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HRE Map Series

This project was suggested in a discussion on UCS extensions on the board.


Royal/Imperial Tombs

Link to the map: Tombs

Represents: Location of the tombs of all Frankish/German/(Holy) Roman Kings/Emperors, starting from Charlemagne; showing multiplicity

Editor: Boto von Ageduch


Map 01

Link to the map: Map 01

Represents: HRE 1789, roughly clipped to today's Germany/Luxemburg

Primary Source: map posted by Thande

Editors: Base map by Thande, colouring by Boto von Ageduch


  • Linking lines to indicate areas belonging together (also for uncoloured states)
  • different colours for distinct clerical possessions

Details on Colouring:

  • UCS-compatible
  • in the HRE, only the following areas are coloured: electorates, duchies, archiepiscopal and episcopal possessions, the two landgravates, the margravate of Baden, free cities, and lower-ranking territories linked to one of these by personal or legal union
  • Bavaria in Palatine colour
  • little mitres indicate imperial abbeys

Map 02

Link to the map: Map 02

– identical with Map 01, but without linking lines –

Map 03

Link to the map: Map 03

Represents: HRE 1789, including the whole area of the 1789 base map supplied by Thande Primary Source: map posted by Thande

Editors: Base map by Thande, colouring by Alex Richards


  • Differentiation between monastical and other ecclesiastical states, in pale yellow and pale orange.
  • differentiation between several minor duchies.

Details on Colouring:

  • UCS-compatible
  • As with the Thande original, but with the inclusion of the borders of several states accidentally missed (e.g. Bishopic of Passau) and the divisions between the Anhaltian duchies, the Hohenzollern and Reuss Principalities, and other such groups of states.
  • Key provided for added states.
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