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Republic Refoundation Bill


On September 18, 2010, Lord Roem, First Consul of the Sandbox Republic, put “A Statement on the Future Proclamation of a New Order and the Refoundation of the Sandbox Republic” before the Congressional Assembly. This proposed a “Republic Refoundation Bill” to create a greater sense of nationalism through the establishment of national symbols for Sandbox.


Proposed Text of the Bill

BEING as it is beset by problems involved with a lack of momentum, not least caused by a failure to create basic symbols of nationhood, his Excellency, First Consul Lord Roem hereby sets out a Bill intended to create a new and bright order for the Sandbox Republic for the betterment of all and to stave off civil strife.

1. A competition and public poll, organised by the Minister of Protocol, Congressperson Paladin, shall be held to decide upon the following symbols for the Republic;

A. A flag of stunning taste and beauty (abiding by the laws of vexillology) B. Insignia for the Office of the First Consul, Congress and the City of Sandcastle C. A coat of arms for the Republic (abiding by the laws of heraldry) D. A national anthem 2. A memorandum on all rebel groups currently active within the Republic shall be passed, allowing them to surrender arms and return to law abiding society without criminal charges being brought against them. This memorandum shall be be active for a period of one week after said Bill is passed. Once elapsed, the Republic will begin a formal military campaign to totally destroy all non-democratic opposition.

3. A vote shall be held to remove Congresspeople and Cabinet Members who are absent without prior explanation for a period exceeding one month from their last communication with the Executive, Legislature and/or Judiciary.


Aero and Marix voted AYE.

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