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You are Hetalia

An Role-Playing Game, created by Turquoise Blue that lets people play National Personifications (à la the manga and anime Hetalia: Axis Powers). It later received a spinoff, You Are Hetalia - The Dark Ages.

List of Player Characters

Gwendolen Jones aka the European Union. Played by Turquoise Blue. Can speak all European languages and used to have natural blue hair. It is revealed that she is a Valkyria1) when she gave birth to Aurore.

Hannibal Glas aka Germany (more specifically, Brandenberg) played by wiiguy. Can make German cars via magic. Also has enormously high alcohol tolerance. Has random stashes of weapons hidden throughout the World Hall.

Matthew Bretton aka America (more specifically, New England) played by Sidheach. Never suffers negative effects from eating/smoking/drinking/snorting, can produce any weapon from nowhere.

Emma Elreka-Viridian aka Belgium, played by Hetalia. New, clueless, flirtative, definitely a femme fatale. Has the abilities of a Valkyria2), and a good sniper with her trusty SCAR-H LB3) with Schmidt & Bender MKII telescopic sights, and a detachable silencer.

Selvaria Glas aka East Prussia/Kaliningrad Oblast, played by PrussianPhilippines. Serious, mysterious and an introvert. Being a Valkyria4), she shares the same abilities as Emma and Gwen. Little is known about her except that she was a former nun, and was Belarus and Courland's biological (real) mother.

Jose da Silva aka Brazil, played by Patukov. Corrupt (gives and accept bribes), excellent with improvisation, never gives up and is friendly with everyone (some friendly rivalry with Argentina, however). Just recently begun to act on the international stage, “New Rich” attittude.

Manuel António Guimarães Pinto aka Portugal, played by ByzantineCaesar. Green hair, quite nationalistic, has an annoying peasant accent and a merchant. Buddies with Brazil and licking the boots of the EU.

Lars van Gogh aka Netherlands (more specifically, Dutch Republic), played by Libertad. Possesses the ability called “Midas Touch”. A good banker, merchant, stock broker, painter and economist. Quite a sociable individual with a sense of intruding in other's business (though not as much as America) and sometimes, a narcissistic pride. He loves painting and enjoys sailing, surfboarding and wakeboarding. He likes navies too and collects boats and ships as a hobby. He also smokes marijuana, perhaps a bit much.

Magnus Densen aka Denmark5), played by FerbFletcher2014. Full of youthful vigor and humor (being a former Viking Warrior), as well as very fair, delegative and aristocratic, to the point where it is very easy to get along with him (especially his lifelong BFF, Netherlands) but can sometimes be so naïve and nerdy, being an avid fan of “TransFormers” (he looks up to Optimus Prime's bada*s aptitude and attitude) and “Phineas and Ferb” (he looks up to Ferb Fletcher's coolness). He blatantly ignores offensive and aggressive social tones, maintaining a cheery demeanor. He prefers to just be his awesome self, even if he is a former Viking warrior of his beloved kingdom after all. His weapon of choice when needed is his ever-trusty battle axe that is just as big and heavy as his body that only he has the power to carry and control it. When provoked to anger, he can turn into Berserker Viking Mode6), which is like he's fighting like it's Ragnarök, or the end of the world.

William Viridian played by Cascade Failure.

Until near the end of the last game, there were four players, who for the lolz, shall be called the Old Guard:

Turquoise Blue, wiiguy, Cascade Failure and Sidheach

The Newer players, PrussianPhillippines, Hetalia, Libertad, FerbFletcher2014, ByzantineCaesar and Patukov joined in the begging of Hetalia II, except for PrussianPhilippines and Hetalia. (So does that make PrussianPhilippines and Hetalia the Young Guards?)

List of Important NPCs

Mayu Hamasaki aka Japan- Quiet, formal, perverted

Ludwig Beilschmidt aka Imperial Germany- Evil, resentful, power-hungry, and trollish

Keelan Newell aka Ireland- Protective and crazy

Francoise Lafayette aka France- Quiet, talkative in close company, abusive past

Alfred Comtois aka Canada- Bitter, cynical, pyromaniac

Adolf Konrad Leitz aka Weimar Germany- Bitter, suicidal

Oskar Jakob Brant aka Bayern- arrogant, competitive with Germany

Franklin Washington aka the American South (now called the Old South)- Half-Sarcastic, Competitive with America, Gentleman. Missing a leg.

Elisabetha Rodriguez aka the former American and Canadian West. Deceased.

Manuel/Elena Hernandez Perez aka the present American and Canadian West. Has a split mind, due to Mayu.

Lionel Bretton aka the American North (excepting New England). Considers himself America.

Andrew Bretton aka the Third Generation Confederate States. Confused most of the time, but brave.

Maria Habsburg aka the Republic of Austria. A bit too free with her body… Part of Matt's Harem.

Miki Townley aka the North Pole. Normally cold (literally). Part of Matt's Harem.

The Inspector, a powerful entity that sets tests on the NatPeople. Looks like a man in his fifties, in a suit and bowler hat.

List of Players who left

Jacob aka China played by ZIM19

Ian aka Russia played by Whumbly

Selvaria Glas aka East Prussia/Kaliningrad played by PrussianPhilippines.

