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Stories: Writing Challenges

This index lists various writing challenges proposed by members of the board. Links to individual stories can be found at the original challenge thread.

Doctor What's and Talwar's writing challenges (2010-2011)

Writing Challenge (Correspondence format) - A story in which the entire thing is written in correspondence format.

Halloween Challenge - All stories must be PRECISELY 666 words long.

Writing Challenge - "It had been a long year." opening line

Writing Challenge - 'Extinction' (all stories must touch on the concept of extinction)

Writing Challenge - Twitter format (all stories must be exactly 140 characters in length)

Writing Challenge - 'Follow the Money' (all stories must involve the 6 billion U.S. dollars in stolen money in Iraq in some shape or form)

"Cyberpunk writing challenge: Hometown" by LeftsideLock (2019-2020)


Petike's writing challenge (2022-present)

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