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Desert planet featuring in Wars, the equivalent of Tatooine from Star Wars. Home planet of Landshark and Luakel Slywanker. Features in every film except Episode 5.

The name is a reference to the fact that, in many ways, the original Tatooine was a shameless ripoff of Frank Herbert's Dune: the Sand People as slightly more brutalised Fremen, the 'moisture farmers' instead of Dune's water merchants and windtraps, and the general desert setting. Most blatant was the fact that people are referred to as 'smuggling spice' in the original Star Wars film. In Wars this is mentioned as 'spiceimeanspice'.

The chief city is Arrakeenimeanmoseisley, a similar joke based on Arrakeen/Mos Eisley. Unlike Star Wars, Wars adds continuity by using the same town in both series instead of two different ones.

Arrakisimeantatooine is inhabited by humans, various aliens, and the native dwarf Australians (Jawas) who act somewhat like the Australians in Mad Max and the Dust Bunnies (Sand People). As the Dust Bunnies were originally not a very interesting concept, Thande turned them into a Goa'uld/Jaffa Stargate parody when they reappeared in Episode 2.

“Sand farming” is a major industry on Arrakisimeantatooine, in which isolated homesteads 'farm sand' and sell it to the cities. Despite the fact that the entire planet is a desert. As sand farmer Justin Pickard put it, “So it's a buyer's market right now, so what?”

The deserts are home to a vicious creature known as the Sandwormimeansarlacc (another Dune ripoff reference) and the crimelord Santa the Fatt fed his prisoners to it as a form of execution.

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