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Alternate Alien3

A set of late 20th century popcultural timelines, written by Viewcode. They are short and both appeared in a discussion thread about ATL versions of the film, started by John Fredrick Parker.

Premise and POD

The 1992 film Alien3 was the third in the Alien franchise. Its two predecessors were regarded as leaders in their subgenres and the third film was hoped to follow in this tradition. But the shoot was troubled: Sigourney Weaver didn't commit until late, and directors and scripts came and went. The result was a mishmash of a film which, (whilst well-regarded in some quarters), was seen as an underperformance and the franchise didn't really recover critical and financial acclaim until Prometheus in 2013.

A discussion was opened here. Viewcode wrote two scenarios for alternate versions. You can see them below.


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