guide available below.


(1.) What Could Have Been (With A Twist)

(2.) Big Tech, Big Bucks, Big Egos and Big Wins

(3.) Be Aware Of Everything, Be Afraid Of Nothing

(4.) The Nearly Unthinkable Hits Chrysler, American Small Car Invasion, Pugs, Pentastars and Soccer Moms

(5.) New People, New Times and New Cars

(6.) Detroit Goes Aero, GM Starts Thinking Global, AMC Goes Rallying, Chrysler Returns to Europe in force and Detroit turns Formula One into a Battleground

(7.) The Hyperpower, The Sport Utility Vehicle, Power Horses and New Ways of Travelling

(8.) Mergers and Acquisitions, Sports Car Revolution, Japan Strikes Back and The Birth of the Electric Car

(9.) For Those That Know The Score....

Alternate US presidential elections from their divergence in 1980

(10.) If You Want to Improve the Breed, You Go Racing

(11.) Travel Of The Future, Wall Street Faces its Nightmares and the Cars of Tomorrow Arrive

(12.) The Small Car Revolution, Diesel Power, Hybrid Theory, The Big City of Detroit and the Need For Speed

(13.) The New American City, Trucks For That City, Toyota Guns For The Young, The New Magna and The First Black President

(14.) The Power of a Tesla, Dreamers, Turbine Trains, Indian Cars in America, Lincoln's Mad LS and The Return of the Roadmaster

Status of automobile manufacturing companies in the mid-2010s

(15.) The Time of Innovation, Batteries and Biofuels, Round Two of the British Invasion, Recycling Into Cars, New Detroit Flagships, Supersonics and Spaceplanes

Overview of new Mass Transit networks in North American cities

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