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Micro-Worlda Map Series

Begun on this thread by Tangle, the Micro-Worlda is a 602×325 px quarter-size Worlda.

Why make this? A certain someone asked for it, and Tangle already had the quarter-size map. Other advantages include:

  • Easy to change and show information on large scales.
  • Useful for inset maps or mini-maps alongside a larger map, depicting the religion, economics, languages, blocs, alliances, the greatest extent of empires, or anything else to support the larger map.
  • Good for cranking out a quick scenario without stressing over precise borders.
  • Good for comparing to something bigger. Want Earth to be colonized by people from a Neptune-sized world? Well, now the Neptune-sized world doesn't have to be bigger than the Q-BAM to be proportional.
  • Adorable.

Current Micro-Worlda maps



Simple political basemap (2017)

Complete basemap with max divisions and boxes (2017)

Colored with RCS (2017)

Colored with X2 color scheme (2017)

Map of world languages


  • Aquagel8last320- Original motivation, much of Europe
  • Tangle - Scaled map, East North America, Indonesia, Siberia
  • XO Mapping - South America, West North America, Political Map South America, Political Map Europe
  • Xhavnak - Korea, Australia, Russia, Indonesia
  • BMN - Africa, Arabia, Pacific Isles, Antarctica
  • False Dmitri - Overhaul, political maps
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