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You are Hetalia: The Dark Ages

An Role-Playing Game, created by Hetalia that lets people play National Personifications (a la Hetalia: Axis Powers). It is essentially a continuation of the earlier roleplay You are Hetalia, created by Turquoise Blue. The Natpeople were sent by England back to the medieval ages, their aim is to change the Medieval history.

List of Player Characters

Aurore Fortier aka France. Played by Turquoise Blue. Has love for French food, disdain for the English and the Germans (Love for Wales unaffected). Very cultured, refined and elegant. Not afraid of a fight. Quite proud of herself, but (when England has half of France) obeys England, but not all the time. Very sarcastic. Uses French more when in England's company, just to annoy him. Often calls England “ma chere Angleterre” just to tease him.

Felicja Łukasiewicz aka Poland, played by Hetalia. She has a passion for fashion, making it a huge part in her life. This has made her more popular among the boys, much to the point of being sexually fantasized, and eventually, raped repeatedly by Mongolia. Despite being a gal, Felicja is stubborn as a mule, and can be very manly once in a fight. After being raped by Mongolia many times, she became Androphobic, afraid of men, which eventually made her a lesbian. But once she's gotten used to a man, she'll stick to him like glue, usually causing some trouble, and being pretty annoying. Her wide, unlimited imagination has proven to show useful in her life, mainly in the arts. An expert sewer, with many small job she'd taken to think of, design, and create the perfect dress for knights, and royalties. Sometimes while alone, she sings to herself while sewing, and those for witness it say she does quite well. She also seems quite proud of being able to do the splits. Also, she is a single mother, as the result of Mongolia's constant rapes, her daughter's name is Sawa, who represents Warsaw.

Maitiu Mac Sidheach aka Scotland played by Sidheach. He is in regards to women quite shy, has a rather large inferiority complex in regards to his brother England to the point that he vehemently hates him and secretly plots his downfall. Has a long standing crush on France that borders on stalking. Has a penchant for drinking and is quite skilled at the bagpipes.

Hrvoje Mačan aka Croatia, played by AlfredBNJ. Comes off aggressive to nations acting like bullies and fights back no matter how much bigger they are for better and for worse. He is known to be very clever and comes off that way to others, he doesn't go looking for fights be he is always going to respond to aggression the best way possible. He is known for wearing his traditional Lika Cap under any type of headgear he has on, regardless of being in battle or not. He favors the handžar by his side as his weapon of choice. He is also a hopeless romantic and comes off very charming and charismatic to many.

Borislava Sevar aka Bulgaria, played by Beedok. Always ready for a fight young Borislava is confrontational and over confident (claiming to rule the Greeks and all that). She's not very reliable, much to the annoyance of all her neighbours, but she isn't mean, just rather optimistic about her ability to take anyone on and build an empire.

Ragnar “the Red” Thorsson aka Icelandic Commonwealth, played by sum sine regno. Literate, a bit laid back, honourable, though he does tend to get involved in blood feuds, and also very legalistic he might want to sink an axe into your head but he'd rather get arbitration and do things legally. He is also very independent (some would say xenophobic), and would rather Iceland be left alone and its people not enslaved to the feudalism of other nations. Admires the Italian and other republics.

Magnus Densen aka Denmark, played by FerbFletcher2014. Full of youthful vigor and humor, as well as very fair, delegative and aristocratic, to the point where it is very easy to get along with him, but can sometimes be so naïve. He blatantly ignores offensive and aggressive social tones (especially the false impression of Vikings as a ruthless, barbaric people), maintaining a cheery demeanor. He prefers to just be his awesome self, even if he is a Viking warrior of his beloved kingdom after all. His weapon of choice is his ever-trusty battle axe that is just as big and heavy as his body that only he has the power to carry and control it. When provoked to anger, he can turn into Berserker Viking Mode1), which is like he's fighting like it's Ragnarök, or the end of the world. Another acquired power he got as a gift from God is his superiority on water2), hence he's twice as active at any body of water than in land.

Hannibal Glas aka Holy Roman Empire, played by wiiguy. Kind of confused about his identity, but still very powerful and respected. Quite aggressive, especially towards France and the Eastern Roman Empire.

Constantine Doukas aka Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire, played by ByzantineCaesar. Extremely arrogant and religious, imperialistic, paranoid, literate, fears Arabs, hates Bulgarians and Serbians, friendly to Russians, looks down on Latins.

Angela von Vorbeck-Ribbentrop aka Prussia or Brandenburg, played by MissWhatsittoya. Wears very Prussian style attire, speaks in a heavy Prussian accent, acts crazy and militaristic, can speak all forms of the German language, through in a very heavy Prussian accent, loves the city of Berlin.

