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A member from Portugal. Not to be confused with Archangel Michael or Arch-Angel. Noted for being a delightfully pleasant chap who always wishes everyone a happy birthday and comments positively on numerous timelines and stories.


Author of the short stories:

  • Dark days over the world - a Shattered World Story: A fanfiction story set in Bobby Hardenbrook's Shattered World Timeline, presenting an inside view of Portugal, and other European countries, through the eyes of people from various countries and various political and social origins;
  • Morning news: a near-ASB story set in a world where the Confederacy barely won the American Civil War. A world where some nations, like the alt-USA, took a very different path (and different politics);
  • Letter of complaint: a short story, showing an unusual religious discrimination in a less fortunate corner of the galaxy, a galaxy where many nations live in a better life (depending on the things we value in a society), but not everything is perfect (and where the distant past makes For All Times look slightly positive);
  • Writing challenge III - Left Behind: A member of a secretive organization observes the end of the world while anxiously awaits his rescue by that organization;
  • Writing challenge III - Poena: A Wolf-dog with mind controlling powers encounters something stronger than him;
  • Prandial Visions: A mass murderer expiates his sins as a maggot forever, but retaining some of his memories as well as absorbing some of the memories of his meals;
  • The Custodian: A librarian reminisces about his past work at a planet-wide cultural repository for the Galaxy;

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