William Viridian aka the United Kingdom (more specifically Southern England) played by Cascade Failure. Left 15/03/2012, after 50 days playing.

In Game Timeline Changes and Events

Pre Massacre

Since the game began, the players have made an impact on the timeline the game is in, by changing how their countries act, via their own actions. A prime example of this, is that America now has 112 states.

In no specific order:

-The EU and Germany are very close, and the Hannibal (Germany) has made Gwen (EU) pregnant. The same can be said for Britain and France (minus the pregnancy), though it is a fairly bizarre relationship. America and Ireland had a brief relationship before Ireland left America for Canada. America now is dating Japan. More on that below.

-Early on, the UK nearly destroyed the Hall when he jumped down from the ISS sattelite.

-Two large battles have been fought, once against the reincarnated German Imperial Army and a horde of monarchist mercenaries in Namibia, the second in Alsace-Lorraine against every skinhead and neonazi in the world. The first was fought by Germany, England and France, the second with the whole of the EU, Russia, and America.

-After the drug cartels in Mexico became too powerful, and the Mexican personification fell into a coma, Germany, America, the UK and France invaded, and Mexico is now under occupation.

-Ireland is under occupation by German and British forces, after it launched an attack on Germany, Hanover specifically, after Mathew kissed Hanover's hand, which I assume translates as giving diplomatic praise. Keelan, it turns out, is crazy as balls.

-Croatia and the Ukraine joined the EU.

-Greece was kicked out of the EU.

-Cambria and America joined a Welsh fire crew on a brief pyromanical rampage across Wales.

-Mexico has been annexed to the US, as well as several South American countries.

-Canada burnt down Geneva Airport when America ruined his bedroom.

-Germany and America both have major issues concerning the stability and unity of their specific nations.

-The Restoration of Normality, an anti-NatPeople organization, has appeared…

Post Massacre

The RoT, Restoration of Normality, backed by the American Politician Biden, attacked a gathering of all the Personifications. They possessed special weapons, that where able to harm NatPeople as though they where normal people. The effect of this is not known, but it is known, as in when Los Angeles was nuked and America felt as though he had taken a gut-punch, that damage to a nation translates as pain for their Personification, it is very likely that it works both ways. For theories as to why their weapons worked, see General Notes. The reason the implications of this are so terrible, is best shown in the incomplete Casualty list below:

-The Highlands



-West USA

-North England








Featured Survivors:

-Gwen (EU)

-Hannibal (Germany)

-Will (UK)

-Matthew (USA)

-Emma (Belgium)

-Selvaria (East Prussia/Kaliningrad)

-Jose (Brazil)

-Manuel (Portugal)

-Lars (Netherlands)

-Magnus (Denmark)

-Ian (Russia)

-Jacob (China)








-American South












-The Philippines

All unmentioned characters survived.

General Notes

Ok. This is a bit more informal than the rest. Everyone can edit this, for there own people.

Sidheach- His dude, Mathew, is a womaniser, a reformed alcoholic, loves to annoy Cascade and wiiguy, and to a lesser extent Turquoise. Let's not forget that Mathew is by far the most handsome out of everyone. He often has problems with his girlfriend's homicidal tentacle robot. He also owns a dog that is he reincarnated spirit of a certain dictator.

wiiguy- His character, Hannibal Glas, is prone to yelling really loudly, and has used capslock the most out of all of us. His dude is not afraid to use violence to solve problems with his nation, i.e. how he 'solved' Bayern. He also punches people if they don't stop acting like idiots. He turns insane when he gets behind the wheel.

Turquoise Blue- Her character, Gwen, gets involved in international affairs frequently, due to her position as the EU, and is pregnant thanks to Hannibal. She has suffered from less development than the rest as Blue has to control all the NPCs. Tragedy addict, examples, Keelan, Francoise's backstory, basically everything involving America, the whole nazi plot arc, most everything else.

All images here is only approximate.

Emma Elreka (Belgium) Emma as a Valkyria Selvaria Glas (East Prussia) Jose da Silva (Brazil) Gwen Jones (European Union)
Matt Bretton (America) Lars van Gogh (Netherlands) Magnus Densen (Denmark) Magnus Densen (Denmark) in Berserker Viking Mode7) Will Viridian (United Kingdom)
Hannibal Glas (Germany)
1) , 2) , 4)
The abilities of a Valkyria consists of; the ability to summon souls, protect allies and for last resort, she can annihilate enemies with an explosion equivalent to the Hiroshima bomb called the “Final Flame” at the cost of her own life.
Long Barrel/Designated Marksman Variant
more specifically, in order; the Kingdom of Denmark (single, before meeting Philippines), then the Commonwealth of Denmark-Philippines (in a relationship then engaged with Philippines), and ultimately, the United Kingdom of Denmark and The Philippine Islands (happily married with Philippines). See FerbFletcher2014 for a complete description of Denmark and his close relationship with Philippines.
6) , 7)
Unlike before that it is limited to only one hour of use, it is now available whenever he pleases, thanks to his great faith in God (The Berserker Viking Mode is God's gift to him). All he needs to do to be in this mode is to shout his battle cry, “Skål Danmark! (Dk. “Hail Denmark!”)” three times, where the third is to be shouted out loud that can be heard all over Copenhagen, his beloved capital city and all of Scandinavia.
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