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Wilsonian Belief

One of the New Board Religions of, founded by TheTimeRanger, whom apparently had seen the light that KOJIMA and Wilson gave to him.


Woodrow Wilson (Central figure, yet actually is the 38th Prophet of Kojima)
KOJIMA (Creator of reality, gods of all gods.)
Russell Crowe (the First, and the Fourth Prophet of Kojima)
Ridley and Tony Scott (Disciples of Crowe)
Gandhi the Ruseman (The bane of all expolosions)
Br007snan (The Third Prophet of Kojima)
Benedict Cumberbatch (The evil shapeshifting being)
Fran Fran Cow (The Mustache False Prophet)
Selim Osmanli (The slayer)
Uncle Dolan (The leader of the toon race)
The Warrior (What is love?)
The Triumvirate (2Pac, Doge, and Snoop Dogg) (Beings that acts as guides to the prophets)
The Weather Witches (Witches. Immortal Witches.)
Ainsley Harriott (Gibe da kooking b0ss)
Dark Lord Chin Chin (Fellow high-god, smilar being to Kojima, having his own reality and dimension)
Karl Marx (Satan)
LEGION (Formed by combination of Konami and all those horrible game devs, they are worser than communism)
Jack Reed (The traitor)
TTR (One of the major figures behind the Rangerian denomination)
MacArthur (the 40th Prophet of Kojima)

Holy Scrolls

TheTimeRanger, tireless servant of the denomination that he is, has produced a modern translation of the ancient sacred texts of Wilsonianism. These texts are known as “The Wilsonomicon”. You can read it here:

The Wilsonomicon - Rangerian Edition

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