List of Important NPCs

Arthur Kirkland aka England- Summoned the NatPeople to the medieval times. Possesses the power of magic, he can dictate the fate of the NatPeople if we wants. The Big Brother of the game

Selvaria Beilschmidt aka Teutonic Knight- Silent, mysterious, but has a good deal of sense of humour, pride, and optimism.

Heena Hardrada aka Ireland- Protective and crazy.

Lunemare Mac Sidheach aka Norway- Playboy and pacifistic, but becomes very violent when provoked.

Beelward Andersen aka Sweden- Playgirl, incestuous, a total whore, but maternal and brave.

Maria Juliana Emmerhart aka Austria- Playgirl, flirty, optimistic, a bit too free with her body… But critical in decisions.

Maximilian Von Raingrave aka Bayern- arrogant, competitive, and ambitious.

Elena Rodriguez aka Castille. Ambitious and willing to re-unite all of Hispania under her banner.

Dominic Rodriguez aka Barcelona. A genius knight, loves football. Assumed to be killed in action during the Crusade against the Moors.

Manuel Hernandez Perez aka Aragon. Has a split mind.

Sawa Khan aka Warsaw. Felicja and Mongolia's daughter.

Zeri Hedervary aka Hungary. Has a brave soul to fight, piously religious.

Liet Jogwald aka the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania. Confused most of the time, but brave.

Miki Meneski aka the Polotosk. Avid cross-dresser. Although envious to Felicja's beauty, she is protective to her.

Emilie Fortier aka Burgundy. Romantic and seductive. One of Aurore's daughters to Arthur.

Claire Fortier aka Brittany. Emilie's twin sister. Serious and critical, daddy's girl. One of Aurore's daughters to Arthur.

Alicia Fortier aka Toulouse. Loves baking, optimistic. One of Aurore's daughters to Arthur.

Anne Fortier aka Aquitaine. Rebellious and carefree. One of Aurore's daughters to Arthur.

Dominique Fortier aka Provence. Lone wolf, hates company, mysterious, emo, but a genius. Legends said that she is Aurore's daughter to a wolf, in reality though, she is Aurore's daughter to Dominic.

Suzette Fortier aka Alsace. Shy and well-refined. Aurore's daughter to Maximilian.

The Pope aka the Papacy. A powerful entity that sets tests on the NatPeople. Looks like a man in his fifties, in a Pope suit.

Rasul Darzi/Raoul Fortier aka Algeria. Once an proud pirate nation, now conquered by the French. Treated as one of Aurore's children, much to his surprise.

In Game Timeline Changes and Events

Since the game began, the players have made an impact on the timeline the game is in, by changing how their countries act, via their own actions. A prime example of this, is that Hundred Years' War had started Prematurely.

In no specific order:

-Mongolia invaded Eastern Europe, ends up raping Poland everytime the latter checks him, and eventually impreganting her.

-The Hundred Years' Wars started prematurely thanks to France's pre-emptive attack.

-Mongolia and Poland changed genders after England cursed them during the Battle of Paris. Consequently, the curse actually helped Poland overcome her fear of men.

-France is now engaged to England, effectively ending the war.

-A civil war has erupted within the Holy Roman Empire between the Liberals lead by Provence and the Conservatives lead by Austria. Although currently, the war is on cease fire due to Crusade.

-The Warsaw Pact has been established by Poland and Mongolia

-Constitutional monarchy established in many parts of Europe. Feudalism is falling prematurely.

-Muslims has waged war against Christendom. The Christians are now on a Crusade.

All images here is only approximate.

Felicja Łukasiewicz (Poland) Hrvoje Mačan (Croatia) Borislava Sevar (Bulgaria) Aurore Fortier (France)
Magnus Densen (Denmark) Magnus Densen (Denmark) in Berserker Viking Mode3) Arthur Kirkland (England) Hannibal Glas (Holy Roman Empire)
Constantine Doukas (Byzantine Empire) Ragnar “The Red” Thorsson (Iceland) Emilie Fortier (Burgundy)/ Claire Fortier (Britanny) Dominique Fortier (Provence), Early
Dominique Fortier (Provence), Late Anne (Aquitaine) and Alicia Fortier (Toulouse) Suzette Fortier (Alsace) Maitiu Mac Sidheach (Scotland)
Maria Juliana Emmerhart (Austria) Liet Jogwald (Lithuania) Angela von Vorbeck-Ribbentrop (Brandenburg-Prussia)
1) , 3)
Unlike before that it is limited to only one hour of use, it is now available whenever he pleases, thanks to his great faith in God (The Berserker Viking Mode is God's gift to him). All he needs to do to be in this mode is to shout his battle cry, “Skål Danmark! (Dk. “Hail Denmark!”)” three times, where the third is to be shouted out loud that can be heard all over Copenhagen, his beloved capital city and all of Scandinavia.
Ultimate Merman Mode, self-explanatory.
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